Hero-Aid, Inc.

Pre Paid Heroes

"We do our jobs so nobody else gets hurt"

Do you want to end up like this?
Hey heroes, are you tired of your countless hours of volunteering and altruism?
Are you tired of bad wages outside of your heroics? Do you want a chance of stardom and good PR?
Here is the chance for you!
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Marvelcare also cover superheroes

At Hero Aid we have a team of generous people ready to make you super famous and super rich. We have benefits for the normal people as well such as our very own Marvelcare ™ which is series of superhero insurance and damage control policies to help out bystanders and fellow civillians cope with the dangerous battle zone of day to day crime fighting. Because at Hero Aid we care for everyone (with terms and conditions applied). We are a NGO that works alongside several powerful groups to provide the best care we can to improve your lives.

Get that hero money playboy

Here at Hero Aid we also employ former villains with a rapsheet and provide equal opportunities for all, because we believe in giving three chances like the wise Buddha. Before you ask for 'that' question, yes we also provide those opportunities for non humans as well. Because at hero aid we do not Discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, religion, species, existential form or whatever .

Hero Aid takes the approach of registration as well so our heroes are recognized by the government and work hand in hand with the nearby law enforcement groups to create a synergy of benefits to further our cause. We are also the forefront of a conglomeration of big companies and young entrepreneurs operating with big budgets, thus we can ensure the best for both our clients and employees. Here at Hero Aid heroism is a job and we keep thing professional.

We do not hold to any nationality or lines on a map, because where they fail we won't. We offer help domestically and overseas, we help with the small things as well. Post-disaster care and philanthropy (with casualty treatment) because heroes should not be limited to crime fighting where the world is hungry and impoverished.


Hero Aid is a megacorp and is a top three global economic entity.

Head Office

Yesterday's future, now!

A tall tower situated In Las Vegas, it holds the employees and the 'heroes' of the large companies. It serves as the central hub for operations, it has very good securities and has several ways of dealing with intruders but most of them are non lethal. This building is open to any and all persons, it houses several recreational facilities and even a department store. It also has its own media room for photo ops and broadcasting.

The office is accessible and accommodates also for the disabled with advanced automated chair facilities and sickbays where such conditions can be cured (for a certain fee). Within the base are also hubs for off-world transportation whether it is planets, dimensions, timelines or planes of existences.

The Hero Mall

We have everything inside

Run by heroes but open for all, and we have fancy restaurants too. Famous for its juice stand with its world class but affordable mix smoothies. The building contains several shops that fits all price ranges, selling things from common items to exotic off-world goods that has been adapted to be safe for human usage.

Members of Staff

The boardroom, where miracles truly happen. They are chosen from specialized individuals and beings from all across the cosmos because special problems need special interventions. In terms of activities they work as a massive network to cover worldly matters on earth and beyond, but they just enjoy a warm mug of coffe in the office most of the time,

Where most fights are done
  1. Treasure Hunters - they inform the company of mankind's long lost heritages to preserve and ancient evil to combat, this group also has the capability of increasing profits due to their knack for finding valuable items.
  2. Corporate Ninjas/Samurais - they serve as liaisons to the eastern world of mythology and fantasy, they are valued members of the company because of their knack for swift and decisive combative styles that ends enemies so that business can be conducted faster.
  3. Astronauts - they work outside the earth to salvage materials and minerals to improve life on earth, these men and women (animals even) maintain contact with the friends outside the earth as well.
  4. Spies - keeping vigilant eyes against the acts of worldwide terrorism, and they make information gathering even better.
  5. Time Travelers - fighting crimes now can be done retroactively or even at times to come, these guys are also the ones who think ahead of the others because of future exposure while keeping a good foundation from better understanding of the past.
  6. Giant Monsters - we help them so that they can live without harming humans and so we can live while building mutual bonds, and when the going gets rough the rough gets going.
  7. Robots - given them rights and keep them as companions to prevent cybernetic revolt, they keep us updated on the happenings of the wired world.
  8. Wizards - they keep us updated on magic that can be utilized to solve the world's problems (consultants), plus they reach our connections to the magic world for insight and new things to learn,
  9. Aliens - we help them protect their planet and they help us protect ours from off orbit threats, exchange of technologies as a win-win situation.
  10. Superheroes - the backbone of the company, the ones who carry the burden of the company.
  11. Undead/Slayers - keeping untold horrors at bay while keeping tabs with supernatural occurrences, and giving advice from beyond the grave ,
  12. Pirates - exploring the seas for allies and enemies alike while keeping tabs on the criminal underworld.

They deal with intruders in their own unique ways (but watch out for the magic guys, they love pre-set magic transmogrification into edibles).

Key Members

Sebastian Fawkes

One of the favored members of the committee is good old Seb, the great bastard who comes up with creative ways to deal with the world's problems. His right hand is the hand that moves money while his left hand is the one that is used to choke the life out of competition. To put into perspective he is a man who can play a game of Monopoly on real global (or more) economy and can trigger economic collapses at will, If there are economic hit-men he is the one that has the skills to retire them all.

Gerard Clay

The head honcho of the Time Travel division who keeps people from erasing important events in this current reality. Who is profit oriented just like the other members of the group, Clay is a prodigy in hies field and does not hesitate to go for the jugular when the situation calls for it. What might seem like a casual man is a force that can tremble high end beings. He is the person to call when needing strategies on dismantling overpowered beiongs because he has a rapport for silencing reality warpers.

The Conglomerate

"Their reach is ubiquitous"

They have superpower, its called money.

