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1.The middle of the Metal Gear Solid 2 theme song

2.Linkin Park - Iridesence

3.Linkin Park - Powerless

4.Green Day - Wake me up when September ends

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@harry23: OK but I'm not making any promises that I'll right it in the form of a "fighting over a man who's humanity was replaced by a destructive virus that nearly destroyed the island of Manhatten and then he had to work his ass off to save it"

Wow that was a mouthful

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But you fail to notice that in a zombie apocalypse just about NOWHERE is safe.

Unless it's repetitive and happens in EACH issue of the comic then I probably wouldn't enjoy it.

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Erm.......I recall Greene telling Alex "I am your mother"

I doubt she meant it in the way you presumed -___-

Plus I don't know much about this other chick so I guess I'll just sit back and watch the fire.

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But thanks for telling me guys

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Hey everybody,been a while since I've been here <__<.

But,anyways I was wondering if the "Walking Dead" comics were worth getting.

I've seen a few episodes from the TV Series.

Thought it was awesome.

Watched up till Episode 3 in total from Pewdiepie and Cry's "Lets play"s of the video game.

It made me cry when it came down to difficult choices ;___;

But I haven't read the comics as yet so I was wondering what YOU'RE opinion of the comics was,should I get them?

Or are they not worth spending money on?

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@onilordasmodeus: I'm done with it.

Here's the link:

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[PROTOTYPE2]:Mercer VS. Mercer

As Alex Mercer knelt in front of James Heller,both of Mercer's arms severed,Heller grabbed Mercer by the throat,looking him in the eye before he had fulfilled his long,agonizing revenge that he wanted for what he had done to him.Heller transformed his free arm into a claw,raised it high,and slashed at Mercer,but right before the claw hit Mercer regenerated his arms,grabbed him by the claws and pummeled Heller into the floor with his Hammerfists.

Heller was lying there on the floor,feeling more pain than he had ever felt in his entire life.Mercer stood there laughing maniacally his body overgrown with tendrils crawling around it,thus the effect of consuming his so-called "Evolved",he grasped Heller's neck,raised him in the air and said to him:"Don't you see Heller ? This,supposed,resistance of yours was pointless from the start.I wasn't blind to the fact that you would come this far.Humans have that interesting ability to use their emotions with their power,but that was never gonna be enough to stop me,I'm beyond death and now,your daughter get's to watch and see what happens when you defy a god."

A tear came down Heller's eye as Mercer opened the vault that he held Heller's daughter Amaya and his own sister Dana.Heller nearly burst into tears,knowing that he had come so far,all for nothing,just to let his last memory being brutally murdered in front of his beloved daughter.Amaya and Dana were crouched in the corner of the vault,scared of their wits from what was going to happen.Mercer threw Heller in so that the other two could see,in-front of them,what was gonna happen.Amaya came to her father and hugged on to him hoping that Mercer might change his mind,but it didn't.Dana pleaded as much as she could for her "brother" to stop but nothing would change.

Alex raised his bladearm in the air going in for the kill but the moment he brought his arm down,,someone,had grabbed him by the arm.Dana,James and Amaya stared in shock and blank confusion on what they were seeing.TWO Mercers.The second Mercer turned the other around so that he could face him,the second looking more like Alex did before he consumed Galloway and the evolved,he spoke with the old Alex's voice saying:"So you're that bitch,Greene's son.They code-named you PARIAH didn't they ? Funny how that worked for you didn't it ?"

PARIAH was speechless for a moment,still in the monstorous version of his Mercer disguise.He managed to turn his wide open jaw into an evil smirk and said:"Well it seems screwing with your life was an in-appropriate form of revenge.Speaking of your life where have you been ?".Everybody had already realized that this normal looking version of Alex was IN-FACT Alex.He grimly replied:"It won't be much information for you considering that you've really pissed me off and believe me,I killed your mother and I'll kill you without much trouble."

Alex threw Greene out of the Vault and into the streets.His claws activated,he pounced at the imposter with a loud roar and started hacking and slashing at him with anger and hatred fresh in his mind,he was blood lusted.Alex nearly tore Greene to pieces but then he retaliated and smacked him across a street,Alex shook it off without a scratch.They both charged at each other with their Blade-arms activated,PARIAH disgusted by how Mercer's resembled Heller's as he considered Heller the one barrier between him and the extinction of man-kind,and anyone who seemed the least bit affiliated with him was his enemy.

The random swinging started to seem more like a dual as they more and more carefully planned each of their blows before attacking.They thrashed at each other with their arms until Mercer transformed his other hand into muscle-mass,grabbed a car and smacked Greene across three city blocks.Alex jumped in the air and used his tendrils to sling-shot between two buildings and zipped through the air,towards his enemy.

An explosion broke out as a shock wave formed when the hooded figures collided.Concrete rose from the ground and flew everywhere in the street.Greene was aggravated severely from being beaten down by the likes of Mercer,but it was rather pointless as Mercer charged at Greene and knocked him off his feet.In the few split seconds before the tyrant,parasite hit the floor,he knew that it was over,Mercer was back,Heller would be around to help if they both got along,but he knew something that Mercer didn't,something that would drain every last bit of hope that they had once Mercer had consumed him,and he did.

Mercer slashed,clawed,smacked and mutilated Greene until he was consumed,the memories surging into him through the tendrils.At last as all the memories were in,Alex knew what Greene had known and it had shown him that no matter what he did humanity would continuously destroy itself,but he wasn't limited between life and death like the rest and he knew that good wouldn't show up on it's own and that he was all there was to bring it.

Alex got up and rushed back to his sister and the Hellers.He noticed James back on his feet after consuming a few walkers behind Amaya's back.As Alex came close Dana looked at him,she was either relieved or ready to let James rip him to pieces.James looked at him suspiciously,as if expecting another fight,Alex saw that they didn't trust him.Not one bit.He spoke,but got cut off by Dana,tearfully,saying:"Before you say a single word,Tell us.Are you going to kill us ?". Alex looked down,feeling guilty for not coming at a better time,he spoke out loud and said:"No.I'd consider it,but only if I didn't have anything worth fighting for,the people I care about,are all that I need and that's a promise."

A sigh of relief came from all three of them,as Dana hugged her brother tightly.It may not have been over entirely,but it was enough to say that they had at last caught a break.The four of them stood near each other,as they stared at the rest of the city.Amaya asked Alex:"What do we do now ?".

"Now ?" Alex replied as he gazed upon the now freed island of Manhattan.

He smiled at Amaya and her father

"Now" he said as he came close to Amaya and put his hand on her shoulder "We can re-build"

James hadn't thought much of Mercer until now and he knew that Alex was in-fact,a hero.

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Cool story bro

I didn't notice a fan-fic page so yeah....I might make one cuz I've had one in mind for some time now.

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@Strider92: True