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I've been trying for a while to get into Indie comics. I was hesitant like the article said but I remember going to NYCC 2011 and attending a panel with Filip Sabik, publisher of Top Cow, and hearing him speak about indie publishers and the passion he had made me want to check some out. I am now a fan of Artifacts and the Top Cow U but the LCS near me does not seem to carry those titles.

I think it's a combination of consumer dollars and publishers reaching out to vendors to carry their books. It's hard though, but these books need to continue.

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Writing Entry:

With a new city comes a new lease on life. Sara would leave the dangers of being a police officer and take up the life of a cab driver. That’s her thought process anyways, but she finds out that danger is always following her as long as she has the Witchblade. Of course her background, and unique abilities, tend to attract danger as she decides to use her new job as a cover to be more of a vigilante looking for robberies and other nefarious deeds. She can rig her dispatch radio to pick up police calls and the like. It is first an attempt at leading a normal life, but Sara learns that cannot happen. Being a taxi driver can lead to plenty of story ideas (driving a pregnant woman while supernatural creatures chase after them, as a quick example) and give her the chance to come into contact with others from the Top Cow Universe as she drives around Chicago.