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Best Tiger is also very good but I am not confirm that he has powers or not,Iron man can also beat Superman but Batman is definitely one of ...

the most powerful human without any powers

Best Tiger in a straight head to head with no prep would def hold his own with batman. he took down all the guardians of the globe with no real prep and they have a few superman/superboy level guys with just a gun and outsmarting them

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for round 3, really over McCall and his stop watch/plan out the fight before it happens skills?

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Who wins in a 3 way battle royal?

Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr/Sherlock Holmes 1&2)

Robert McCall (Denzel/Equalizer)

Bryan Mills (Liam/Taken 1 & 2)

-All 3 are in character

-Round 1: Who would figure out a murder scene quicker

-Round 2: Who would take down a room of 10 thugs using only objects in the room as weapons faster

-Round 3: Free for all, who wins between the 3, start off bare hand, using only things in the room as weapons, with 1 minute prep the second they walk in the room

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um how do you figure? his main claim to fame is his sonic scream...if lex builds something to nullify that or rechannel it..quick fight

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Lex takes this easy..hes made suits and guns that can hang with superman. you don't think with 3 months prep he cant make a suit that reflects or nullify sounds? In INVINCIBLE Robot(their version of lex/ironman) made a suit that emmited a sound strong enough to take down Invincible, everytime invincible punched him pretty much canceling out invincibles power advantage. So whats stopping Lex from making a suit that absorbs sound and sends it back at black bolt?or just traps BB in a sound proof zone or something? in 3 months with prep known ledge of BB already? he should walk through this long as the fight doesn't drag out.

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didnt the same midnighter get mind whipped by martian manhunter like the rest of storm watch not to remember him? so he cant be THAT telepathy proof

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no takers?

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ya but he also never really took damage in the movie until then, so would normal swords at least slow him down.

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Battle to the death.

Leonidas from 300

Themistocles from 300 rise of a empire

Maximus from gladiator


Achilles from Troy

Theseus from Immortals

Gladiator style arena

Round 1: Team 300 gets 20 minutes of prep before entering the arena.

Round 2: No armor/shields for either team, just basic gladiator slave attire and swords

Round 3: Winning team fights Kellan Lutz crappy hercules lol

Leonidas gets Spartan sword and shield

Maximus has Sword and shield

Themistocles gets a sword and bow with 10 arrows

Achilles gets a sword, spear, and shield

Theseus gets sword and arrows

all have helmets and basic armor for their time except round 3

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I woulda said conan based off novals and his many movies...that is untillllll the last hobit turned Legolas into Deathstroke. Id see the fight being similar to the last fight between him and that main orc. Conan having his way in the begining cuz of strength differences and then getting picked apart by legolas speed and agility.