Hero Aid is funded by a power group run by extremely influential ladies and gentlemen, they typically jump around the Forbes 500 and can lobby governments to fit in legislation at will. But they are good hearted albeit chaotic, the ones that decide to form the group are the ones who want to try philantrophy from a different direction. Mixing fun that only certain people can afford and a gift for the people by providing entertainment. Their pockets runs as deep as their ego's are big, being able to privatize most of the things that can be privatized (even prisons, which helps them when they are convicted). As far as the world are concerned these people are out of the system.


"The characters for the shows who work for the best interests of the company"

  • (Actually: Paul Harris but this is his alter ego when taking the job)
  • Takes the morning to evening shift from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Deals with mostly urban activities but can accomodate other settings
  • Sponsored by: Burger Lord
  • Powers: Teleportion & Situational Telekinesis
  • Gimmick: Loose cannon hero with brawling style and reckless attitude, more or less the jack of all trades the team, gives PSA's about drugs and gangs


  1. Pilot

Nightwatcher is a hero born out of the substance of the night, but the man watches over the events of day to carefully guide evil right back into its designated location. Some say he might not even be human but a clump of darkness given form to fight crime. What people can be sure of is that he is one of the good guys, he carries a special nightstick (tonfa) that he uses to break bones and injure villains. There are clues that he fought crime to avenge his dog who was caught by a stray bullet in a gang shootout, he vows to avenge his best friend and to make sure that nobody else has to lose their beloved pets. Remember to stay out of his way when he is in action, and don't forget to call Hero Aid to book him for birthday parties.

The Fist
  • Real name: Daniel Wayne (codenamed The Fist when working for hero aid)
  • Takes the evening to night shift 5pm-2am (might change)
  • Deals with mostly big world bad guy problems (super powered dictators, terrorists with guns, BIG guns)
  • Sponsored by: Devil piss liquor
  • Gimmick:the reluctant hero but always does the right thing usually going head first into battle, power house of the team, gives PSA'S about alcohol and bullying.

The fist is the all american hero who used to serve his country in the war and now serves his country and others from those who would have freedom taken away from the people, he is an indestructible defender of freedom and democracy. He uses no special weapons to take down the bad guys only his patriotism and well his FISTS. So villians beware because where ever their is oppression he will be their to defend the people of today so they can live for tomorrow. The Fist is also available for school and military appearances.

  • (real name Alphonse Brody)
  • Alter-ego when not at Hero Aid™: Tellumo
  • Takes the 'After-School' shift of 3:00-4:00PM
  • Deals with 'any crimes that pop up'.
  • Sponsored by: HeroTV
  • Gimmick: Teen member who 'appeals to the kids', also has the shiniest costume.

Earth-Shaker was asked to join the business as a merketing ploy to gather youth attention. He was persuaded with the offer of a shiny new costume with gadgets & a grappling hook. Alphonse tends to his earth shifting powers exclusively as not to let any notice that Earth-Shaker & Tellumo are one & the same. The suit increases his strength & speed to superhuman levels, it also contains nearlt thirty gadgets including a taser, a communicator, an iPod charger & more.

<These are the stars>

  • (real name Andrew Wilson)
  • Time of work: 3:00 A:M-9:00 A:M
  • Operation: Stealth,Reconnaissance, fighting powerful bad guys that others can't handle.
  • Powers: Enhanced combat followed by many other ninja skills.
  • Gimmick: The badass sneaky ass kicking ninja that all kids like and love

Dark asked to join the organization simply because he ran out of thugs to imprison, not only does he enjoy bringing fear to criminals he also enjoys simply showing off his unique abilities.


When the situation calls they can be mobilized as 'Sky Shadow' a black ops hero group to tackle more serious problems with more extreme measures, this is an additional package with a costly fee. There is a secret technology behind their masks which will flash, the light isolates the electronic impulses in the brains, specifically the ones for memory.



Theses are specialized drone camera units which every member will have access to, for their jobs they will have three with them at all times. They serve as surveillance and broadcast so the fans can see them in action from a variety of angles, capturing their greatest moments of both despair and triumph. They are set on PG-13 controls so that they can censor expletives with a series of beeps. Besides that communications can be switched to air commercials when urgent discussions may arise. They come in many colors and metallic blue is very popular. They also provide heroes with real-time communications with their audience at selected times to get some fans or to adress important messages.

Melee weapon at a whim

A weapon familiar with heroes in the edgy nineties but remodeled for mainstream usage, these raycasters have settings which allow them to stun (stimulation of every pain receptor in a person, causing torture). At general they fire powerful concussive beams of pulverizing force that can knock down or knock out super humans, the sides can be modified to fit sponsor logos while the grip can be remodeled to a suit the style of the user. It can be fired while running, walking and jumping as well as crouching. A mandatory side arm for all heroes .

The Raycaster is a combination of the Raypistol & the Raysaber. Raysabers have voice-activated features and can be used only with registered members. With this each fighter can execute a diagonal slash with the Raysaber. At first, the blade is about the size of a dagger, but the length changes depending on who wields it. The length of the blade changes depending on the fighting spirit of the wielder.

Star Shooters

Meteor shower? Try hero shower, orbital drop pod technology used to fire our heroes at the heart of danger. Sending reinforcements wherever and whenever, plus it looks very cool in front of the cameras. The symbolism of justice raining down with the flames of re-entry and the good guys emerging from chaos. Plus it can be used to flatted bad guys at Terminal Velocity.



