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You know you've spent too much time in Reisho when you start thinking random people are Impero alts. xD

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: It can be, Unless Quintus is already Impero in the other scene.

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I tried to warn him.

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@Warsman: Owww Owwwwww.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: @Warsman:

Energy imploded as orange and silver light began to erupt from every orifice on the Glorious. Cracks manifested on his form, the same light seeping out from them as the power of the reality gem was turned on the inner working of his life support system. Like pieces of glass, splinters of the Glorious body were expelled before the implosion became an explosion of unparalleled force, capable of damaging both the Iron Tyrant and the entire castle as mushroom cloud of energy expanded in Elysia. The Immortal was no more.

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"Spoken like a true mortal. You are truly blind. Have you ever seen, a star? Not the lights in the sky but the actual heavenly body? Have you ever created one, and watched it evolve and die? No? Your ignorance of the same universe you inhabit is what makes you my lesser and nothing else." Instead of toying with the Iron Tyrant and giving him one of the many duplicates he confessed. "That is impossible. Unlike the human my gem has now become apart of me. And to relinquish it would be to relinquish all my power."

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@Warsman said:

@Ziccarra_Liafador: @Glorious:

You two. Just.

Hahahaha compelling arguments eh?

Just hurry up and kill me so I can do the come back scheme I have planned.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: @Warsman: "Your alignment is with no one but yourself." He calmly stated looking to Warsman. "I am easily your greatest threat without that Gem. The human can do nothing but spew malicious insults towards me out of obvious inferiority. So what is it you shall do? End me with your awesome might? Ally yourself with this half dead woman? She will not live to see a thousand years change. What will happen when new enemies rise and her once attractive form has withered and died? Any victories achieved alongside this mortal will be short lived. So make your choice master of reality."

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Gotta turn my @ replies on


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@Ziccarra_Liafador: @Warsman: "The woman remains, does she not? Despite her attempts at interfering with my attack against the Knightfall. Funny how she forgot to include that tidbit of information." Turning his glowing gaze to Z he snickered. "I have not harmed a single hair upon your head. Do not be fooled by this charlatan, she allies herself with you and the Impero as well as his protege. She believes she can play both sides and uses the gem to do so."