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@muyjingo said:

I found this issue boring and poorly written.

Batman gives up and asks the Owls for help (great writing here, the owls sure are powerful since they are the first people Batman goes to for help), and then somehow the villains just agree to cooperate. And of course Harper is able to keep up with the rest of the bat family despite having no training or experience.


I completely agree. While I don't have a problem with Batman going to the Court for help, I though it was utterly ridiculous how (1) all of our high-profile villains suddenly ended up on the same street (seemingly for a goofy group photo) and (2) how quickly they all decide to help Batman. The story had great potential until then.


Regardless of whether the joker toxin was threatening the villains I just think it was silly and hasty writing.

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@muyjingo said:

Surely there was no question, since Batman visited him as Wayne and all but confirmed it?

muyjingo, can you remind me of what book that happened in? Thanks!

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@arthurkerr: @rdclip: @algorhythm511: @mysticmedivh: Ah, the Hellbat suit. What an amazing piece of equipment that was. It was definitely needed for the task at hand and served its purpose nicely. What a ride! While I, too, think big fancy suits aren't Batman's favored style, I think he get's a huge kick out of wearing them from time to time. I hope they fix it :)

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I don't believe he [Morrison] does anything carelessly or without a massive amount of foresight.

Neither do I. I'm sure he put all his thought into that story. I wrote that when I was still mourning Damian's character (lol). Now I just think that Morrison's story was the most powerful it could have been. Hats off to Morrison. That said, are you as happy to see Damian back as I am? And how about that awesome Hellbat suit!?

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Love it all except the high boots that go above the knee. Otherwise, it really seems to fit the popular legging and under-armor fashion trends.

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Good Question! So many Robins, so many stories and eras. You may think, "hey, that guy, Geoschua, has a picture of Dick Grayson as Red Robin in Kingdom Come." Well, I actually voted for Damian. It was a very hard decision for me because Tim Drake actually got me into comics when he debuted as Robin in 1991 or so. I loved pre-n52 Tim back when he starred in the first Robin solo series and loved even more when Tim became Red Robin (my favorite Robin suit, BTW). Sorry to say, I hate n52 Tim! What a shallow and physically short character (he should be nearly as tall a Grayson in my mind...I'm thinking of that Wayne family portrait seen in Batman and Robin). Grayson lost my vote because he's just a little too happy for my taste and because I disliked n52's Nightwing series (seems like he should have been dead by the 10th issue!). I'm not even going to address that damaged lost cause, Jason Todd, lol (I think he should have stayed dead, honestly). Damian got my vote because (1) he's got the gene's, (2) he's an interesting conflicted character that has overcome many of his shortcomings, (3) he's just more intelligent and physically adept than the others.

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@vivide: @nickthedevil: Loved Batman's crazy journey to Apokolips and fight with Darkseid.Yes, the writers let Batman get way ahead of himself and it is remarkable they let him escape Darkseid. The events rely heavily on Darkseid's 'resting state' and that awesome Hellbat suit. The whole story arc with B-man on Apokolips reeked of "because I'm Batman" invincibility, but still, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it happen. That Hellbat suit had me cheering out loud! Raw energy in those pages, quite a thrilling ride.

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I read them all up until the last issue. I enjoyed Zero Year but think I'll pass on End Game.

In hind sight, I should have passed on End Game! lol. I read it consistently back in the 90's, played catch up over the last few years and have been a dedicated reader since 2011. The art is great and the stories are generally interesting...with the exception of End Game.

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