Hero Aid provides job opportunities for metahumans and normal humans alike, we will help sponsor heroes in need of financial aid. We intend to use our expertise to improve upon the world. Heroes get paid and justice gets played, essentially putting doublethink when it comes to profit and philantrophy.


To cultivate their collective consciousness in order to protect the minds of the people from negative belief systems that makes them think of superhumans as evil, to defend and preserve their minds from the oppressive powers that be.

So Join Now and earn the benefits

Inspired by: Heroes For Hire, Amazing Man (Mystery Men), Tiger & Bunny, Ratman, and VOC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie)


  • We only allow up to twelve members at the moment. We start at one. Will get updated on weekly basis. Anyone can Join, Pm first.
  • Keep it civil (don't damage the building, keep fighting off-site)
  • No Drama (well the kind that gets thread locked)
  • Have fun

Bag of Tricks

Most of them are disposable and are on his person

2) Taurus PT709 slim
1) A piece of chalk
3) Sleight of hand weapon
4) Hotter than a Chinese firecracker
5) Beats the frisk every time
6) My keychain is better than yours
These are his deadly weapons
1) A chalk to establish a 4 meter parameter and a 'bluff' line which he uses to dare opponents to cross over
2) Melee weapons for cqc really, wielded in akimbo and it gets even better when dark trench coat is equipped. To add a 'cool' effect the rounds are Red Incendiary Tracers (at times he will switch up to Armor Piercing Explosive or small Sabot rounds), that will explode with a bright flash and sparks upon impact on steel or concrete. It is visible day or night upon impact. It will burn at 3000 degrees when it hits a hard target. It will start fires when it explodes around flammable objects. He likes laser guns but he does not know where to get them, he improvised.
3) The three knuckle ring push spike, it can be sheathed on the foe's stomachs well as their hearts. It is laced with a derivative of curare, which causes total paralysis and is often fatal if a patient is not hospitalized and treated for respiratory paralysis.
4) a pack fiery cigars that could be flicked at a person at close range, engulfing the victim in sticky flames.
5) Nothing like a credit card razor to shave people's necks.
6) a four inch key fob gun that helps him in awkward moments, because exit wounds are good ice breaker.
He is a master of improvised and concealed weapons... sort of
7) fly like a butterfly, sting like a knife
7) push daggers that can still do some damage if thrown despite not being designed for it
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Ass Kicked

You want me to do what?
"Not the best but just enough"

He is not an anime ninja from Saturday morning toon slots nor a super spy from popcorn screen, he is just an average guy who engages in a moderate level of exercise. In layman's terms a henchmen type of guy, which heroes often beat up at will. His talents in this business comes through the fact that he has a long experience from gigs back in the day where he used to aid his accomplices in robbery, and being a former juvenile delinquent he had plenty of street smarts.

Skills and talents which he applies against those he is sent to pursue; such as distraction so that his buddies can escape with the loot (when being loud and annoying fails IEDs work just as well); Burglary, when it comes to safe-cracking there are a few who can compete in this certain field of work although electronic locks are rendering this skill into obsolescence but he is as good as he is in infiltration as he is with his safe-cracking. Top secret government bases and secret societies are as easy as walking into a 24 hour minimart; Pickpocketing is a necessary skill which he has honed to a fact that it has become a natural reflex, should his entire body be under control he will still steal something as it is ingrained within his subconscious, he's also good with his cards; Getaway skills, if it has a steering device then he can operate it; Muscles, extensive boxing courses and a lifetime of no holds barred street fighting does not guarantee a win but it does help when beating people up, threatening others and intimidating people; Scrounging, he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows some other guy who has whatever the hell he needs at the time. ;Fixing, does maintenance and plays with the wrench often (the metal one); Language; well he can speak most foreign language in broken/slang form and it sounds really awkward but it gets the job done; Inside man, Paul is a phenomenal actor, as all double crossers must be. He can hold a persona under the most intense scrutiny or extreme circumstances. Even when facing imminent death he is as cool as winter.

I am ready
Best way to describe fighting style

After his reform from crime Paul turned into the life of a stuntman, he is good at that too. He trained his shattered body to peak perfection when doctor's told him he would never walk again. Paul is almost peak human, with amazingly high dexterity and strength. Paul is an extremely talented pugilist and the product of decades of specialized training in that fighting style. He can take out policeman and soldiers without breaking a sweat. He seems to be quite swift and aggressive, and to get solid results even against troops armed with conventional weapons but he's not world-class however he can still seriously threaten world-class hand-to-hand fighters. He almost seems to welcome violence when he acts as a vigilante, and excels at it. He's been known to kill multiple opponents armed with guns with his bare hands, and that didn't seem to be an unusual experience for him.

Fighting has never been more fun

He was taught by a Ace "Kayo" Griggs heavyweight boxing champ known for his Herculean strength and nearly superhuman stamina who won most of his fights with a long streak of quick knockouts. He trains in New York at the private gym of his friend's manager, John Yorke. Paul as a boxing prodigy took on all challengers in the ring and had many adventures outside the ring. He talented in the art of boxing, and believes that the sport can build character. His fighting style is violent to the extreme; when engaging any foe, he aims to maim from the first strike. He is known to use crippling force against his enemies when defending the innocent. He has of course trained extensively with most common firearm classes, attaining a high level of proficiency in all these aspects.

Paul is fond of the"rope-a-dope" strategy which is used by Muhammad Ali in his 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" bout against George Foreman, the rope-a-dope method involves laying back on the ropes, covering up defensively as much as possible and allowing the opponent to land punches. Weathering the blows, the boxer lures the opponent into expending energy whilst conserving his/her own. If successful, the attacking opponent will eventually tire, creating defensive flaws which the boxer can exploit. In modern boxing, the rope-a-dope is generally discouraged since most opponents are not fooled by it and few boxers possess the physical toughness to withstand a prolonged, unanswered assault. Because of his unique body he can do this without worrying much about injuries.

