R.I.P Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern of Earth

It was only today, this morning in fact, before my regular wednesday trip to the comicbook store that I was writing what I hoped to see in the DCnU, and one thing I was going to write was about how I don't want to see the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott forgotten, well now, after reading the final issue of Justice Society of America, I found out just what his fate would be. Sure, a comicbook death should always be taken with a grain of salt, but this is one I take rather seriously. Alan Scott, the Green Lantern since 1939 was the first hero to carry that title, and the basis for the other characters when the term Green Lantern would be revamped in the late 50's. Alan Scott had, to my knowledge, never had a death before, a very rare feat for a character who outdates most other characters who have been killed and brought back a few times. His powers came from the magic of the Starheart, his ring, but in the end, it proved his undoing, as he believed he killed his son accidentally, in a flash of light, he was gone, and Jay Garrick said in the final issue, with nothing left to bury, just a coffin, an insignia, and a legacy. To a Green Lantern fan, its like losing a grandfather figure, sure its not as heartbreaking as a real death of a real person, but this one hits a fan pretty hard. The best we can do is hope, and hope a lot that somehow, Alan Scott could have been ok through it, but I'd understand if they killed him forever, its just sad to think that it might be the end for a legend of a character

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Posted by PowerHerc

Alan Scott is a great character; he'll be back.

Posted by RazzaTazz

Hard to see him being gone forever, even with DC's "younger cooler" new 52

Posted by Whisper_

It's comic books. You can't actually take deaths seriously.

Posted by sethysquare

@GLCorps2814: Just saw this thread and I need to say..... Comic book fans overreact way too prematurely.