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The bioborg succeeds in his attempt, burying both himself and his demonic opponent headfirst into solid stone.

Fowler moved with practiced precision and it seemed that he could ignore any damage done to his own body to continue with a countermeasure, though the only thing brought about by his coiling move around Ghosting's head was a lusted Demonic smile. The red eyed stare as the move was executed came from a man who was used to what was happening, he didn't prevent it seemingly because he wanted it to happen and when his head literally imploded on the stone surface a brief second passed before it regenerated and he was laughing in his full glory. Using his ability to establish hand holds in the air, and taking advantage of the fact that Fowler is coiled around him, Ghosting throws them both into a spin beyond the speed of light designed to throw the Bioborg from his treacherous grip. Though he realizes that it probably won't be enough by itself so after only two seconds of the motion he drops out of the spin and simply tries to scrape Fowler from his body using the ground.

Ghosting shoots them both across it with the Bioborg towards the bottom, if anything his opponent had a strength far beyond what mortal machinery should be given and he needed to break the hold if he was to get any real damage in. His knee was still sucked up tight against Fowler's chest and his neck was held taught so he took the time to rain a flurry of full speed punches, not at the body but at the base of the arms that came from the opponent. They were quite evenly matched in terms of strength, durability went to the machine as did stamina but healing and speed were the demon's court to play in and use grenades for tennis balls.

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More people should use fish themes, I always liked the idea.

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Outstanding Mgrman5, you and Mei can have the next fight ^.^

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Clock-work suit is very nice, I like steampunk designs.

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@Rumble Man said:


He was expecting splinters of skull and spatters of brain but instead a whiff of brimstone comes out from the impact of the punch, his fist propelled the lad several feet away but what comes out from the crimson light is another combatant. He's fought demons before in Hel and in redemption park and he will do it again at this moment, because those horns are very desirable. He sensed dark energies emanating from a singular source, because he was infused with a similar substance a while back by a great being; he had also fought an undead spectre with an uncanny abundance of dark energies.

"I think I might take those horns away from you, but you can change the might to a will."

The bioborg opens his arms to embrace the outburst of debris, as he is about to find out if the transformation is more than a cosmetic one.

With the platform they were standing on utterly shattered the entire thing began to slide down into the mists of the bottomless valley. Despite the warning of the bioborg this personality was quite a bit different, the only two thing that tied its' current thought process with Kyle's was the want to create good ratings. Though Ghosting would do that in his own way, the screen time he held was already so slim and the audience of the galaxy needed to know what a true lord of darkness was capable of. A backhand destroyed chunks of stone that shot up into his view, this motion cleared a path for him amongst the bits of the falling battleground. He knew they would only have about a minute of hang-time before they crashed into the next plateau.

Ghosting kicked off nothing with his gift to stand anywhere he pleased and made light look very slow as he tried something similar to what Kyle had done but with a twist. Incredible speed would bring him directly in front of the Bioborg where he would stop, even going as far to share the same shifting debri as his target.

"I'm not sure what you mean by horns, I was never blessed with the privilege of horns or wings dear can opener."

After delivering his line he would use the same frightful speed to start his assault, the right foot suddenly spiking as he jump knee'd towards Fowler's chest. Ghosting's body shifted with the remnants of brimstone and demonic energy as it came fully alive.

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@Mei said:

@mgrman5: If you haven't found someone to play with yet then I'll be your "challenger" with the only condition being not to fight to the death :P

You can be the first combatant for the next match then ^_^ After Fowler and myself are done, you can have anyone who is looking for an opponent when we finish.

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@Rumble Man said:


Fowler was dizzy after the sudden impact jolted his head sideways, but he can feel foreign blood on his mouth as with sensations of something crumpling against adamantium dentures. There was ringing in his head as his teeth vibrate, but his ruse worked and now the opponent's methods of offense has been slightly reduced. For a second there his head bobbed back and forth, but now he is only feeling the after effects as he is glad to have those augmentations installed a long time ago. That right hand was something, had he not installed those dentures his mouth would fragment a while ago

"Funny, that is the second time somebody asked me that in battle"

Now a left hand uppercut follows from the opponent as the right hand was recently damaged. An uppercut seemed awkward at the moment when the lad is facing someone who is over 15' tall, Fowler decides to catch the punch with the left palm. Firstly he tucked his chin to his front shoulder, to minimize damage should the kid decides to pull off any energy stuff. The bioborg keeps his left elbow tight to his body as he rotated slightly to the right. Fowler opens his palm towards the ground thus allowing the punch to land on his palm.