Disarming his foes

Over 60% of his skeletal structure has been replaced or reinforced by organic parts which seem to aid in his resistance to injury. Through regular bio-therapy is somewhat able to alleviate this problem, along with receiving regular illegal serum treatments to optimise his biological advantages.His perseverance gives him the gift to slightly boost his abilities through indomitable will, commanding even such involuntary functions as bleeding.

The power of will also internalized itself to make Paul very strong, agile, and fast. Paul was also able to run at fast speed, and to leap great distances. On occasion, he is able to catch up to a speeding car on foot. Paul is capable of withstanding physical attacks that would instantly kill any other living creature. Under normal conditions, he is twice as strong and fast (double speed and agility) as a normal human male; this has been known to rise by a factor of three during an adrenaline rush. In short, when gripped by uncontrolled rage, Paul is roughly six times as powerful as any ordinary man. This allowed him to jump between buildings and clamber up walls (with ledges). Tapping into an inner-self allows him to think faster, move faster and hit harder

He's also an excellent tailor ; in particular people often comment on the quality of his reproductions of super-heroes and super-villain costumes. He's also good at stakeouts and setting up OP's (operation points) with a keen eye for detail and an excellent absorption of intel.

Dying would be better than repeating that experience

Generally he is both a nice guy and a quiet guy but beware his tranquil fury.

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Kiss From a Rose

Some call it demon he calls it friend

From a young age Paul Harris was born into the world with a 'friend' who would watch over his every move, It has done more good than harm but it is also responsible for most of his nightmares as a child. Often referred to as Beast spirit or Evil persona Not because of its appearance, but rather how it would react to danger. As it is completely subservient to his will they are dispatched to quickly dispose of any threats. When Paul was a child he did not know how to control his temper and was ridiculed for wetting his pants in school, what ensues afterwards is an accident that is marked under 'gas leak'.

Paul subconsciously influenced the appearance of Kiees, occasionally adopting slightly different forms. Under certain conditioning, his body could be trained to create alternate Guardian-bodies, such as a form designed to tear the fabrics of space. This Guardian was capable of acting independently of Paul’s conscious will, doing things such as killing a debtor Paul had thought surrendered but was actually secretly drawing a gun. Paul had a reason for not summoning Kiees often, this suppresses both the strength and the independent will of his demonic guardian. By removing that restriction, he could again access its monstrous strength, but the longer it remained off, the more the Guardian would begin to influence his own behavior.

Kiees is a voiceless, intangible, invisible being who enforced all of Paul’s angry or violent wishes, intentional or otherwise. This ability seemed exclusively restricted to acts of pure reflex. Kiees has numerous super-human abilities, being able to forcefully fuse a man’s jaw shut, break the leg of someone miles away (rock thrown), or stop a person’s heart without even touching it. Joe took the physical form of an Aztec Jaguar Warrior. It also possesses great physical strength, impervious to all damage (except when paul is hurt). While it tends to stay behind its host, it can be commanded to detach itself from that host to attack its victims. While it is only when the Guardian is paired with its host that it is a truly formidable opponent, it is shown to hold its own quite well without the influence of a host, mercilessly attacking the opponent without ceasing. in its natural form, has a barbed, razor-sharp tongue which it could use to absorb the brains of victims, thereby gaining their memories. It apparently absorbed the intelligence of those it consumed, but lacked their discipline.

A Guardian 'actualizes' the knowledge and memories of an apparition (name only) and allows their memories to manifest essentially as pseudo-magical powers. They are composed entirely of **** and being so, there is no real matter. This renders all form of conventional weaponry useless, as only an Guardian can damage another. While any apparition can be molded into an Guardian, their attributes depend solely upon the spirit's ego--or identity. Depending on their ego, the apparition can be molded by the user into any shape or form the user desires, enabling the direct display of their abilities to protect the user.

Its digestive system is more adaptive than that of a human, and it can survive on a diet of cardboard and garbage. It can transform pain he feels into music in his head, thus giving him eustress. He seems to be able to detect thoughts, although he can't read minds. If Paul was destroyed he would shortly ressurected, but during that time a Guardian's powers would be severely diminished. Kiees is Transmoral (beyond good and evil)

Kiees can be further Psionic-fueled, and as a being that already possesses significant higher levels of super strength, speed, stamina, agility, and durability then that gives him the power to be as strong as needed to be. Massively faster than light flight and heatless disintegrating flame breath helps as well. It could also reveal fiery images of personal experiences with mass deaths and destruction, but when cosmically charged, generated flame-like mystic energy around itself which burns rapidly over a body and drains its life force. causing excruciating pain within living beings through direct ignition of life-force. The flames are capable of incinerating gods and other mystic beings, though their exact temperature extreme is unrevealed.

Its rage augmented his power but it was also increased when in close proximity to Paul.It is Invulnerable to harsh environments, including the vacuum of space and all known multiversal diseases. Guardian's extra powers are directly derived from its users confidence (willpower) and its greatest weakness when it comes to this additional boost is doubt, which would not come very often,

Its eyes can emit an Inertia-Ray, which is able to remove all inertia from an object, bringing it to a sudden and non-traumatic stop.

