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Teamwork 0

POSITIVEWhen I say teamwork, I actually mean it in two different ways. 1. This may seem lame, but what I liked about this issue is the dynamic between the Guardians. They all worked together to overtake the Spartax ship. This issue shows that the gang has been doing this for a while and aren't messing around, they mean business. 2. Bendis and McNiven are creating something really special, the art and the story blend very well together. The cover is awesome, Rocket Raccoon is quite a personalit...

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Nothing new 0

I was looking forward to this issue, after the Michonne one-shot, which I thought was pretty good. Michonne's issue had a nice back story, that added some depth to her character. This issue however, was not that. To me there was hardly anything new here. Most of this issue was dealt with in the series (Glen, Michonne, and Rick discovering Woodbury and everyone else at the Prison worrying about whether or not they will return). The governor had very little face time and what was there was not tha...

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