His movements happens simultaneously. After his fist made contact with Fowler's hand, the bioborg then decides to fo for a straight right as the easiest counter. Rotating slightly, the bioborg uncoils and fires his right in an explosive motion. His wrists pumps enable his fist to function as a jackahammer, as his right straight makes contact to the chin he activates the jackhammer. The aim is to pass the kinetic energy is through the jaw and into the head. The transfer of motion applied to the skull, where a concussion may occur.

An explosion of red lightning and black smoke was the only answer he had to having his head caved in. With his initial strike being blocked he didn't have the speed to react to the precision of the Bioborg, the attack he blocked earlier appeared to have been sheer luck. Though that luck was sufficiently panned out now it seemed.

Fowler dealt him a blow that would have killed lesser opponents on the spot, the sheer force of it sent Kyle through the floor and several feet into the rocky ground below. Yet, the angel would not let the fight end there as his most protected form had decided to take the floor, the demon. It was a form that he didn't use very often because of the chaotic mind that took over but the choice had been made for him, Ghosting didn't want to admit it but his human body had tried to go up against someone that was far too strong and now the strongest of the three brothers had to step up and come to bat.

From his grave of rock he emerged like an evil Djinn he exploded to the sky in a shower of red energy and darkness. The smoke clung to him like a bad omen and he stood grinning like a chesire cat about a story up from the platform. His wild, black hair fanned out with the breeze and he crossed his arms. The damage his human body had took was already more than recovered, Ghosting was ready to continue where Kyle could not.

"Sorry not to have asked an original question, we'll try something different I think."

With that he instantly hit the platform with both feet and caused the damaged construction to shatter into a thousand pieces with the single straight-legged stomp. This body was several times faster, even more than his Archangel body, and he intended to use that to defeat the construction and boost the ratings that allowed him to stay in the solitary world.

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@shadowknight666 said:

@Ghosting: No, I Don't because I haven't read his bio or interacted with him. Besides, Even then that's a wee bit...Eh. ANYONE Who is actually Intagibile shouldn't be cut by said sword.

Read the profile bro >___> It's an abstract level object. Heh, that alone makes it higher on the food chain than alot.

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You notice Antonnius has a sword that allows him to cut intangible beings o_O

And Barkins has skills that effect people regardless if they are intangible or not. I sell intangible pretty well, the big thing to realize is that its' not a spammable power unlike super strength or flight. Either of those two can take down my form with intangibility.

Often your greatest way to defeat intangibility is to get the person to rely on it, when they do that its' an easily passable skill >__> I've killed ghosters a peak human.

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Kyle vs Fowler

The Angel would be the first combatant to appear, rather he did nothing fancier than walking out of the building. Kyle was the first contestant as he had been caught up in the flow of things when the new planet had been constructed. Having waited for nearly a week on the deserted world he had finally been informed that an opponent had come to make things interesting. A few stray bolts of lightning surged near the mountain palace, it had been destroyed and rebuilt over a thousand times since he arrived on the planet but it always was replicated to be the exact same in the end. The clouds overhead gave no signs of parting but the man in a robe eventually took his place on one edge of the grand circle on the balcony, he chose to stay in his human form until he was informed of just what kind of person he would be fighting against.

He stood simply, bolt straight with his heels together and toes touching. The most unbalanced position he could have chosen aside from standing on one foot yet he remained in it with both arms crossed as he stared a hole through the spot where his opponent was supposed to appear. The rule was no weapons, so he would have no worries of anything that could reach him immediately but he knew better than to expect an opponent without magic, that had happened one too many times already.

"It's time."

Kyle announced, and seemed to lack conviction in it. Truth be told he was unsure of what he was even doing in a place like this, he hadn't meant to wind up like this but life seemed to have thrown him a curve and swept him along. What could a man do when he was simply pushed into a different place?

Fowler would arrive in a flash of digitized code that started with binary bits and pieces at first, they would assemble and merge into one another over and over until they took solid form and built the man from the shoes up.


  • Once again classic roleplay fight rules.
  • No weapons.
  • Fowler can appear in whatever stance and frame of mind that Rumble Man chooses.
  • Fight is still up for grabs on being canon/non-canon. I don't mind eitherway.
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