Kiees can alter the passage of time in his reference frame, giving it the effect of super speed by making time around it run slower (this effect carries over to Paul as well). It is often mistaken for Teleportation, but Kiees can also do that method of transportation through astral plane (in seconds) even to transport others with him to places he does not know. Grant Paul limited phasing & Invisibility. It is often mistaken as some form of limited although advanced Telekinesis. Able to alter its size. Shifting from physical to astral realm at will to observe invisibly.


It makes him violent

The Guardian must only be used against those who deserve its dire justice, and never against the innocent. The Guardian's might faded the farther he ventured from its own summoner.

Weapon of Choice

a six foot Macuahuitl

In all Paul's years living with Kiees he has not yet witnessed this ever being used for combative purposes, although Kiees brags about it being the very best weapon that everything has to offer. Paul scoffs at that for being a boast, although it has been hinted tongue in cheek that the blade possess an certain affinity that allows it to alter scales (Strength, force, distance, height, and weight). He has also developed a certain fascination with the concept of dismemberment and decapitation, wielding a sword with a blunt tip, which he refers to as the Slash King, whose solely purpose, according to it, is to chop opponents, and often remarking about enemies' incoming "slaughter" at his hands before assaulting them.

It is a blade which he wields with deadly skill and force, and is sufficient enough to deflect bullets

Sacrificial Blade


In the hands of Kiees this dagger is a very potent weapon against animate beings of humanoid design that will absolutely work to carve out their cores (i.e. the heart or its equivalent) but if two conditions are met. One that the humanoid is on a downed position facing upwards, and that the sun is rising. The heart in question would be devoured by Kiees as a method of empowerment. The effects will multiply by tenfold during solar eclipse.

Storm of Spear Arrows


In this special weapon the 'launcher' served as a 'remote' to summon forth countless of arrows that will home in on the target. Paul is able to curve his arrows' path after firing them. He can ricochet each shot against walls to enable him to shoot around corners and make the direction of his attacks unpredictable, and to change the direction of his shots while in flight. Used defensively his arrows can negate another attack on impact. To do this, he charges the arrows with a sufficient amount of power, and fires them to strike an incoming projectile. He can fire thousands of arrows all at once,

Medallion of Fortune

It comes with Kiees but Paul does not know what it does

The attribute for which it's best known, is the phenomenal luck it grants, so reliable it would qualify as a super power if it works more often then not. People with the ability to see the future can easily be outwitted by the Medallion's unpredictability. It also somehow shorts out precognition, causing it to either not work or work erratically. It was commented that its battle instinct was indeed excellent as if an opponent can clearly read his moves and see that he is going to strike left, Paul would instinctively strike to the right. If you obviously knew that he was coming from above, Paul would come from below. It comes along with super intuitions into the occult due to his nature.

Special Utilization

Mask of the Blue Sky

The 'clean' Kiees

This form is achieved when Kiees can merges with Paul to become a a living weapon. In this form he will mainly use wrestling moves to attack the enemy, such as close lines, spear tackles, and even a Stone Cold Stunner. Uniquely Paul can split his guardian to emit 14 guardian created fighters, numbered from 0 to 10 the performance capability of each fighter gets stronger as they fuse together in smaller numbers (while the number on their body adds up as they do, as seen when 10 and 9 merged they formed the bigger fighter #19) and he may have the ability to create more. The impressive aspect however is the the ability to link the fighters together as one with superspeed.

Flash of the blue rose

This has not been explored yet
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Just your average guy, minus the occupation of ass whooping

Ever been slapped with a foot?
  • Name: Paul Harris
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Reformed criminal)
  • D.O.B : April 10 19XX
  • Zodiac: Aries
  • Gender : Male
  • Blood Type: O negative
  • Nickname : Crazy Dog
  • Classification : Drifter, Combat Medic
  • Nationality: Apatride
  • Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
  • Weight: 205 lb (93 kg; 14 st 9 lb)
  • Reach: 76 in (193 cm)
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • Occupation: Hired Muscle, Debt Collector (Factoring Company), Repo Man, Stuntman, Saboteur, Bodyguard, Babysitter (only at free time)
  • Favorite Animal: Alpaca


Getting shot is a normal occurrence on Tuesdays

Paul Harris is just one of those metahumans living on a corner of the CVU, he takes up a job as as a loan shark that works on superhuman debtors. Because sometimes they think that superpowers are a way to avoid obligations, well that is where his expertise comes in. He always gives his jobs (the who) three chances to pay up, always giving them a chance to redeem themselves. He is negotiable and will take in reason, but should they choose to abuse his kindness the nice man can quickly turn into a cause of death. Given his options though he would rather not kill anyone because it does not have a good feedback in his conscience, he just wants to get the job over with and go home for a cold plate and a side of whiskey. So far he is living alone in discreet, keeping tabs at numerous superheroes or villains alike and focusing on their records to check for any inconsistencies. Because at the end of the day somebody has to do the job and ground superhumans who get out of line. However when conducting business activities he would prefer not to use his 'help' because of the hassle that comes with it as his friend is a animate weapon which he wields with deadly efficiency and which, once summoned, must draw blood before being returned.


Feel bulletproof?

Although he is a reformed criminal some of his old habits are recurring. such as mocking and attacking the handicapped or ill. He thoroughly enjoyed the misery of others (schadenfreude) and would seem snarky at times. As a saboteur he displays a passion for destroying fine art, landmark architecture and human beauty (notably talent). He is not willing to kill others to serve his mission, but he is fine in putting them on 'dying' conditions. His intelligence is average although he is a resourceful gatherer of information and highly observant. He is obsessed with hunting those soldiers responsible for killing civilians during the wartime. He had been experienced to have little regard for human life and was fiercely loyal to the completion of his task. He is highly superstitious.His belief in the loyalty of his mission makes him willing to hurt people without a second thought. In addition, he was a very simple-minded person, so he never let evidence to the contrary sway him from his mission. He is willing to risk nearly certain death for the greater good.


