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  • I've been reading the trades since House of M, but must have missed a few. When, exactly, did Magneto go "good". I feel I never heard from him, then suddenly, there was that issue where he shows up on Utopia, and he rescues Kitty from that space bullet, and then he's embraced by everyone. So, I get that he's good now. He's been good for a while. But what happened BEFORE that issue? I must have missed the story where he had a soul-changing moment. Can anyone explain?
  • What writer would you consider to be the DEFINITIVE (unquestionable) voice of the X-Men in the last 3 years? Put aside your personal preferences. Which writer controlled and wrote the largest, most infuential stories. Was it Matt Fraction, or someone else? I'm just curious who, OBJECTIVELY, and below the editors themselves, had the most amount of influence/control over the X-Universe in recent history.
  • Is it explained how or why Colossus isn't Juggernaut ALL THE TIME? Juggernaut never had an on/off switch like Colossus did. What gives?
  • I havent' read Wolverine and the X-Men yet. Does Iceman get any field action now? Does he get to fight? Or is he just teaching.
  • So I read Dark Angel Saga Part1. Near the end, the AOA Iceman is shown to be running from the battle from a window in the fortress. He's like "I'm out of here!". He completely abandons the team. What gives? I read all of the original AOA, and Iceman was a badass in that universe. He'd never run from a battle. Was this just horrible writing, or was there a legit reason they'd make him run like a coward?
  • Since when did Beast come back? I thought he went to the Avengers.
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San Diego is the biggest comic con in America. And it's only a few months ago. So all of the major news is already announced then, right? So is there a real point for me to buy tickets to NY Comic Con, if my main goal is to watch the panels and hear the big announcements?

Is the only real reason to go for people who missed out the 'fun experience' on the west coast? Or is there ever any NEW big announcements made at the NY one?

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If you took each of these guys and stripped them of their 'enhanced' powers, and left them only with skill/technique/ferocity and had them fighting hand-to-hand, how would you order this list?

  • Daredevil (normal eye vision)
  • Bullseye
  • Elektra
  • Iron Fist
  • Wolverine
  • Nick Fury
  • Captain America
  • Blade
  • Fantomex
  • Psylocke
  • Shatterstar
  • Moon Knight
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Please keep in mind I like TRADE PAPERBACKS ONLY. I literally haven't touch anything since Second Coming. (Well, I did get one random Generation Hope book). But nothing beyond that, not even Schism. Not even Uncanny X-Force.

I've saved up enough money to buy roughly 10 trade paperbacks. So, could you guys name me in chronological order, what are the 10 most CRUCIAL paperbacks that have come out since Second Coming? I'd love to keep up with the best plotlines out there and maybe dabble in Uncanny X-Force too, since it sounded cool. I just have no idea where to start.

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@SC said:

1. Oh, later on that was Loki I think. So not actual Bor. Either Odin's own guilt or Loki messing with Odin. Can't recall other than pretty sure wasn't Bor

Odin adopted Loki as part of a deal with his father Bor's spirit so that Bor would stop haunting him for replacing him, unaware that Bor's intention was that the child would bring about his son's downfall.

Nope. It was actually the real Bor, but Loki DID trick him into thinking his surroundings were all enemies. But that doesn't explain why Bor is revived in New York wondering what happened to Odin, and thinking he must have died and thus unable to save him. The real Bor knew that Odin betrayed him. So this doesn't make any sense.

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Reading through these books. I kind of like them, but there's also a number of really annoying things I have questions about.

  1. Ok, so we are shown numerous times that Bor was frozen by a spell while chasing a Frost Giant. Odin sees it, and leaves him behind without telling anyone. Later on, they show how Bor relentlessly haunts Odin, and curses him because of what he did to him. BUT! Then later on, Loki revives Bor from the dead, and Bor 'senses' for his son Odin, and realizes he's dead, and thinks he must have died shortly after he was originally frozen. Then he goes nuts, trying to avenge Odin. But this doesn't make any sense!!! Because in Volume1 they establish that Bor knows what Odin did, and is aware of his treachery. Now he conveniently forgets it ever happened? Can someone explain?
  2. How is it possible that Loki has the power to kill, and then revive Bor? Odin is supposed to be immensely powerful, one of the most powerful people in all of Marvel. Therefore, Bor is his father, so he must be as well. So how can Loki possibly be powerful enough to kill a god?
  3. I have not read much Thor, admittedly. Why? Because of this Loki crap. I simply can't swallow the fact that people like Thor and Balder get tricked and deceived by Loki hundreds and thousands of times, yet every single time it happens, they go "Oh well, all is forgiven. Don't do it again!". Then he goes and does it again. Over, and over, and over. So when Loki is revived as a woman, why the heck is everyone even tolerating him? Is there some reason I'm missing? It just completely makes everyone seem like total idiots and undermines all of their credibility.

Now for my big question that I just can't figure out. Is Donald Blake just a normal guy who "contains" Thor? I always thought Donald Blake WAS Thor. Meaning, Thor was just walking around in a human body, but still had the mind of Thor. Just a disguise. But in these comics, it truly seems like Donald Blake is a real individual, and he reluctantly turns himself into Thor whenever he's "needed". Is this true? If so, why does Thor ever revert to Donald Blake? Is Thor just being fair, because he's stolen a human's body and is trying to be nice about it? Can anyone explain this?