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@cosmicallyaware1: @boschepg: This is my battle thread. I said I'd do it here. look at the first page. It's not that big of a battle. lol

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If Thor and Beta Ray Bill both did this, most of your team would go down.

This is Thor defeating Iron Man like he's nothing, like he would most of your team. Except I got two like Thor. Two demons that punish souls. One Alien more powerful than 5 of your team members. One of them is featless. And a guy that knows your every move.

For some stupid reason this site is giving me a hard time uploading scans.

But My team is extremely powerful. And EVEN if you took down my hammer brothers, The Riders would pick up their hammers... Making them extra powerful. lol

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@ghostrider29: sorry for the delay my computer is down so ill have to link to scans :( (they really need to make a app so I can upload pics on mobile. ) the battle position I'm referring to which thanks to the info you would be aware of is a true invisibility formation. Tony would first use bleeding heart to simulate his stealth armor emitting off his repulsers Ultron will sync with this wave creating an near invisible area between them next gravity completes the trick (here is why I thank you for the 2 years)he uses the gravitons on my team to ccomplete the illusion. Now there is not even a trace of the group. I know asgard magic detects objects through spacial science unsure about demon magic. But I know that even magic will have trouble detecting my team. Thats the end of prep.

I like that you thought static was here to fight, lol he is here as a battery for my three technology fighters.

Now as soon as the battle starts we neutralise asgard magic aka thor and beta ray bill. Thor would retain his durability and thats pretty much it. Beta on the other hand really doesn't need his asgard abilities to be a challenge. Ultron would follow by making every radio tower in the city emit the anti asgardian wave (my personal name for it). Gravity will stick with super solider to add strength to his fist. But now on to Super solider. First on his personal feats as an kryptonian being able to lift a massive led pipe while being weakened by kryptonite you can compare that to other kryptonian next to a piece of kryptonite the size of a truck. Nexton to his shield, first its made of the same composition of captain America with an added alien metal. The shield withstands the force a base kryptonian fighting. By base I mean that we do know he is kryptonian so he at least has base kryptonian strength and at least base kryptonian after a sundip. Now here is where gravity comes into play he will boost the hitting power and speed of my sundiped kryptonian. Right now technically with out morals my team would shatter the earth while thor and beta our without powers killing 3 members of your team knocking out both ghost riders and pissing off power girl mean while gravity s power would supply my whole team with oxygen. But that scenario is no fun so I'm gonna assume indestructible earth even though even then the shock wave would still kill two powerless asgardians and I believe would kill midnighter. Can he survive earth shattering shockwaves. I'm gonna say from what I know of the ghost riders that they would be knocked out as well. I know they have been ko by street level people but I honestly consider that piss. But even still at that point I don't think power girl can pull it off even if both ghost riders keep awake. Sorry for the shift in strategies just realize that on the fly. (That's also why its buggy) my original strategy was to lead your team on traps and have a drawn out fight of flashing lights explosions and gravity traps to hold people in place. We also would of turned any knocked out unit of yours to a temporary part of tony ai. Sadly a lot of my argument relies on a shit load of scans so my next post will be nothing but links to scans since again my computer is bugging out on me :(

This would not work. Like I said before, Midnighter would predict that you would go this way. Knowing that you plan on sapping the magic away from my team, Midnighter would about Thor and Brb use their powers to end it quickly, along wilth the Ghost Riders. Instead of making it one vs one, this will be a whole team effort. The Hammer bothers will create a wind pattern around your entire team, trapping them from the inside. While doing that, the Rider brothers send Hellfire with in burning the souls of every member of your team except for Ultron. Now every character there is going to try to get out. Most would die in the attempt(Combining the hammers powers with Hellfire), but if any body does get out, like I think Super Soldier and Vision would. But a sun dipped Power Girl with many more feats along with Midnighter would take care of them and anyone else that managed to get out. And after the Hammer brothers and Riders calm down, the look down on the battle field to see everyone on the ground in pain. While not even ko'd yet. Thor and Brb do Godstrike to Ultron(The only one who'd be standing) and Vision. Then the Riders would do their Penance Stare to both Gravity, Tony Stark, and static. And Super Soldier if he some was standing, would be dead. Too much magic. Too much power. I'll show some scans. But every bit of my team is just too powerful for yours to handle.

Here we have a scan of Ghost Rider proving that he's more than mystic powers. He's also pretty strong. A long with Thor's GodStrike to sentry(Which would kill everyone on your team, and I got TWO hammer bothers that can do that).

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It's sad the boy was shot and killed. But all he had to do was PUT DOWN THE GUN. What do people expect to happen when something like that occurs.

It's extremely tragic. But if I was that age, I would of been scared to death. I probably would of froze in fear. Hence, probably would of been shot. The cops, Idk what they were thinking, but they should of took more care before they shot. But then again, I don't know the full story.

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I just got finished playing the Walking Dead game that came with the game and holy fyuke was that a sad ending. The whole time I was playing I was wondering how they were going to transfer Lee and Clementine to the sequel. That maybe at the end of the game its just them too and maybe a few others. Wasnt till they all started dying off that these characters might not be in the sequel. I think the ending is sadder because you are God and you move the pieces around, you want to be given a choice but they didnt give you the one you wanted (kind of like in GTAV). I really liked the game, I was never planning on buying it but it came free with my PSVita. Makes me wonder if the show is that level of good? From what little ive seen its more drama and action while the game was heart warming.

Reason Ive stayed away from it is cus Im not a fan of the Zombie craze. I like the comedic one's like Shaun of the Dead and Zombie land but not a fan movies like Resident Evil or Dawn of the Dead. I also think that because of the Walking Dead this craze got huge (Did Walking Dead deserve and after show Talk show before Breaking Bad? Is it better than Breaking Bad?). I bet you anything that in a few years we will see a twilight like movie involving Zombie love.

But I digress, Is the Show as good as the game?

Already happened. Warm Bodies. That movie annoyed the hell out of me.

And yes, it's a good show. Not great, but decent. It's enough to keep me going and I also am not a fan of the Zombie Craze.

But read the comics. They're better IMO.

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What about tournaments?

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