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I suggest watching Mistress's link (and if you are getting trouble with it you could always resort to my link) 
Or simply wait for the HD version.

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You also see those buildings and the bat-symbol between them and if the mods want to remove this or anything,do it.

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Found this, 
It keeps getting removed from youtube, and the quality is kinda low but it's something 
Also if you watched it please comment so other people can see that it's legit. 
It had a few spoilers if you think about it but nothing to big. 

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I guess If someone would take up his ''mantle'' it would be in the style of batman beyond.

He would seek out a young adult (who's family was brutally murdered) with experience and kinda guide him.
Or Jigsaw's son is going to become the new punisher/ build punisher bots

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Also  (from 
The Riddler, the Dark Knight's foe who never showed his face in Batman: Arkham Asylum, is upping his game this fall. His previous tactic of verbally assaulting Batman didn't come to much good in Arkham Asylum and like any worthy criminal, Riddler knows he has to escalate matters. He's raising the stakes in Arkham City and posing a physical threat not only to Batman, but to innocent civilians. 
blablabla getting riddler trophies now is way harder then looking where the ?-mark is on the map,now you actually have to disarm stuff..... 
Collecting Riddler trophies is an optional quest. There's no requirement to find them all, but if you hope to catch the Riddler, that's exactly what you must do. And what true Caped Crusader would allow one of Arkham's inmates to run wild? Besides, innocent lives are in jeopardy. Early on in Arkham City, Batman receives a message from the Riddler showing people precariously hanging above giant sawblades and in other perilous circumstances.

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Just saw it a while ago. 
Looks crazy and I love the freefall move. 
Can't wait to go crazy in Arkham City.
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Oooh all the flashbacks of the green goblin fight in Ultimate Spiderman the game
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The ones in Deadpool & Cable/ Deadpool and Hitmonkey where pretty good/ 
(Love how Spidey is pointing his finger at deadpool in this picture xD)
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Yeah and especially what happened to his ''lower body'' I really liked that you could see the ''scars''. 
Feel so stupid trying not to spoil this while Shajaki kinda did xD
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Even with his mask Doom is probably trying to keep his pokerface on. 
(But I think Reed is going to decline the ''offer'''/Doom is going to be on the team but nobody will know it except for the daughter and he'll do undercover stuff) 
Johnny left a message for Reed to continue fighting the good fight. He told Reed to make things better. 
Yeah lets invite the guy who double-crossed us a 1000 times and is our greatest enemy to make the world a better place.