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Thanks to Geoff Johns for the great run. He made a proper comic reader out of me. Wonder who's going to take over...

EDIT: and of course they fix the typo. Boo! We were onto the next big thing with Justice League of Aquaman.

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I do not wish to sound argumentative, nor am I trying to play Devil's advocate, but I will bring up a few things:

Brian Azzerrello never said that a good comic book character should be explainable in one or two sentences. He simply said their origin should be explainable in one or two sentences. Wolverine is a mutant with healing abilities that has an adamantium bone structure because of an experiment conducted on him. That's basically his origin in a nutshell.

There is a reason why Wonder Woman isn't represented more in popular culture: people don't buy her products. Wonder Woman is essentially my favorite comic character, but I'll admit it: she doesn't even break into the top 30 comics sold on a monthly basis. Businesses like DC and Warner are in business to give customers what they want. Customers have voted with their dollars, and apparently not many people are interested in Wonder Woman beyond the comics. Batman, Superman, Spider Man all have comics because people voted with their money, and the businesses gave them more of what they want.

Also, I don't understand your feminist argument. The billionaire comparison actually doesn't apply. Biologically, everyone has a mother and a father. Azzerrello is simply saying that he doesn't know anyone that doesn't have a male and a female parent. Wonder Woman has a biological father now, but it does not mean she was raised by a man. Azzerrello said it himself: Diana is no different, her environment is. Whether she was born of clay or of a sexual encounter with a man and a woman doesn't change the fact that she was not raised by a man. She was raised by women, and became a perfectly capable strong, well rounded and noble child. Just because sperm and an egg were involved doesn't change that. If anything, it should make her more relatable because she's got a closer connection to real human's who grew up without their fathers.

To me, the fact that she actually has a father does a few things: makes her much more relatable to real humans. Everyone human being on Earth has a biological father and a mother. You do, I do, President Obama does, and now Wonder Woman does. She also now has more siblings that she wasn't aware of. This detail is showing that Wonder Woman is a very real person, and it goes even further to show her compassion towards the half brothers and sisters she has, but never knew.

Sorry to sound like a prick, I'm really trying not to be. I just don't understand the complaining going on with the New 52 interpretation of Wonder Woman.

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I purchase print, and if there's a digital combo option, that's what I opt for. Both have benefits and drawbacks.

The biggest drawback of digital for me is DRM. I know I'm in the minority here, but I do let friends and family borrow comics periodically. It really helps if someone is interested in comics, yet isn't willing to take the financial plunge. And even though I don't have kids now, I one day would like to hand these things down to someone.

My other concern is that nothing is forever. My prints aren't forever, but I've seen plenty of online media shops (Microsoft for example) sell content with DRM, and then kill the activation servers...essentially killing your digital collection. Comixology, DC, Marvel, Apple...they're all on safe grounds at this point, but I don't want to risk losing everything because of DRM mishaps.

Oddly enough, I only buy books on my Kindle. Yet I know, one day, Amazon can delete content if they wish. They've already done it to others, with reports of peoples entire accounts being locked for unknown reasons. Same with my music. I buy from iTunes all the time, but at least I don't have to worry about DRM there.

However, I do feel that eventually digital sales will trump print. Just like it eventually did with music, and will with books. I think print will exist for a very long time, but it'll become a collector's item, like vinyl records are today.

I actually think the reading experience on an iPad with a retina display is better than reading print. I'm just terrified of DRM. If there was a standardized file format without DRM, I'd NEVER buy print. For now, combo packs are good enough for me. If there's no combo pack option, I'll buy the print version.

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I'm young in the grand scheme of things: 27. I recently started reading comics back in November 2011, starting with Batman #1 (New 52). The entire New 52 relaunch was such a good jumping on point for me that I ended up buying several books, and now I'm heavily invested in the DC Universe. Is the relaunch was a Marvel thing, I probably would have ended up invested more into Marvel. My diving into comics was truly based on what seemed easier to jump into at the time. I think for many people, it's just a matter of jumping in points. I just purchased my first Marvel comic in April, it being AvX 0 and 1. I figure this will be a half decent jumping in point into the Marvel universe. At this point however, it's the only Marvel comic I read. If I find more opportunities to purchase new Marvel books, I sure will.