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@myramyramyra: the book was alright. I read everyone of the issue just because I am a fan but I knew they were gonna shut it down sooner or later....just not that soon that's all. after so many issue into the book with the new girl in his life and yet his dies in the end. wtf. would love to see what else she could do with her powers :)

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@mercy_: they did an amazing job but their approach is still not there. I find most of success books come from tragedy. if only we could get Frank miller to get a crack at it :)

after frank miller with be Garth Ennis on my list :)

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who would be the perfect writer for gambit? so far I am not happy of everything after his first appearance in X-MEN 266. and I am still confuse about his powers....since he control energy from his whole body...does that mean he could heal himself? since energy is part of him....than stamina should be above the rest of the team right? I could talk about this character all day but I would love to see a better writer for one of the best within the xmen group.

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@hus: I think all we need is a better writer......"garth ennis" would be my choice. I think anyone of us would love to see more of his power like in the 90s cartoon :)