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@SiycoBat: thnx for the heads up, one can only hope!

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@sesquipedalophobe: i haven't heard much about stormwatch, but i read a lil blurb about it in passing, some unknown force is making me apprehensive about reading it, but with a genuine life-form recommendation i believe i can venture to find out whats in-store, and i read like the first 5 or 6 I, Vampire comics, seems to be a good series, i like the character dynamics, the girls rokks, but it was developing too slowly for me and it's hard to invest monetarily in series I felt kinds kept pushing back the climax/confrontation becuase they knows its good and want to you spend... idk if thats what they were doing, and i'm not tryna bash, i just felt like I wanted more bang for my buck, but the characters i was totally pleased with. ... Thanks for the recommendations!! totally gonna check into stormwatch and irredeemable

yea i've been amassing the batman series but not reading them yet, as i've been busy with other stuff in life, as well as other comics and the new Rachel Maddow book i've been reading, I have some trepidation about that series, i read the first one and wasn't crazy about it, i was more into the Detective Comics for a while but, it's gotten kinda sloppy to me lately. but i'm definately going to be catching up on the Batman series you suggested soon since i hear joker's "rebirth' is coming... can't wait!!! thanks! also do you know if the joker run will be in other bat comics or just the main Batman series?

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lol dude that sucks, but thanks for the heads up, i had a feeling it was too awesome to last, which is tragic, cuz the blend of Harleys humor and psychosis to the awesome way Deadshot was subtlely but forcefully running the team, rather well i might add without becoming the authoratative d-bag leader that i dislike in Captain America and Cyclops, and king shark was just being all around awesome (Suicide Squad #3 when he ate mad dog "where'd you get the necklace?" "... I found it..." lmao)... are you also reading Detective Comics ? that was the series that helped me discover my love for comics, but i feel like it dove tailed furiously after Detective Comics #4 leading me to suicide squad, and eventually settling happily into Red Hood and The Outlaws , establishing my discovery that ima bonafide new comics fan.

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@Phandemic: thanks for the suggestion! ima have to check it out

yea i only know Eddie brock as venom, i recently read an old limited series Venom: Dark Origin, was a very good read, but I'm going to have to check out Flash Thompson and his whole ethos and what he brings to the character.


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Dude... Garth Ennis.... Man's a GENIUS!!!