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Feel free to help me if you'd like these characters are certain ones I'd love to know more about
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not much to know about Powerboy, he showed up for abit in 52, dated Supergirl for a few issues , joined Titans East, then died.As for She-Hulk, some of the best stuff is the John Bryne issues of Fantastic Four, they are collected in Fantastic Four Visionaries : John Byrne , The Sensational she-Hulk stuff is pretty good for the most part(but the best stuff is by Byrne) But The best stuff is written by Dan Slott. There is She Hulk Volume 1 and Volume 2 (as for volume 2 read up til the Peter David stuff and don't go further it's not very good) Freddy Freeman's best stuff I'd say was in The Power of Shazam  , out side of that I can't think of very many other places he showed up except maybe some Outsiders   and Teen Titans issues. Brit is a good  series and I think most if not all of the series is in trade form. Hourman had a series a while back (it was about the android one) but that and a few stories in JSA, touch on the whole of the Hourman legacy. Hope I helped a bit

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@Emperor Gonzo Noir: You've helped alot! thanks
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As for Hellstrom, did you read his MAX mini? or his appearence in Ghost Rider: Heavens on Fire?

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@TheDrifter: My main exposure was his appearence in New Avengers, I didn't like him in Heavens on Fire. I did like him in his Max.
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If you're interested in Grifter and Backlash I'd also like to recommend Deathblow. They were all on Team 7 together and both make appearences in Deathblow's series. See them take on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse....

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