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Anybody can give reasons for Marvel and DC to fight, what I wanna see is them fighting together against something that could potentially threaten both, that would more interesting, we saw the fight against each other, now lets see the teamup of two companies, two universes massing against something truly dangerous

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To be one of the few who goes on the side of this tide rather than against it, this is a good thing, personally, I like Sinestro, not a small amount, but I REALLY like him, this could be one of those really amazing times where they do something truly different. Don't get me wrong, I want Hal to get his ring back, but I also think this new direction with Sinestro as a GL again will do something pretty good for the series and for the future of all the corps. 
That all being said, I might as well toss out a few theories on what this means (Possible Spoilers here everyone, but most of you already saw the latest GL comic):
I can say from experience and I know a lot of you will agree, don't ever trust covers, I doubt it will be Sinestro fighting his own corps, what I think WILL happen is there will be a sudden power vacuum and they will fight over who will lead the corps, and also, who will get Sinestro's ring. I also am guessing he will do everything in his power to get his old ring back, and get Jordan back into the corps, why else would he have saved Hal if not to mean well toward him.

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Glad to say I have never pirated a comicbook, or comic series, I usually just read REAL paper copies of things, or, if I must I will pay for a digital comic, which I have done for some harder to find things. I actually was the good guy once upon a time and actually scolded someone so badly for pirating a comic that they stopped pirating all together and bought a real copy, but the reality was that the pop-culture heroes we have now, the biggest and I wonder if this is beyond just what I've seen and is really this big, but I have caught and scolded a lot of people pirating Deadpool, never anything else strangely enough. 

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Lex Luthor operates normally out of his own company headquarters building, thats pretty classy, and the Rogues have their own pretty nice base with a Bar and all, and even their own hidden cemetery for those less than exceptional circumstances after a plot goes bad.  
Apparently materials, money, locations and laws have no effect on villains like Brainiac, how many times has he just made a base spring up with insane amounts of fancy architecture and huge machinery, some guys just have it all. Magical keys to other dimensions work pretty well, it worked well enough for Prometheus, until, you know, Green Arrow found him, but villains always run the risk of heroes finding their hideouts, but neither parties, hero nor villain, has ever been very good about keeping their secret hideouts a secret

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Whats to design about someone like Captain Cold, he's looked the same for his entire existence, and its fine, he's a top rate bad guy in a second rate costume, not everyone is gonna need armor and glowing parts or whatever, just leave some of them be, in some cases, what worked then, works now. 
Hey! Maybe Lex can have his hair back! (although he looks best without it, but I bet he wants it back)

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Perhaps the chance for the other Lanterns to be allowed in on the films would come from the fact that Hal is off in space, and something could occur on earth that the Guardians see as reason to have more rings sent to earth. I for some reason feel as though they'd skip right past Guy Gardner, Ignore Kyle Rayner and ONLY allow John Stewart as another Green Lantern to add some diversity of character to the films. 

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Ghost Rider was my childhood favorite, I grew up reading about the adventures of Danny Ketch, then he showed up maybe a handful of times in the last 10 years, why does is always have to be about Johnny Blaze, its good that they handed it off to someone new to be Ghost Rider, enough of this fixation with Johnny. Maybe I'm just a little bitter about the general ignorance of the fact that Ketch even exists anymore

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Yeah I bought this boxed set, just to have it and I never had all these films all on blu ray, so it seemed worth it. I watched the first and second films over the past weekend though and I never noticed just how much advertisement and product placement there is in Superman II for the Marlboro Cigarette company until now

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Feeling very relieved that they kept some form of a Jonah Hex title, even if its not got his name on it, I like the title being All Star Western just as well, I'm a sucker for wild west stuff

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The more I see from this whole thing the more I understand how it never could have worked on NBC, but I honestly believe this show has potential on another network, because now I'm curious to see it

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