He prefers casual wear to stripper spandex

He occasionally dons Kevlar lined Business casual attire (white t-shirt crew neck undershirt that is able to resist a 7 pound bazooka anti-tank warhead, made with the latest in materials, such as carbon nano-tubes and 1313 paste, light blue dress shirt w collar reinforced with contoured Chobham armor plates, yellow tie, beige jacket, dark blue dress pants, scuffed black conservative loafers similar to sticky-soled rock-climbing shoes and matching belt) While light, it’s also significantly tough, and can handle being beaten up by people with low-level superstrength, up to around three tons. The suit is fairly good at taking projectile impacts, though not as good as brute impacts, and is coated with a molecular laminate of energy-dispersive material, reducing the effectiveness of energy assaults by an amount, generally able to repel low-level energy attacks..


He knows how to fix others
  1. is described as having "a natural aptitude for having natural aptitudes;" picking up complicated skills quickly and retaining them [ ventriloquism, hypnotism, disguise among others] but is just an average human being who is considered as a 'natural athlete. Paul had an uncanny knack for imitating the skills of whatever famous athlete he was obsessed with at the time. As Lance Armstrong, Paul was a great cyclist. As Michael Phelps, he demonstrated keen proficiency at swimming.This comes along with a talent for operating vehicles. ranging from a tricycle to a space cruiser. Plus an intuitive knack for inventing mechanical devices (such as his suit and offensive gadgets). Capable to absorbing information from all types of media at a superhuman rate. His ability allows him to see and hear all of it, process it all, and find patterns or specific details that are important. It enhances his learning capabilities, thus making him able to quickly learn and master languages and technology.
  2. Paul could induce rapid healing (ease their pain/suffering, cure disease, and heal wounds) throughout the structures of any injured or diseased organism through stimulation of the organism's own healing process. In order for the healing to take place, He had to be in physical contact with the subject. Paul had the ability to heal people from devastating, even near death injuries. Can heal from broken bones with no difficulty (although they would remain in the position they were in when he touched them). It is the ability to both heal and energize/strengthen others , even ridding people of mental injuries. This power can also be used to drive out evil spirits. He can also sap strength from others, knocking them unconscious.The main limitation to this power was that it caused considerable strain on his body. Because he senses negative emotions of others, absorb the damage into himself, scarring his body while healing the other person. The more severely damaged the victim was, the greater the strain placed on his body when he healed them. When he healed someone from a death-like stasis, he became weakened, and if resurrecting someone, he might die. This ability extends to being transferred by blood, thus he can heal others who come into contact with his blood, provided they have the same blood type.
Death is just a slap on the wrist

Paul has the ability to become more powerful after recovering from severe injuries. This ability, combined with his resurrection power (prevents him from being killed by conventional methods) including the ability to convert foreign biomass to its own. He is capable of inscribing knowledge in the form of organic molecules, which when injected into the bloodstream downloads that knowledge straight into the brain. Likewise, Paul can lose his limbs or even their head and have them reattached later. He can only be defeated if his entire body (right down to the cell) is completely destroyed, otherwise he will be back, better than ever (anything that doesn't kill him makes him stronger). In addition, while he can be physically incapacitated by certain injuries, he suffers no permanent damage from various penetrating wounds, etc. He has even reformed from complete incineration, though it took him at least several weeks.Being able to improve physically after each traumatic assault on his body.

He also has the ability to survive any injury. Paul can also develop and evolve resistances to whatever injures or harms him. Due to the extreme manner in which his DNA aggressively self-repairs and adapts to environmental stimulus, Paul possess a range of attributes that make him one of the most dangerous beings alive. His primary survival talent is to, by simply surviving any offensive technique, resist it, then gain immunity on second occurrence. He also has an unnatural ability to recover from serious injuries and poisons.He does resemble human in appearance, but he is physically far stronger, resistant and long-lived, but he does not know what he is. If he is 'fed' with stronger powers he will react accordingly (if you choose to godmod he will pull a smvfl or a fury on you)

Traits from his adaptive body

  • Ability to re-grow a body part, a limb would require 1 month to re-grow.
  • Healing Ability to sense with aura attacks on small groups of cells or general tissues and try to defend against these attacks can usually sense the changes in cells caused by viruses or cancers.
  • He can completely recover from non-lethal injuries such as slash and punctures within a matter of hours and injuries as severe as broken bones within a few days. Simple cuts, bruises or burns would heal almost immediately, while he took several months to heal from major head trauma.
  • He is resistant to all diseases and viruses, and metabolizes even tranquilizing drugs far faster than normal humans.
  • Body reaction speeds are 500 times faster than normal and thought speeds are 750 times normal. Not super speed but he can react and think enough to dodge most things, his options are limited because of the lack of acrobatic flair that he can do.
  • Can go about 700 days without water and just over 8 years without food. But going without food or water is very uncomfortable or painful and causes the body to age.
  • Can hold his breath about 13.89 hours.
  • Near photographic memory
  • Sense of smell Exceeds a Bloodhounds
  • Sense of taste makes him Instantly aware of molecular amounts of dangerous substances.
  • An odd form of telepathy aura based form functional over city distances, "listening" telepathy with well known individuals.
  • An odd form of empathy based sense that allows Paul to sense distress in well known individual within a city-wide area.
  • Touch Aura Repair Ability Vibrate items back together uses microscopic sense to improve the quality of the repair.

