Bag of Tricks

Most of them are disposable and are on his person

2) Taurus PT709 slim
1) A piece of chalk
3) Sleight of hand weapon
4) Hotter than a Chinese firecracker
5) Beats the frisk every time
6) My keychain is better than yours
These are his deadly weapons
1) A chalk to establish a 4 meter parameter and a 'bluff' line which he uses to dare opponents to cross over
2) Melee weapons for cqc really, wielded in akimbo and it gets even better when dark trench coat is equipped. To add a 'cool' effect the rounds are Red Incendiary Tracers (at times he will switch up to Armor Piercing Explosive or small Sabot rounds), that will explode with a bright flash and sparks upon impact on steel or concrete. It is visible day or night upon impact. It will burn at 3000 degrees when it hits a hard target. It will start fires when it explodes around flammable objects. He likes laser guns but he does not know where to get them, he improvised.
3) The three knuckle ring push spike, it can be sheathed on the foe's stomachs well as their hearts. It is laced with a derivative of curare, which causes total paralysis and is often fatal if a patient is not hospitalized and treated for respiratory paralysis.
4) a pack fiery cigars that could be flicked at a person at close range, engulfing the victim in sticky flames.
5) Nothing like a credit card razor to shave people's necks.
6) a four inch key fob gun that helps him in awkward moments, because exit wounds are good ice breaker.
He is a master of improvised and concealed weapons... sort of
7) fly like a butterfly, sting like a knife
7) push daggers that can still do some damage if thrown despite not being designed for it
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