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Being a huge gladiator fan i have read pretty much anything i can find on him.  His birth name is Kalark  (a play on words on supermans birth name clark).  He is a Stronian but not much is known about them.  He has a female cousin that made a brief appearance in another comic cant remember which one though.  Some speculate that his powers are driven by his own self assurance others say he has his powers enhanced by Shi'ar technology while others say its his own natural ability.   I dont believe the writers/creators have ever really said for sure so its always up for debate and speculation.  Gladiator has been trained in many alien forms of fighting and is suppose to have unmatched speed, agility and strength.  His loyalty to the Shi'ar thrown (regardless who sits on the thrown) is unwaivering.  Gladiator is definatly a character with alot more potential then he is given.

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Hulk will beat Sentry in a off panel fight. How many times have you seen a fight in a marvel mag where someone that couldnt lose does? If this was world war spiderman it wouldnt be any different. Spiderman and Sentry would face off then you would flip the page to see spiderman holding a unconcious sentry in the air as he claimed victory.

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Im going with Gladiator on this one ;)

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Some very good points made here. Im glad to see that im not the only one that has noticed this trend. I remember there was a story where Gladiator and Wolverine fought, i think it lasted 7 days or something ending with Gladiator breaking one of wolverines claws. Till this day i cant figure out how wolverine lasted 7 days against Gladiator. The writers just need to come up with more creative ways to write Gladiator if they are going to use him in stories.

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Yeh my basic point wasnt that I want Gladiator to be a main hero all the time but I tire of him being used as a tool. When the invisible women got the uni power she was able to punch Gladiator so hard he was sent into another building. When the uni power joined with Gladiator he was knocked out by a force field. It is the way Gladiator is written that bugs me.

I would like to see a small series starring Gladiator. They had done a Imperial Guard short series but it was pretty bad.

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Yeh I suppose that is why he is written the way he is. It just gets annoying when you know he shouldnt be beaten, atleast not as poorly as he always is. Kinda like watching Darth Mul die, it just makes you cringe.

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As a huge fan of the character Gladiator I always feel that he is not written well. If you read his profile you would think he was one of the most powerful characters in the marvel universe. I have read just about every story Gladiator has been involved in and it seems that he is usually used to make another character look good. As a fan of Gladiator it always bothers me how he is written. Gladiator has the same abilities as Superman but he has also been trained in the arts of war unlike superman. It seems that alot of Gladiators powers never come into play when being written. For example when fighting another foe he never uses his super speed, if he used his super speed combained with his strength I would think he would have np taking on someone such as The Hulk. Anyways I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this trend when it comes to Gladiator.