Note that he is just as durable as a normal human being as he has never died before. This is just something that his guardian mention every now and then, Paul does NOT want to prove this theory of resurrection as he is not too eager to die. This physical condition is not his power rather an inconsistency that he has gotten from his guardian who refuses to let him die, so far both of them have agreed on that little promise.


kiddy gloves are off...

"he has something that watches over him like a guardian angel"
- his friends
"Kiss from a rose"

For all intents and purposes his 'guardian' is absolutely invisible (because he is invisible, there no reason to believe this purported guardian exists), intangible, inaudible, undetectable in any way, does not leave any footprints and breathes heat-less fire. Guardians can only be seen by Guardian users. It is capable of using both human speech and a form of telepathy to communicate. While it might seem convenient to have a super powerful bodyguard present at all times 24/7 his interactions are regarded as schizophrenia, that is problematic when picking up clients but so far most of them tolerate that little issue because he has a good record for getting things done.

Its body is able to directly absorb and process cosmic energy through their body for a host of effects that would allow them true infinite power levels ( the classical abilities of flight, super-strength, super-speed and invulnerability, with optional super-senses and fire breathing added in. ) when fully charged (Like Silver Age Superman). Naturally produce and maintain these power levels regardless of being in a different dimension system. Gains superhuman powers through the energies of mystical objects as well.

This may seem like a wondrous thing at first but then Paul realizes the collateral damage costs that my be incurred and the more annoying facts that super-humans may take notice, hence he uses them in more subtle means so far this strategy has been keeping him alive.

Kiss from a rose is bipedal, roughly 8 to 9 feet tall, with sharp jagged teeth, and wear what looks like Aztec jaguar armor that covers most of their bodies. The Guardian wore a breastplate made from quilted cotton several fingers thick. This cotton breastplate was soaked in saltater brine and dried, which made the armor harder to penetrate. It was highly suitable for Aztec warfare because it was strong enough to deflect the light projectiles the Aztecs frequently encountered without being excessively heavy in the tropical climate of Central America. The Jaguars also carried a round animal-hide shield decorated with feathers. Paul could barely control its emotions and actions.

Like that, only more lethal

The Guardian's source of power is fueled by human blood. Once inserted into the body, it creates a link between the blood donor (unchained) and the Guardian. A Guardian is also gifted with The Aegis System, which protects its donor from various dangers and environment changes, such as volcanic heat, the crushing pressures beneath the ocean, or even the depths of space. However, the donor must be in range with his Guardian for the system to work for them. Giving him the ability to survive in virtually any environment without special apparatus. When the condition first showed up his body was afflicted with anemia and other health problems associated with massive blood loss, if it wasn't for the guardian throwing him into the emergency ward Paul would have died then and there. Because of a class IV hemorrhage (40% blood loss) His situation is immediately life-threatening and within 15 min a mortality of 50% is to be expected.

Kiss can disappear and reappear wherever it wants, making it strategically difficult for an enemy to attack. It can knock out a handful of enemies in a single blow, and it takes little to no damage from its opponents. The Guardian also possesses ability to sense others' power levels. Because of this advantage Paul uses his guardian as surveillance drone to conduct reconnaissance and the removal of traps so that he is safe, having an advantage of an ultimate humans. He is overwhelmed by opponents who opt for a splash damage or those who go for surprise tactics such as the time when they teleported a lead pipe inside his torso which nearly punctured his heart.

As a Guardian is part of the user, damage is reflected between the two. In most circumstances, if the User's leg is sliced off, the guardian will lose their leg as well. The further the Guardian is from its user, the weaker the Guardian becomes, with Kiss being capable of acting within fifteen (15) but he keeps the guardian bound at four (4) meters to create a makeshift barrier. Because of this Paul has devoted time to maximize this limit, by meditation his aura extends further than normal, then he uses the Guardian at the same time to give shape to the aura, usually a sphere as his attack/defense radius. When using this perimeter Paul can feel the shape and movement of anything entering their circle, thus giving him the time to react accordingly.

It has voracious appetites and can consume several times their own weight within a single day. It also has the unique ability of transmitting food energy back to its user to supercharge his physical size, strength, stamina, and sturdiness while turning his eyes red. The core conflict arises when the Guardian starts to feed upon humans, after discovering the nutritional value of humans to be far superior to that of other prey. Obviously Paul has ethical problems with this, so they decided to only eat freshly dead humans and only when his life utterly depends on the consumption of human flesh to survive. So far it has not happened yet, but whenever he goes to grocery stores the clers would find large quantities of their products missing off the shelves.

Berserk and enthusiastic

In complete contrast to its size and mass, Kiss is capable of acrobatic feats like drop-kicks and enormous spinning leaps into the air. Performance rises with increased synchronization. The height of Kiss' capabilities is the Berserker mode, when the Guardian soul has taken control from the pilot. It is characterized by savage, animal-like behavior. A berserker Guardian has berserker as well, in which cosmic power "warps" through his body, turning him into a terrifying, monstrous figure who knows neither friend nor foe. He keeps a sense of foresight and decency to lock up or evacuate innocent bystanders when this mode is on.

Kiss owns an intricate pair of eyeballs with lens acting as high-speed camera shutters, allowing it to perceive the world as a super-rapid series of freeze frames - much like the bullet time effect. With its enhanced nervous system and photographic memory, it can precisely study those images and analyze an opponent's combat style.

