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Unrealistic dollar amounts, especially for companies and/or wealthy people. I can understand not wanting to be hyper-realistic, but it annoys me a little when people go overboard. It irritates me even more when it's almost entirely unexplained.

I'm good with it when people put in the effort to explain it logically. While I'm not super picky about it, I enjoy it a lot more if it seems to make sense.

In the case of Hero Aid the companies are inspired by the illusion of Megacorps in cyberpunk works (zaibatsus) and the famous dutch indies VoC to mention the superhuman employees with their smarter than human ideas and tech from various sources

the thing is that this guy does not own the company but works for it

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There are also other companies

Hero aid is a megacorp and we do philantrophy such as supporting heroes

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"Now as in talk with the big wigs on your Pilot Episode"

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: (lets plan it)

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"Between you and me we both seek to help others, but out methods alternate. I will help you because by doing so It helps me as well, call it redemption if you want but I just want to improve this world."

"The 'killing' is a media ploy but the fun thing is that his reputation would be knocked down and we can put somebody else in his place"

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"how about now?'

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"Well my goal is your opposite, because the more money you make means the more moolah I get. I like money. You will do your good but this time the platforms have changed. You will be the heroes that protect the world, and also its economy"

He shook the child's hands

"Well get on Bieber at a moment, since the coming of One Direction he has been hurt in terms of popularity. There will be this concert in europe, and I have a neat vantage point with a sniper that cannot be traced as long as money politics are concerned"

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@matchesmalone21: That is one big ass fork

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"You shouldn't play with money like that, you wouldn't want me to break someone's leg just for beer money would you?'

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@Lobos_Del_Rayo: (call it intuition)

"I am your sponsor, you get that opportunity and you try out our stuff y'know get people to pay attention. What you will get is fame, more than any boy band there is and maybe a contract to terminate Justin Bieber"