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I'm a huge Batman and Robin fan. I started following Batman and Detective Comics after I bought a 'Death in the Family' book on the streets on NY. I really took a liking to Robin and started reading Robin immediately. I continued reading throughout the 90's during 'Knightfall, quest, search', etc. until Bruce Wayne finally returned. I stopped reading throughout college and graduate school.

I'm still a huge Batman and Robin fan! After graduating I heard somewhere that Batman had died (say what?!), so I began catching up with Red Robin, Batman, and Detective Comics up to 2011. For almost two years I read Nightwing, Batman and Robin, Batman, Detective Comics and even Talon. Now I'm just reading Batman and Batman and Robin. I've loved everything except for the recent End Game story arc.

Favorite things ever: Hellbat suit, Court of Owls

Least favorite story: End Game (SPOILER: I just about lost it when all the high-profile villains started fighting for Batman against the Joker-zombies. Rediculous!!!)

Not looking forward to post-Convergence Batman!