CvnU Origin

(Case #3467-Shane Lincoln aka Ghoulish

This Case File is under the protection of the U.S. Government, and is in No way allowed to be seen by the public. Any attempts at revealing this file to the public will be seen as an act of treason.)

(Audio File #1 of Hugo Estroge)

This is the fifty second experiment into the creation of a human weapon, I stretch the term human very thin as the experiment is far from human now. We have finally successfully creating a creature the guards have dubbed Ghoulish, we injected a various amounts of meta DNA into an fetus in utero. All the hosts for the previous experiment reacted in fatal reactions, often dying horrible and very messy ways. This one went full term and produced a child, whose body was covered in a thin layer of hair that almost resembled fur. He is instinctive and almost animal in nature, circling the room staring into the one way glass. Sometimes stopping and staring as if he can see us through the glass. We surmised that he simply can smell us, as his senses are almost ten times that of a normal human. Now he is at the age of six years, and has begun to show signs of mutation beyond the "fur" that covers his body. My technitians often say they see images, or ghosts when they are in the room with him or outside the one way glass. Sensors detect a significant change in how many bodies are inside the room at times, and others their is nothing but the boy inside the room. We did have a few necromancer and illusionists DNA in catalogue when we injected his host with the samples. So these could be powers from both, something more studies will have to be performed to make certain of.

(Audio File #35 of Hugo Estroge)

The experiment has another mutation within his genes that ages him rapidly to that of a 20 year old and then seizes growth. With this mutation came a ability to heal from simplistic wounds. Gunshots, stabbing, slicing, and tearing seem not to harm the boy, although the full nature of his healing has yet to be tested I am uncertain that he will be able to heal from dismemberment and or decapitation. I am not going to test these limits as he is the only experiment to reach full term and survive. We have also allowed him to choose a name for himself, Shane Lincoln is what he chose. We found that calling him by Ghoulish upsets him and we choose not to aggrivate the boy, and we wish not to push his anger to the limit as last time he showed another ability. One to go Feral and gain a boundless amount of strength, he killed five guards that day and almost escaped the compound. We have begun to discuss introducing another into his life, that of a female mutant one of our other compounds was able to create. She too is a meta created named Lucy, and is as well animal in nature like Shane. We shall see where this goes, as I wish to keep this experiment with him going for a very long time.

(Audio File #254 of Hugo Estroge)

Today we have found another ability Shane AND Lucy had hidden, one or both of them have the ability of Intangibility. Using this power to finally escape the compound the two slaughtered my entire team while I was away. As it always is when this happens, we are currently tracking the pair with trackers we have inbedded into their bodies. But if these two were smart enough to hide this power from us and our scans, it would not surprise me if they already have removed the trackers and are on the run. We will continue a scan of the surrounding area until we find the pair, if we are not able to hunt them down we will push further with our search into the surrounding cities.

End of File