DCnU: First week-First Thoughts

So, it happened, Flashpoint ended with a bang of sorts, as the world of Flashpoint destroyed itself, it was explained that there have always been several different realities too close together, and that to save all of them, they had to be merged. This is just the same as the whole "there are 52 universes" thing, but instead of making them seperate, there are 3 that merged, to make this new earth. How will this work, well I am honestly not sure of how it will all fall out and make sense. The only thing so far I can go on is JLA #1 which was an alright turn for things, re-introduction of the Batman, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Superman seemed alright, but some things don't seem to fit. First off, Batman seems mostly the same, and maybe even closer to his counterpart in the recent films, as he is being hunted by the proper authorities in the beginning, but when Hal arrives on the scene, I wasn't sure how to take it. He had an attitude, not like the Guy Gardner attitude, but like, well one that just didn't fit for me, it felt like they were going into an exploitation of the potential to allow for further films, by making him crack jokes like Ryan Reynolds could do in the films, this all felt like a setup to me, to make more of it. Superman, although he was there for a very short time, came across as a little territorial, which is understandable, but I certainly hope he doesn't end up being aggressive too much, he's the nice guy, the boyscout, not some edgy guy, I'd hate to lose that with him. Cyborg is getting a basic re-telling of a seemingly similar enough origin story to what he had in the previous incarnation, so not much has changed there. So, now lets see how some titles being released handle these characters, hopefully it will not be too hard on the old fans

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Posted by ReVamp

No, but seriously I liked the issue, though I'd hardly call it the first week.