New Vine, new Gloom!

So, with the recent update to CV 3.0, I thought it'd be a nice to give Gloom a little (read: total) revamp and introduce Gloom 3.0! I've been working on it for a little over a week (school hindered the project), but now it's finally done and the switch is made.

Gloom 3.0
Obviously the new Gloom still has Gloom-ish tendencies: magic, weak in hand-to-hand combat, etc. BUT I think she's pretty fresh compared to some of my other characters and I am pretty damn proud of the bio. All this is to say that I'd love it if you could read it and comment, constructive criticism is welcomed and so is flattery, for those of you who are too lazy to actually read. XP Also, if you like it, you may vote for me for Bio of the Month! :D

Also, as you will see if you read it, this new Gloom will be different in that she will be involved in the Vine's RPG-world in an unusual manner. Indeed, she owns a wish-granting shop, the thread for which I will make tomorrow. In a way, this is sort of a little pre-advertising for the shop, where anyone can come to get their wishes granted (in character). New abilities, enchanted objects, information... Gloom can grant any wish you desire, given the appropriate compensation (nothing's free). I'm hoping to bring something new with that idea, so hopefully people will see the opportunity to get some character development without randomly adding powers or weapons and stuff to their bios. So, I guess that was just a little pre-taste of the wish-granting shop, if anyone's interested to know more, see the "shop" section of my bio or feel free to PM me!



Well, the title pretty much says it all: I have been part of this wonderful community that is ComicVine for officially a year today.

A lot of veterans and older Viners have been saying that they miss the Golden Age of the Vine, that things have changed, that they miss the old ways and stuff. I thought maybe I did, at first, too, but, in retrospect, I realized that I am loving the Vine as it is today. I've made tons of friends that I didn't have back then (and maybe some enemies, but I don't think there are too many), had hilarious and goofy conversations as well as serious, intellectual debates. I've downrated the posts of some dumbasses, participated in RPGs with amazingly talented writers, laughed at noob-ownage (and maybe even owned a few myself). I've discovered dozens of new universes and characters, created dozens of characters of my own, been on kickass teams (not many, but they did kick ass ^^). It's really amazing, all the things that happened in one year.

I remember when I first joined the forums... I was so shy and intimidated by the vets that I hardly posted (and, to this day, I still have an uncommonly low post count). 365 days, 92 friend requests, 16 characters, 12 RPGs, 8 accounts and 2 teams later, here I am. It's ironic that, one year after my joining, I am back to the character that I had when I first joined (I'm also proud to say that I've kept this churrent character for nearly two months, now, which is an exploit in itself). I perfectly realize that this won't make much of a difference on most of you guys' day, but, as I said in my opening sentence, I am proud to say that I have been part of ComicVine for a year, now. ^^

Celebration ensues. :D


Changes (or lack thereof)...

ANNOUNCEMENT: After giving it much thought, this Gloom profile will be come my permanent character. Gloom will be my main account but, as you may have guessed, I will keep on creating new characters. However, instead of constantly revamping this account and in an effort to stay consistent for the teams I am involved with, any new character shall see the light as a different account. The very first of this trend is my Fae account, which you should check out because I am pretty proud of it. ^^ Anyways, since I don't feel like being sneaky and am a horrible liar, all secondary accounts will be listed under the "Other Glooms" section of this account's profile. I will also make accounts for my past profiles, so that they don't just gather dust in my laptop and to build myself a sort of shrine. XD

And to all of you who think I won't be able to stick with this character as my main profile for long... *Shakes fist.* :P


D & D

Sisters Death and Delirium meet for a little sibling get-together. Something unexpected happens and ends up wrecking their evening, making them have to team up and deal with lots of surprises.


Legs vs telepathy?

Would I give up my legs to get Prof. X-level telepathy? Uh YAH!

Walking? Pfft, I'd just wander around as an astral projection, no need for legs anymore. ^^



Well, as some of you may have predicted, I failed the challenge I had set for myself. I guess I should have seen it coming, though (I mean, who was I kidding? :P). Anyways, I changed character AGAIN but I don't care that I absolutely lack willpower and that I am uber fickle: I like this new character. ^___^ She's based on a mix of Death of the Endless, Wicked and Ghost Whisperer, for those who are interested. And I'm not telling exactly what but I plan on using this character from the start so as to really enjoy her, this time. So, hopefully this one is here to stay (though I don't promise anything).

Also, as none of you have probably noticed, this is a going-back-to-my-roots sort of thing, seeing as my first character ever was a necromancer like this one. Surely it's not as bad if I change for a character I've already used? *Sheepish smile*



A good story can make me overcome bad art (case in point: Neil Gaiman's The Sandman) but the opposite can't happen. The writing is the basis of the entire story and therefore trumps art (IMO), even if it's the combination of both that results in a good comic.

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Challenge for self

Okay so for the past 2 months or so, as some of you may have noticed, I have been changing my character more often than Gambler changes team. For some reason I was never quite satisfied with them, and always decided to write them over, which lead to my pathological character creation.

Well, I've decided to treat myself to a Cardcaptor Sakura strongly-influenced character, because for some reason I've always been so very fond of that anime/manga. So, since this character is basically a treat, I openly challenge myself not to change it for 30 days. Yes, I will stick to this character until at least October 1st, by which point I hope to have grown to like her enough to keep this character. Permanently.

You may place your bets or congratulate me, or neither.