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Man I would love to see a return of R Dragon and Ragman. The magically side of DC is kinda few in number if you ask me. Ragman would be a perfect fit in JL Dark. Richard Dragon should get his own series. The series specifically focuses on martial arts. The Katana series is so poor in story and drawing. What were they thinking? Replace it with R. Dragon. Plus why can't DC ever listen and give us the Question from the animated universe. The series can revolve around Question (vic sage, the only person fit to don the question persona) goes around solving conspiracy theories. There is like a million of them. I would buy it. And as for Jade keep her out of DC freakin green lantern wanna be What a waste of comic space that can be used for someone more better.

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Finally Dr. Strange movie. I been waiting my who life for this moment. He is the best. With movie technology now his movie will be epic, just don't put Johnny F***king Deep to play him he is to old and would want to much money. There goes the film budget. Give some new Actor a chance. They have to make sure they don't waste half the movie on origin story then it would suck. AND FOR ONCE IN THEIR DAMN LIVES, MAKE IT ABOUT THE MAGIC, ACTION, AND VILLAIN NOT A STUPID LOVE STORY. If people want to see a damn love story go rent the F***king Notebook or something. Nothing kills a movie more faster than 45 minutes of the character worrying about some ugly flat no curves having actress they plan on putting in the movie (cause she gave some one a bj). Just like that ugly Catwoman from Dark knight rises. YEAH I SAID IT!!!

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Everyone whining about agility should slap themselves. Punisher is so good he had spider-man dead to rites (check Punisher: War Zone #1). Spider-man is the most agile character in both DC or Marvel that is what he is know for (and spider webbing). He could have killed him and stole one of his web shooters. That was a random encounter too. Punisher has a full history of fighting super power villains and super heroes alike. Harley Q. is super sexy and has many skills but she is not as good as Punisher. Sorry ladies and fan boys alike. Lets be realist here Punisher would just shot her to death no matter how much agility and mind games she plays. Plus that pic is incredible. I would have an unbelievable love making session with HQ, then turn around and shot her in the face. And I'm not a ex-marine turned mass murder with Batman like discipline and Deathstroke like tactical sense with no morals to hold him back.

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Why is everyone so whining about Batman being brutal? Batman has always been brutal. He just doesn't kill. That grapple line is as thin as a fishing line and he shot him in the jaw. He left him to hang as punishment, he just stabbed Bats with a big a** scythe, kidnapped a little girl to experiment on her, & tested a new super fear toxin on Batman, bats was beyond mad. Old hay for brains scarecrow is lucky bats didn't put him in a full body case like he did the joker when he killed robin. When batman is extra brutal to the joker no one complains but when he does it to that stupid a** scarecrow every1 has a heart attack. I hope that Batman the dark knight series runs towards the all star batman and robin side of batman.

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does anyone know if he will get his own series? If so how long must I suffer to get my hands on it?

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I kinda of new I have edited some stuff but never started a new page. There is a new team that was shown in Batman #0 called the Red Hood Gang. I know there's not a lot of info on it but I want to start a page for it so when more info does come up about it people can fill it in. If you already know how to start a page for a character you can do it for them I don't care but at least explain how it's done so I know how to do it later.

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I like Aquaman he is so underrated. The new Aquaman 52 series is making Aquaman awesome. I want to know what everyone thinks about the newer Aquaman.

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Personally after reading Avenging Spider-man 12 Hypno-Hustler is in the top five (Big Wheel, the Spot, Rhino, Pre-venom Scorpion (before enhances)). I just want to know who are the top five lamest spider-man villains. please no whining about other people's pick this is purely personal opinions. (Maybe after some of the Marvel writers read this they can revamp these characters into bad asses)

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Mongul couldn't even handle Sinestro how the hell is he going to handle Thanos. the whole list of avengers have to fight against Thanos. Superman alone beats Mongul. It is illogical my friend that Mongul could even put a scratch on Thanos even with those yellow rings.

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Punisher and Deadpool alone would kill DC antiheroes. Grifter and Midnighter is the only one with some kind of powers enhancements (whatever). I love DC over Marvel but Punisher is a tactical killing machine. Deadpool is also a killing machine and is way too unpredictable. Deadpool would kill katana in blades. Wolverine with healing factor Jesus. How do anyone justify DC antiheroes winning this one. Bane even though he has venom is still human and is not bulletproof (probably the first one dead). Jesus I forgot about Night crawler (teleport, master swordsman). With this location he might take out Arsenal, Katana, Red Hood, and bane himself. Mdnighter and Grifter would be the last ones alive in this battle but would still get killed in the end. Fantomex misdirection power would cancel Midnighter's anticipation powers. Fantomex misdirection power is the same as Swordsman (DC Stormwatch, master of lies) and Midnighter couldn't beat him. Midnighter wouldn't be able to anticipate Deadpool. HELL Deadpool can't even anticipate Deadpool.

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