Catching up on Suicide Squad

As I stated in my last blog post, i've recently fallen in love with comics due to the New 52 lauch, was a great event for me cuz I had never read comics before and i could start at all Number 1's and origins and not having to worry about not knowing what had previously taken place in the DC Universe.

Im heavy into anti-hero characters, so Suicide Squad was one of comics that was a big part of me falling in love with comics this summer, but after pickig up Red Hood and The Outlaws I was so enthralled I totally got distracted, but I continued amassing the new Suicides, but not reading them until later (I took a break after issue 3).

i continued to discover other comics and life kept me busy, and I still hadn't picked Suicides back up (I took a break after issue 3) so tonight felt like a good time to take a break from PREACHER, which i heard about copped a couple old comics, and have fallen in love with and have been reading most recently.


I was reading Suicide Squad Suicide Squad #5.... and oh my god El Diablo is the most annoying character!!! he's so recently saved and preachy and freakin soft and wussy it was driving me INSANE! i literally took a break to write this complaint post. Im really enjoying the series, the writing/art, all of it, but hopefully they round this character out some, even if he going to continue to be the moral compass of this series, fine, no problem, can't have all-dark, but for the love of god I hope they round him out or mellow him out some, his flat holier than thou struggle is so pretentious and irritating, only sore spot in an otherwise amazing series thus far!


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Posted by Joygirl

Diablo so far is the same. After Prison Break he gets a little less whiny but he's still the same... and it's worth noting that the quality of the books is dropping fast.

Posted by gnashingrabbi

lol dude that sucks, but thanks for the heads up, i had a feeling it was too awesome to last, which is tragic, cuz the blend of Harleys humor and psychosis to the awesome way Deadshot was subtlely but forcefully running the team, rather well i might add without becoming the authoratative d-bag leader that i dislike in Captain America and Cyclops, and king shark was just being all around awesome (Suicide Squad #3 when he ate mad dog "where'd you get the necklace?" "... I found it..." lmao)... are you also reading Detective Comics ? that was the series that helped me discover my love for comics, but i feel like it dove tailed furiously after Detective Comics #4 leading me to suicide squad, and eventually settling happily into Red Hood and The Outlaws , establishing my discovery that ima bonafide new comics fan.

Posted by Joygirl

Read Detective up to 9 and then quit. Harley has taken a backseat in Suicide since #7 and now barely even matters. King Shark also does almost nothing. Deadshot has been bland and douchey. He still randomly shoots people like always, but it's not really exciting anymore, there's never any tension over it. He just shoots everyone and it's over... when Harley leaves the team I'll quit the book, as I've said elsewhere.

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I wouldn't worry so much about Suicide Squad even with the obvious ending to the traitor arc however there is a good twist to this latest issue. It turns out that not only was Black Spider the traitor but it turns out that King Shark, El Diablo, and Iceburg were sleeper agents who were trained to infiltrate the squad and destroy Task Force X so really, the majority of the squad were traitors from the very beginning. It leaves Deadshot and Harley the only ones on the squad who are trustworthy to Waller. So I'm sure we'll be getting some new members to the squad soon in the later issues if some of the members manage to survive this latest drama and with any hope for you, El Diablo might be the first to go. ;) Besides the book needs some fresh new blood to aid Deadshot on the team and with the "Death of the Family" arc coming up starring Joker's return to comics, it's not a good idea to drop the book just yet. That and the Deadshot/Harley dynamic is one of the best parts of the book.

I would try out Batwoman and Birds of Prey if you hadn't already. I love the series but you need to judge for yourself to see if they are even to your taste.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Demon Knights is an excellent series all around with some heroes and anti-heroes working together.

I loved Catwoman for the first 12 issues, though not everyone did. It's deeper than it appears, and Catwoman's definitely struggling with her morality.

Dial H is AMAZING though it might be a bit too insane for early comic readers.

I, Vampire is seriously intense and plays around with allegiances.

Batwoman, Batman, Animal Man, and Swamp Thing are obvious choices for recommendations.

In terms of Non-New 52, the new series Bedlam is perhaps the greatest example of anti-hero ever. Transmetropolitan is a fantastic series full of entertaining assholes. Hellblazer has someone I can't even decide if he could be considered an anti-hero, his morality is really complex. Scab is the best place to begin there.