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@vitaeleous: I admire the thoughtfulness of this forum topic. Lots of great reviews. The writer Grant Morrison was at the helm deciding the fate of Damian and saw it as his creation to do with what he would. I, like you and some here, think that the killing off of Damian was irresponsible in terms of the lost investment from the readers. I found Damian's character development quickly progressed and allowed more positive potential with every father-son interaction. The readers saw an immediate change with almost every book. We were 'growing up' with him, in a sense. We watched him learn from his mistakes and succeed at resolving them. It really was amazing how much patient resolve and maturity we watched Damian achieve by the end of his run. Ending it so abruptly was a shock that took all of that awesome father-son potential away. It hurt a lot of readers. Perhaps it was a shock that will never quite be remedied. As you say, we will have to watch Bruce battle the five stages of grief now and the long-term pain indefinitely. I think it's a real loss.

On the note of the father-son dynamic. I thought the writing was realistic for the circumstances surrounding Bruce and Damian and great since the beginning. As we all know, not all father-son relationships are perfectly normal. Often, families are the better part of dysfunctional. Oddly enough, I met my father when I was 11 years old. I worked for my dad for years after high school and into college as a laborer. As a young kid it was tough to work through the past's questions while keeping a professional work ethic intact. My Dad had a similar time of it. He had to maintain professionalism as the boss and not show any special treatment towards me. In the end, his standards were higher for me than anyone else. In short, themes like tough-love, pride, respect, angst, compliment- and affection-limited dialog in the workplace, and can-do-no-wrong attitudes run rampant in some real-world father son dynamics. I think the writing in Batman and Robin and Batman, Inc. and others appropriately fit the roles and perspectives of Bruce and Damian. They were a perfect combo with slow but real progress. I hope we get to see the dynamic again so we can pick up where we left off.

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@trebean: Are you worried about the cover I posted being DC trolling? Hmm, I hope not, either. The guy they're fighting is actually a more powerful clone of Damian's. Talia Al Guhl grew him and sped up his growth. That's the guy who... well, I'll just trust you pick up Batman Inc, #8 to avoid major spoilers. It appears that I may have overreacted at the Batman and Robin #22 cover. The book may just be a 'what if' scenario that in some way suggests that Batman "could have" saved Damian. That doesn't mean that he actually did. I hope he comes back soon!

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ditto. a ton of bricks

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I love Damian because he was a character designed to be hated from the start, but over the years made such leaps and bounds toward positive advancement and change. I was first a Tim Drake fan and quite disliked Damian at first. But, Damian's background forced me to see things from his perspective. Once I did that, it was easier to excuse his behavior. His progression was lightning-fast because the kid was super-smart and eventually understood what was best for him. How quickly he become a working member of the Bat family (regardless of some sibling rivalry to establish his place at the top) was astounding. The short duration of his run and the quick turnaround in how I felt for the character from hate to love was what made his death so unbearable for me.

The father-son relationship is sometimes a tough one, especially if it's a working relationship. I think the writing gets to the roots of a hardened father and son relationship. Themes like tough-love, pride, respect, angst, compliment- and affection-limited, and can-do-no-wrong attitudes run rampant in Batman and Robin and Batman, Inc. I think these themes fit their roles well. They were a perfect combo. I hope we get to see the dynamic again.

Does this cover release suggest he may be on his way back???

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I think he will be back. If he doesn't, he will be the first who doesn't. The new cover release of Batman and Robin #22 (Batman and Nightwing) looks like his return may be sooner than some of us think.

His death really upset me because of the great character development and evolution over the years. He had come a long way. So far, I'm not liking the short-timer replacements for Robin either. I'd be very happy to hear that Damian was coming back somehow.