How I got into comics


     I was about 7 years old. I was at school when I overheard some friends talking about a show. It was X-men the animated series. I wasn't really sure what X-men was, but it got me curious. The next day I watched the show and was immediately hooked. I wanted to start getting the comics but did not have a local comic shop to go to that was close. I picked up what comics I could at the grocery store. I started with X-men and moved on to other books like Ghost Rider, Batman, and Spider-man. I had gotten so many comics I had a whole trunk full. I was not the best at keeping my comics in good shape. Over the years, my comics were falling apart and I had no choice but to throw most of them away. Through my Middle school and High school years I had gotten out of comics altogether.  
    Near the end of High school, comic book movies were starting to make a comeback. X-men and Spider-man were the movies that slightly got me interested again. More and more movies started to come out over the years and captured my interests even more. I started  to look on the internet for more info on some characters I did not know about. I finnaly came across a site called Comicvine. At the time it had a huge database of all characters from multiple publishers. I visited the site several times before I decided to join. 
    After I joined I started to read and watch reviews of comics to determine which were the best ones. I got hardcovers of good stories like Civil War, Spider-man Noir, and Superman Red Son. So after loving comics as a child, losing interest, I have come back to them. Now with comics as popular as they are, I plan to keep my interest in comics permanent.