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If you get to know me, or just could not tell by my username, I'm a diehard GL fan, so my opinions on this stuff is wicked bias. After the rather slow Brightest Day-New Guardians story arc, the recent "War of the Green Lanterns" has been very exciting. This raises more questions then it answers, it does follow along and go forward with the core story, but it gives us some interesting looks at not only the origins of each Lantern Bearer/New Guardian, but gives us a mental check from Sinestro, who from what it seems when he realizes what he is seeing in the Book of the Black is not real, actually feels bad about failing Abin Sur, his former mentor and partner, and regrets what he has become. This revelation isn't even the most significant, as Sinestro crosses the origin memories of all the other guardians, and finally comes Indigo 1, who becomes very hostile with Sinestro, and claims he was the cause that she was in a prison, and that her name is not Indigo, a new piece in this mysterious character who honestly, has always seemed shifty and untrustworthy to me.  
 Notable quotes: 
"I see the compassionate lantern may be, in truth, not" - Sinestro 
I'm naturally a fan most of all of Hal Jordan, but  I have a specific place in my heart for each of the 4 GLs of Sector 2814. This is a good solid story for John Stewart and Kyle Rayner, and with John as an Indigo Lantern and Kyle as a Blue Lantern, this is a pretty awesome issue. Our heroes take on the mighty Mogo, as he, like the entire rest of the corps, have had their rings corrupted by the influence of Parallax, who is placed in the Green Lantern Central Battery. Mogo continues to spew out hundreds of rings to make a corrupt army for Krona, and the heroes must stop the living planet before all is lost, but when the realization finally comes as to what Mogo has deep inside, within his own heart, its one of those OH SHIT moments. Back during the Blackest Night, Mogo used his gravity to suck up all the black lanterns in space like a big vacuum, but I wondered this until now, where did all that death energy go. Well, this explains it, when Kyle uses the blue energy to make a construct of former Green Lantern Corpsman and Mogo's partner Bzzd (yes, the fly), that death energy begins to seep out of Mogo's heart and giant corrupted ring, but this does not stop Mogo, and John Stewart makes use of his Inidgo ability to mirror or feed off the abilities of other lanterns, and takes in the black energy, channeled the power of a black lantern, the panel when you see this black lantern John Stewart turns the previous OH SHIT moment into a HOLY CRAP, as anyone who read Blackest Night knows just how dangerous the black rings are. Using his role as the Sniper of the Lantern Corps, he massed the Black energy into a construct of a rifle, and fires right into the heart of Mogo, the last page is a huge picture of Mogo exploding, a genuinely amazing outcome I did not think was coming.  
Notable moments: 
-The Destruction of Mogo 
From a series that seemed to headline Guy Gardner, possibly my second favorite of the four earthborn lanterns, this comes across very well. It begins with the fallout form the destruction of Mogo, literally, the skies rain with debris from the fallen planet, and the scream from the planet disrupts all the corrupted lanterns as well as knocking the possessed guardians out for a short time. Seeing Hal Jordan put on both a Yellow and Orange ring were things I never thought I'd see, but even less likely was to have Guy Gardner wear Carol Ferris' Sapphire ring, but it leads to the very cool two page image of each of the 4 lanterns pointing their rings forward to break open the Central Battery and get Parallax out of it. In trying to figure out what he loves enough to give the ring meaning, Guy Gardner of course thinks of Tora or Ice, and then moves back to how much he hates his father, but in the end, he uses his true love is the Green Lantern Corps. Finally, once he uses this burst of both love and hate, he breaks open the battery, and parallax is freed, and the Green Lantern corp is freed as well, and the comic ends with the rings being returned to our 4 lanterns, as they return to their usual GL costumes, and the whole corps. readies for its last battle with Krona, but he mentions, as he did in Green Lantern #66 that he has bigger plans for them, he wants them to be the new guardians of the universe, my best guess, the old guard is changing, and the new guardians from each of the corps will be a member of the new guardians of the universe. 
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