DCnU: The Second Wave

So, its been a while since I have written anything but I felt it was time to write again. I have read almost every of the DC titles on the shelf, some I dropped for various reasons, some I got turned on to stuff I never thought I would like. With that first wave we got a lot of great stuff (and some lousy stuff: Hawk and Dove, Mr. Terrific, and some other god-awful names) and with this second wave, I am very excited. So far we have seen the first issues of GI Combat, Dial H, Earth 2, and Worlds Finest. I'll just say my thoughts on each of these titles:

GI Combat: I am intrigued to say the least by this comic, cancelling "Men of War" and replacing it with a similar comic made me a bit hesitant. Don't get me wrong, I love war comics, they have a nostalgic feel, but what I want in a comic was not what I got from "Men of War", I honestly want a comic book fantasy experience, and the main story of "Men of War" got there eventually but it took far too long and with the odd appearance of Circe in issue 2 it made the whole series a bit hard to take in. GI Combat offers what any red blooded American wants, you guessed it, a war again dinosaurs in North Korea, I am excited to see where this goes. The short introduction story of the "Unknown Soldier" was good for guys like me who did not read his previous stories from Vertigo, I look forward to seeing some hardcore action out of that title. on a scale of 1 to 10, I'll give this guy an 8.5

Dial H: I have no experience with the old "Dial H for Hero" series so this was totally new to me, and I really liked it. I am a big fan of darker stuff, and the heroes of Boy Chimney and Captain Lacrymos hit those strings dead on. I am looking forward to something more from this title. so far, 8 out of 10

Earth 2: What more can be said for this title than "interesting". I am a huge fan of JSA stuff, but this was a JSA I had never seen before. With the death of the Justice League members, to see the early genesis of a newly told JSA was pretty exciting to me. getting to see a young Jay Garrick and Alan Scott was really very exciting, and from the preview images, the costumes are very cool. I cannot wait to see some more JSA members show up, but the little part about Al Pratt was cool. From me, 9 out of 10 (I must seem really generous, but really, I like these new titles)

Worlds Finest: So I read the 6 issue Huntress series, and enjoyed it, it was something I could shift to the bottom of the weeks stack of comics and read with no serious expectations. This issue comes right out of the events of Earth 2, with Powergirl and Huntress trying to form themselves into new heroes in the regular DCU. I can't complain too much, this was alright, but not great, Huntress is back to being Helena Wayne (which many people dislike) and she looks exactly the same as she used to so no costume reboot. Its the costume reboot of Powergirl that I get confused, her...well.... her appeal was all in her costume for many -primarily male- fans, so changing it, or at least not leaving the big hole over her...assets... was disappointing, the old design grew on me, and I kind of understood why she had that, its a perfect distraction technique, as a male, if I were a villain, sure, I'd get distracted. This one gets a 6 out of 10, its too early to be harsh and judge it, but it needs to improve.

So, I will see what the other new titles bring and write up some short summaries of my thoughts on those too. until then, we shall all have to wait to see what is to come.

Posted by The Stegman

I'm getting  
Batman Inc, because I'm a Batman fanboy 
Earth 2, for my JSA fix 
World's Finest, for my Huntress and PG fix..but if it sucks, i'mma drop it faster than Powergirl dropped a cup size 
And Ravagers cause it looks awesome 
I don't like war comics so no to G.I combat, and I never read the old Dial H so no to that too.