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as i said before, MM,Baz,and Vibe would take out the avengers heavy its a win for DC. Hulk can be taken out by any of the 3 leaving Thor vs and the combined power of baz and MM takes that

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also couldn't vibes sonics take apart iron man?

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whats to stop baz from BFRing everyone cept thor? he could def put them all in a green bubble and chuck them into orbit including the hulk. While hes a new lantern hes already proven he can hold his own as he did against the new gods AND his biggest feat was his first one of healing a person dying/in a coma which until that point said to not be possible with the rings. Hawksman and MM would hold their own against thor

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Best Tiger is also very good but I am not confirm that he has powers or not,Iron man can also beat Superman but Batman is definitely one of ...

the most powerful human without any powers

Best Tiger in a straight head to head with no prep would def hold his own with batman. he took down all the guardians of the globe with no real prep and they have a few superman/superboy level guys with just a gun and outsmarting them

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for round 3, really over McCall and his stop watch/plan out the fight before it happens skills?

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Who wins in a 3 way battle royal?

Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jr/Sherlock Holmes 1&2)

Robert McCall (Denzel/Equalizer)

Bryan Mills (Liam/Taken 1 & 2)

-All 3 are in character

-Round 1: Who would figure out a murder scene quicker

-Round 2: Who would take down a room of 10 thugs using only objects in the room as weapons faster

-Round 3: Free for all, who wins between the 3, start off bare hand, using only things in the room as weapons, with 1 minute prep the second they walk in the room

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um how do you figure? his main claim to fame is his sonic scream...if lex builds something to nullify that or rechannel it..quick fight

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Lex takes this easy..hes made suits and guns that can hang with superman. you don't think with 3 months prep he cant make a suit that reflects or nullify sounds? In INVINCIBLE Robot(their version of lex/ironman) made a suit that emmited a sound strong enough to take down Invincible, everytime invincible punched him pretty much canceling out invincibles power advantage. So whats stopping Lex from making a suit that absorbs sound and sends it back at black bolt?or just traps BB in a sound proof zone or something? in 3 months with prep known ledge of BB already? he should walk through this long as the fight doesn't drag out.

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didnt the same midnighter get mind whipped by martian manhunter like the rest of storm watch not to remember him? so he cant be THAT telepathy proof

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no takers?