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That painting of Batman of the Future/Beyond by Peter Nguyen is simply captivating. That Magneto is also simply brilliant, and although I find that Rogue appealing, I can't help but think something seems off about her legs...

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New to Comic Vine, new to the world of Comics. I went in search of comics because I like stories/concepts, and films/books are media well known by most, but I do not want to discriminate. So far I have found a few good titles yet. I always look for asthetically pleasing comics, buy rather in Hardcover Editions than loose issues (I rarely make an exception for tradeback, am I using that word correctly?), and don't want to start anything I know I can't finish. Check my "titles owned list" to see if we share interests.

So far I'm liking Comic Vine a lot, although I must admit I still have to get used to the site and the forum. Sometimes I'm a bit frustrated by not being able to find things (hardcover editions of The Walking Dead don't have a separate page?) but overal I'm pleased with the superfluous nature of this website.

How I found this site? Merely by using Google, really. I don't have any friends that read a lot of comics (some dabbled in mangas -a bit-), and so must find most of my comics via comic book stores, although were I currently live we don't seem to have any good ones, and the internet.

I love to try out new material, so if anyone has any suggestions on good stories, let me know. So far I am thoroughly enjoying Sam & Twitch, The Walking Dead, Y: The Last Man, Batman (New 52) and Batman: Earth One, The Boys, and The Unwritten. But, like I said before, I mostly buy collections, so I'm always behind on the new issues. No spoilers please : )