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@charlieboy said:
"@geometry: i get what you are saying but i don't think sue's invisibility is what takes storm down. it is her forcefield. "

I was only clarifying what Roddy meant. And of course her invisibility wouldn't take Storm down. If that was your point I surely wouldn't have tried to reason with you.
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@charlieboy said:
"that makes a little more sense. i didn't have a clue what that guy was talking about. and could not even find anything about it after doing some research. and storm can percieve different forms of energy. especially from the electromagnetic spectrum. i don't buy that she could detect sue's hyperspace field especially at this time in her career. i still think sue takes storm. but ok. maybe she can see her being invisible. but would like some more evidence. "

I get what you mean. But I believe Roddy was taking the potential of Storm's powers to their inevitable conclusion. Point being Storm can percieve the world in energy patterns. She can see the energy make up of everything. I'll even go as far to say Storm may not literally "see" Sue while she's energy perceiving, but she'll see everything around Sue. But Storm is nowhere near as naive enough to believe that this weird spot in her vision is anything but Sue. You get my drift? 
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@charlieboy said:
"@Roddy010: storm can detect the energy patterns that govern the weather. show me one scan where she detects hyperspace energy which is where sue's shield power comes from. and show me one scan or tell me an issue where she saw sue or an invisible character. "

See... you don't get it. Storm has the ability to perceive the WORLD as different energy patterns. That's part of her canon powerset. Storm wouldn't be phased by Sue bending light around herself. I hope that helps.
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@AmazingSpiderMike said:
"(sigh) Will marvel ever learn? Why would any human read a book about an Atlantian who hates humans?  Take a note from DC, NOBODY READS AQUAMAN!!!!!!! "

Well that's probably because Aqueerman sucks. Namor is leagues ahead of him, LEAGUES!!!
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First of all I want to start out by saying this is the BEST STORM IN AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Storm came off more worldly than she should be? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's married to, quite possibly, the richest man in the world, and she wouldn't be accustomed to the finer things in life? LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This review gets so many thumbs down, its not even funny. I personally loved the art. And the read is fantastic. People bitchin about the art LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The art is definitely a bonus to the characterizations and the interactions that the"X-men" have been lacking for quite some time. Any true X-men fan would enjoy this comic.
Zack Freeman, gets plenty of thumbs down.

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@DaddyCool said:
"No one move. I dropped my IQ somewhere in this thread. "

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I love Marvel books but they are known for typos.
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I wasted precious moments of my life to read this. So I figured why not post.
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@rbysjti said:
" @Matezoide said:
" @rbysjti:   first image is PIS second image Cyclops missed on purpose Magneto has been blocking Cyclops`s attacks for years,your point is invalid "
Magneto's shield comes from him while Storm's lightning came from the sky. "

Shut up
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Twenty from Philly,  and I'm a 911 dispatcher. Away from the bullets. lol