Pass the Whiskey - Episode 5: The EdgeTrenchCast

Who says podcasts can’t be fashionably late? That’s right, no one. There’s lots of goodness and magic to be had in this episode, as former spotlighted user Psycosis takes the guest seat. We talk about ponies, Gen Con, more ponies, and even the occasional Whiskey Media goings-on as well. Oh, and I think there was something about ponies somewhere in that mix; not entirely sure...

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Special Guest: Psycosis

Giant Bomb’s resident porn-game-story player joins us this week. You may know him for his crazy mash-ups (the pony ones being personal favorites of mine - SK) and his talk of a #supersecretprojectshh coming to a close after a year of procrast-work is pretty exciting. Psycosis forces a lot on his plate, but always seems to churn out some really off-the-wall and entertaining something or other. Hard to focus when he’s just so incredibly Scottish.

Featured User: madpierrot

The featured user to this podcast is a pretty fresh face over on Anime Vice. He’s only been around for about a month, but already is blogging more than slowbird and Sparklykiss combined! (Zing!) The retrospective on Cowboy Bebop alongside the Anime School: Fact or Fiction segments give some perspective on both how Bebop has held up over time, as well as various real-life schools compared to schools in anime. Not only that, but madpierrot has helped Anime Vice out a ton by slapping captions up on the bajillion photos they have over there. It’s nice to see newer users contributing, so follow this guy! Make him contribute more. :D

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Tested Wiki(a) -- Tested doesn’t have an official wiki yet, but that isn’t stopping Rallier and others from giving Tested the wiki it’s been longing for.

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