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Hello Gman (and guest?),

An expanded question from the user above: I recently started reading Star Wars novels. I own a bunch of them, but never got around to reading them all. I just finished "Splinter in the Mind's Eye" and started "Jedi Search," part of the Jedi Academy series. They are so good, I can't believe I am just now reading them. Have you read any of the expanded universe books and if so, what would you recommend? Since you asked for Star Wars related questions.

Also, I'd like to introduce my wife to a new comic series. She just watched and really enjoyed the show "Once Upon a Time." I know there is a comic for this series (or at least a collected edition). Have you heard anything about this series? Or would something like Fables or something similar be more worthwhile? Just as a note, she does read the Walking Dead hardcovers as those are released.

Thanks a lot, both podcasts are awesome!

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Hey G-man,

I just wanted to comment on the James Asmus episode. You guys mentioned how the Big Bang Theory is making fun of "nerdy" people. I never really thought of it that way before, but can see it from two angles. In one aspect the show enlightens the masses to the world of geekdom and what "we" (nerdy) folk go through in some shape or form. This kind of generated a "geeks are sexy" vibe, giving the masses more exposure to geek culture. On the other hand, I understand how it can be poking fun at those in society who may be socially awkward or have certain career choices. As both a comic reader and a scientist, I enjoy the show because I understand most of the references made, but I do feel as though they are taking advantage of a select group of people. I feel most viewers like the situational comedy and not necessarily the geek culture, technology, and science references. No question, just wanted to share some thoughts.

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Paul Dini wrote it. I'm game.

Sold. I hope its not a rip off of Lord of the Rings, but it looks pretty cool.

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Hey podcast crew,

My friend asked me where to start reading Judge Dredd comics. Since I mainly read Marvel, I had no idea other than it crosses over with Mars Attacks, lol. Do you have any suggestions that I can pass on?

I just wanted to comment on a question from a previous user (Monty) about having Miles Morales in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I really like this idea, but a big problem with that is the average mover goer will have no idea who Miles Morales is. I think someone who only has seen the Marvel movies would be really disappointed to find out that Peter Parker is not Spider-man. On the other hand, if they handle it well and make that character as likable as Bendis did in the comics, it could have a positive effect. But in general I do not think the Marvel-Sony rights issue would probably not allow this to happen unfortunately.


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Hey there gang,

Do you think the actors that play major roles in comic movies do some background reading in comics before they film? I heard that Henry Cavill is a genuine comic fan, particularly Superman. However I'm not entirely convinced most actors know much about the history of their character. I watched the Big Bang theory (CBS, welcome home. That cracks me up when you sneak that in the podcasts) panel from comic-con this past year and someone asked them if they were into any of the subjects portrayed on the show (comics, sci-fi, various geek culture). No one said they were, except Kaley Cuoco who said she watched Game of Thrones. I was disappointed in the overall lack of interest in the cast. Have you heard any other tales like this?

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Hello Podcast Crew!

Between Marvel and DC, which one develops the best animated series or features in your opinion? Personally, I enjoy Marvel more than DC in general but I feel they both do great work with animation. That being said, I haven't seen everything by both companies, but my two favorite recent series are Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-man. Which ones are your favorites and which do you currently watch? Thanks!

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I have had some bad experiences with buying and selling comics on eBay, more good than bad though.

I was the only bidder on a set of 120 Green Arrow comics from the 90's, got it for $20 or something like that. The seller was some punk kid who said he would not ship them to me because they were worth more than that. Needless to say i reported him.

As far as selling goes, I tried single issues, runs, TPB's, and maybe it was just the series I had, but I had to list them multiple times until they sold. Some didn't even sell after 4 listings. My advice is make the listing worthwhile and attractive so that you get activity. Although my sample size is low, I had best luck with complete runs of single issues.

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Hey Everyone,

I will preface this question with a question.
Do you guys like the Hayao Miyazaki films? Which is your favorite? (Mine is "Spirited Away")
But my original question is, are you excited for the new one coming out called "The Wind Rises"?

I feel like most people who read their comics digitally, use an iPad. I currently use my iPhone which isn't bad its just a small screen sometimes. Have you heard/read anything on what tablet is "best" for reading comics? I am thinking about getting one within the next year, probably an iPad, but I am open to other suggestions.

Thanks guys, you are always awesome.

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I think the humor in this episode was better than the previous ones for sure, Fitz was actually good in this episode. The references are getting old though (New York, Tahiti). The tag line of the show is "Not all heroes are super." We shouldn't expect someone with powers to swoop in and save the day, but it would be nice to see more Marvel things from a Marvel show. Victoria Hand and Graviton were cool to see, but the plots have been barely interesting. My favorite one so far was the former agent with the device in her eye controlling her. It should be interesting to see what next weeks brings with a Thor 2 reference and allegedly this whole show is building up to Winter Soldier. All in all, its alright, I'm not going to stop watching it, but something needs to happen to keep more people on board. Not that they are related, but Arrow is doing a much better job with incorporating the DC universe in their show.

I'd like to see more Hydra or AIM spy interaction with SHIELD

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Lets hope that Netflix doesn't raise their price between now and 2015!

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