Ass Kicked

You want me to do what?
"Not the best but just enough"

He is not an anime ninja from Saturday morning toon slots nor a super spy from popcorn screen, he is just an average guy who engages in a moderate level of exercise. In layman's terms a henchmen type of guy, which heroes often beat up at will. His talents in this business comes through the fact that he has a long experience from gigs back in the day where he used to aid his accomplices in robbery, and being a former juvenile delinquent he had plenty of street smarts.

Skills and talents which he applies against those he is sent to pursue; such as distraction so that his buddies can escape with the loot (when being loud and annoying fails IEDs work just as well); Burglary, when it comes to safe-cracking there are a few who can compete in this certain field of work although electronic locks are rendering this skill into obsolescence but he is as good as he is in infiltration as he is with his safe-cracking. Top secret government bases and secret societies are as easy as walking into a 24 hour minimart; Pickpocketing is a necessary skill which he has honed to a fact that it has become a natural reflex, should his entire body be under control he will still steal something as it is ingrained within his subconscious, he's also good with his cards; Getaway skills, if it has a steering device then he can operate it; Muscles, extensive boxing courses and a lifetime of no holds barred street fighting does not guarantee a win but it does help when beating people up, threatening others and intimidating people; Scrounging, he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows some other guy who has whatever the hell he needs at the time. ;Fixing, does maintenance and plays with the wrench often (the metal one); Language; well he can speak most foreign language in broken/slang form and it sounds really awkward but it gets the job done; Inside man, Paul is a phenomenal actor, as all double crossers must be. He can hold a persona under the most intense scrutiny or extreme circumstances. Even when facing imminent death he is as cool as winter.

I am ready
Best way to describe fighting style

After his reform from crime Paul turned into the life of a stuntman, he is good at that too. He trained his shattered body to peak perfection when doctor's told him he would never walk again. Paul is almost peak human, with amazingly high dexterity and strength. Paul is an extremely talented pugilist and the product of decades of specialized training in that fighting style. He can take out policeman and soldiers without breaking a sweat. He seems to be quite swift and aggressive, and to get solid results even against troops armed with conventional weapons but he's not world-class however he can still seriously threaten world-class hand-to-hand fighters. He almost seems to welcome violence when he acts as a vigilante, and excels at it. He's been known to kill multiple opponents armed with guns with his bare hands, and that didn't seem to be an unusual experience for him.

Fighting has never been more fun

He was taught by a Ace "Kayo" Griggs heavyweight boxing champ known for his Herculean strength and nearly superhuman stamina who won most of his fights with a long streak of quick knockouts. He trains in New York at the private gym of his friend's manager, John Yorke. Paul as a boxing prodigy took on all challengers in the ring and had many adventures outside the ring. He talented in the art of boxing, and believes that the sport can build character. His fighting style is violent to the extreme; when engaging any foe, he aims to maim from the first strike. He is known to use crippling force against his enemies when defending the innocent. He has of course trained extensively with most common firearm classes, attaining a high level of proficiency in all these aspects.

Paul is fond of the"rope-a-dope" strategy which is used by Muhammad Ali in his 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" bout against George Foreman, the rope-a-dope method involves laying back on the ropes, covering up defensively as much as possible and allowing the opponent to land punches. Weathering the blows, the boxer lures the opponent into expending energy whilst conserving his/her own. If successful, the attacking opponent will eventually tire, creating defensive flaws which the boxer can exploit. In modern boxing, the rope-a-dope is generally discouraged since most opponents are not fooled by it and few boxers possess the physical toughness to withstand a prolonged, unanswered assault. Because of his unique body he can do this without worrying much about injuries.

Disarming his foes

Over 60% of his skeletal structure has been replaced or reinforced by organic parts which seem to aid in his resistance to injury. Through regular bio-therapy is somewhat able to alleviate this problem, along with receiving regular illegal serum treatments to optimise his biological advantages.His perseverance gives him the gift to slightly boost his abilities through indomitable will, commanding even such involuntary functions as bleeding.

The power of will also internalized itself to make Paul very strong, agile, and fast. Paul was also able to run at fast speed, and to leap great distances. On occasion, he is able to catch up to a speeding car on foot. Paul is capable of withstanding physical attacks that would instantly kill any other living creature. Under normal conditions, he is twice as strong and fast (double speed and agility) as a normal human male; this has been known to rise by a factor of three during an adrenaline rush. In short, when gripped by uncontrolled rage, Paul is roughly six times as powerful as any ordinary man. This allowed him to jump between buildings and clamber up walls (with ledges). Tapping into an inner-self allows him to think faster, move faster and hit harder

He's also an excellent tailor ; in particular people often comment on the quality of his reproductions of super-heroes and super-villain costumes. He's also good at stakeouts and setting up OP's (operation points) with a keen eye for detail and an excellent absorption of intel.

Dying would be better than repeating that experience

Generally he is both a nice guy and a quiet guy but beware his tranquil fury.

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