This guardian can be used to analyze various attacks and develops countermeasures or, when connected through a link, to augment his vision. It is a built-in intelligent, tactical system capable of analyzing a target's mass, weak points, energy, magic, technology, life-signs, etc. Guardian has a targeting enhancement system that works with its eyes eye to further augment his precision, enabling it to aim for multiple targets, and even shoot small projectiles out of the air.

After thus having watched and analyzed somebody fight, it is particularly redoubtable, able to predict and counter most of his opponent's best moves. He continues to study freeze-frames he acquires even as he fights. when they are active together in battle, Paul was able to see through its eyes, thus registering two separate fields of vision at the same time. Essentially working as shared vision for the team, this allowed Paul to coordinate their attacks and to provide defense for them without a blind spot. However, thanks to Kiss' additions, their skills were increased to beyond what they ordinarily were. With the Shutter lens they could now see through the most minute details of enemy movements, allowing for more precise attacks, and using the shared field of vision granted by the link, the user could coordinate these enhanced attacks in the most effective way possible.

Properties: "Kiss from a rose" can increase physical and mystical powers. It can break or dispel normal enchantments, magic shields, and barriers. It possesses a “apparition-sight” that allows it to see through mystical illusions, and enhanced senses allowing it to detect demonic influence and various forms of magic.

Power: Kiss from a rose is capable of to alter time relative to itself, allowing only itself and Paul to act within the duration of altered time. similar to Zoom (zolomon), albeit only for approximately five (5) seconds before time flows again.rather, he is greatly slowing down time relative to himself and can make himself so "fast" that even most of the speedsters look to him to be moving in slow motion, instead. As he is moving at a normal velocity, and the rest of the world is "slow". Kiss' defining power is its ability to Alter time. This ability seems to be extremely exhausting, and the intervals of altered time that Paul is able to maintain appears to decrease throughout later parts. The nature of the time stop follows the flow of time in the real world.

Tools of his trade

Fighting Style

Freestyle brawling:

The 1-2

He loves to use his self-made striking style that uses an open approach in applying punching, feints, vital point strikes, gouging, biting, disengagements, blocking, evading, off-balancing, blending, escaping, air chokes which involve constriction of the windpipe causing asphyxia (may result in damage to the opponent's trachea, sometimes even resulting in death), blood chokes which involve constriction of the carotid artery causing ischemia (it cuts the flow of blood to the opponent's brain, causing a rapid loss of consciousness without damaging any internal structures), clinching, takedowns, throws (body throws, unbalance throws, joint lock throws), graceful kicking, knees, extensive use of leg sweeps, thrusts (by hand and feet), elbow strikes, slaps, open handed techniques such as chops and headbutts because this comes naturally to him. His style sometime also combines a bit with music and dance. It is suitable for street fighting as his experience shows, he hones this skill to maximizes improve on its reflexes and deadliness. He prefers to keep his fights standing so that the is less exposed to compromising positions because when he grapples the goal is to throw his opponent to the ground, then exploit that situation to pull out a weapon (gun) to take out his competition. In combat Paul use the entire body movement, rotating the hip with each kick, punch, elbow and block.

cracks the skull and impacts the brain

His favorite thing is to go for concussions and because he is a strong man he is able to do so towards 'peak human' or 'street level' types. Since the brain is floating in the cerebrospinal fluid, his strokes will cause the brain to move around within the skull cavity. The acceleration and deceleration caused by severe blows can damage the brain leading to concussion, unconsciousness, and even permanent brain damage. If he is serious, his strokes can cause enough acceleration for the brain to impact the inside of the skull. This impact can cause direct damage to the brain in addition to the cellular injury mentioned above. His punches can also tear blood vessels within the skull and brain, leading to intracranial hematomas which can cause unconsciousness or death. He strikes the jaw to land a solid blow that snaps the head back (linear acceleration) or around to the side (rotational acceleration). It is known as a contre-coup injury, as opposed to a coup injury. A car accident is the perfect example. I.e rammed from the back. The impact causes you to lurch forward, and your head smashes into the windshield. The brain moves forward within the skull intially, hitting the inside front of the skull. This is the coup injury. The brain then bounces back within the skull and hits against the inside back of the skull. This is the contre-coup injury.


Does not fight much, but when he does it is dirty
  • Unbeknown to him his whole life is constantly being watched
  • Listens to classical and jazz
  • He calls his guardian Kiees (pronounced keys)
  • His guardian is often is mistaken for certain type of high level telekinesis. They assume that he can externalize and objectify the contents of his sub-conscious, giving life to the thoughts and memories that run through his mind.
  • Time altering is often used in short bursts and is often mistaken for teleportation
  • Follows the no kill code, however maiming and causing retardation are acceptable alternatives
  • Smokes electric cigarettes because he does not want to cause harm to others as he does in his occupation
  • serves as a healer for others
  • This character is inspired by Jotaro Kujo and Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizzare adventures
  • Character appearance uses Gerard Butler, Clive Owen, Kev Hawkins, Manchester Black, Dwight McCarthy, Jack Cross, Farris Jorn, Pete Wisdom, Jack Hawksmoor & Billy the Butcher


  • Fear of hospitals - seeks alternative medicines instead
  • Fear of needles (trypanophobia) - many doctors have died in his childhood because of this response
  • Fear of elevators - the stairs
  • Had mesothelioma before
  • Women, sometimes a lonely man tend to think with his pants. Attractive women are his red sun because they pollute his ability to think properly.
  • He has great appetites for food, booze, women, and other vices.
Don't forget to pick up your jaw
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