Posted by SiycoBat

Dude, there could be a chance that he'll be killed off or taken out of the book since he's a sleeper agent. So there could be hope for you.

Posted by jwalser3

I don't like new 52 suicide squad at all. The art work is an eye sore.

Posted by gnashingrabbi

@SiycoBat: thnx for the heads up, one can only hope!

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el diablo sounds like one of those characters in anime.You know, the main character who confronts their rival and talk about human nature.They start being preachy and annoying.

Posted by Argantyr

Personally I've hated everything about New-52 bullshit, but this takes the cake.

You guys know that El Diablo used to be a badass anti-hero, who had no problems killing villains much like Vigilante, this is just a classic case of 'Writer don't give a flying fuck and will drag a character in the mud because he lacks the talent to write for certain characters'.