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Wolverine will take a majority. I do think that Matt could give him a lil bit of trouble. But at the end of the fight, Logan will be the last one left standing

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Bobby will beat Superman in any encounter. A bloodlusted Iceman will turn him into a popsicle

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If anyone know anything about current Bishop, it would be much appreciated

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@ghost_rider1: how does the team put him down?

Im not as knowledgable about the team but I do know they are all top tier characters. At the very least they can incapacitate or restrain GR....they honestly have no way to put the GR down for good. But i dont think the OP says they have to kill GR....incapacitating him should be more than enough. But GR cannot beat this whole MOST this fight will turn into a stalemate.

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Fight take place in an abandoned warehouse

Everyone is in character

Which team wins the majority here?

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@ghost_rider1 said:
@citizensentry said:
@ghost_rider1 said:

No, dont have scans of it, but I know he can do it. Its pratically basic knowledge that Bishop's powers allow him to absorb energies like that. I dont know the specicific of sonics all that well. But i think it works in a similar way as kinetic energy like explosions. Someone like banshee and black bolt uses sound waves which uses something that seems like kinetic force

Black Bolt's power is based on Particle manipulation...

Its still an energy based attack....which I'm 99.9% sure that Bishop powers allow him to absorb that and use it for himself. There are no energy attack that Bishop has shown to not be able to absorb. Even psionic and magic energy is absorbed. I dont think BB particle manipulation in an exception....that's all I'm saying

All Black Bolt has to do is whisper. and Bishop would overload, which everyone knows would kill Bishop.

How can you be so sure, when he has absorbed an energy attack from Onslaught which was powerful enough to kill about a thousand mutant? A whisper wont do it....

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@ordinaryalan said:

Isn't Zarathos a hell lord level character? Like Mephisto?

Zarathos actually has Beaten Mephisto

@ghost_rider1 Are you sure you're a GR fan? You're underestimating him greatly.

Of course i am, and im not underestimating him at all. Its others who are OVERESTIMATING him. Zarathos is a higher tier than Mephisto. And I could argue that Zarathos could beat any one of these characters in a one-on-one fight. But this isn't a one-on-one fight. He's fighting the whole team at the same time. He cant win this....Thanos and Darkseid by themselves wouldnt be a easy fight for put the whole team in there and this becomes spite because Zarathos cannot win

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@ghost_rider1: why? Kimimaro is here?

Kimimaro isnt immune to poision and cobra has poweful precognition abilities. Kimimaro wont be able to touch poision dragon roar is enough to poision and kill all of them

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Legolas will have to aim for critical and soft spots to win this. Maybe a few arrows in her throat and mouth could cause damage. The eyes are also vulnerable, but im not sure if Legolas can take her down before she gets him. No matter how fast Legolas is....he cant outrun her