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@captainmarvel4ever said:

Getting a real 2000's Teen Titans Animated series vibe from this.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I sure hope it's a good thing. I loved Teen Titans.

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@jaken7 said:

TOAA is just Stan Lee. It's not exactly the same as the concept of a Judeo-Christain god.

I think it's actually Jack Kirby not Stan but yeah he's not Christian but it is the one monotheistic all-knowing-all-powerful god.

No, Stan Lee is TOAA. Jack Kirby is The Fulcrum.

On a somewhat related note, I always get a kick out of this scan that has The Fulcrum answering a phone call from TOAA.

I wouldn't even call TOAA "monotheistic." He's just an omnipotent being. He operates very differently from a religious entity like the Judeo-Christain god.

Well I guess that about answers it then. Substituting for God are two deities, based on Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Seems pretty logical really, and pretty obvious. Since it is their creation, they would be God. So I guess when a character prays or believes in a Abrahamic religion, they're literally worshiping Stan Lee. Bit egotistic there, but whatever.

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I know more about the DC universe, and therefore know that God does exist in DC, as seen in Phantom Stranger (although it conflicts with having Greek gods, i.e. Zeus, Wonder Woman, etc., as well as the Kryptonian gods...) But what about Marvel? Sure, we've seen the Norse gods, as well as many other gods throughout Thor's current series, but not one mention of the Abrahamic God, as far as I can tell. Sure, many people will express a belief in God within the comics, through some prayer, or funeral, etc. Or we see scenery of Heaven or hell as seen in Amazing X-Men, or Thunderbolts. But this only brings more contradictions. As far as I can tell, Mephisto is supposed to be some high-ranking demon, that is in no way associated with Lucifer/Satan/Azazel, and he is a "deviant", right? Meaning, the demons were made by the Celestials and not by God. Now, I guess, I should order this into a list, which would make it easier to answer. (And for all instances and purposes, please don't bash any religious ideals, be it real or fictional. Yes I do believe in God, hence why this comes as an interesting topic for me. I don't know if this has been asked before, but hope not.)

  1. Does God exist in the Marvel Universe? (Earth 616, not Ultimate/Marvel Knights)
  2. Wouldn't the existence of other deities conflict with God being the one and only god?
  3. If demons and angels were made by Celestials, does that mean that the Celestials are supposed to represent God?
  4. Following that, wouldn't that mean, that both the angelic and deviant sects were created from the beginning rather than angels falling from God's (the Celestials) graces? Meaning, Azazel never revolted against God/the Celestials and had himself and his legion fall into hell...thus the birth of Satan?
  5. If the Celestials are supposed to be God, then how would any of the superheroes defeat the Celestials? Is that even possible, considering you "can't kill" a god, since they're suppose to be immortal and invincible?
  6. So if God doesn't exist in the Marvel Universe, what consensus is there to have Christian/Jewish/Muslim artifacts/teachings/legacies? Consider the statue of Jesus in Rio does exist in Marvel. Or that a character is Jewish (I think Kitty Pryde?), or Muslim? (the new Ms. Marvel.)
  7. Considering that real religions do exist in the Marvel Universe, but if God doesn't exist in the Marvel Universe; then is it just Marvel's ploy to bash/mock religions subtlely? I mean the idea of Norse, Greek, Japanese, and whatever else existing in the same universe seems pretty redundant.

As such, I would ask the same for DC, but I accept that DC promotes the idea of Christian faith, even though they do employ Greek gods, as well as the Kryptonian trinity.

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So who's next of the X-Men to get a solo series? Beast? Jean Grey? Hope Summers? Kitty Pryde (Imagine that...)? Colossus? Psylocke (i think that's how it's spelled)? Iceman? Angel? I mean so far we have Wolverine/Savage Wolverine, Cyclopes, Magneto, Boop, Storm, and Nightcrawler. Isn't Cable getting a series or something? I really don't care for Storm and don't understand her character at all. She was with Black Panther, they broke up, since then, she's been sleeping around with both Wolverine and Nightcrawler? I would love to read a human torch series, or Jean Grey. Hell Kitty Pryde would be more interesting.

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Yes. It's entirely within continuity.


You forgot about Colossus lol the only character I can think of that actually stayed dead was Ben Riley and that was mostly because of the failure that was the Clone Saga (even if he was the best thing to come out of it)

Pretty sure there are four characters that will never come back: Ben Riley, Gwen and George Stacy, and Uncle Ben. MJ could easily be killed off now, since Peter has the cop as his girlfriend.

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Thanks dude. I was also wondering about this. I'm at 6,000 now, so I can do it!

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I don't understand the hate on Batwing. Even if it did have low sales, who cares? It was an impressive title with both characters' runs. I absolutely loved it, even more than Nightwing. Superboy was not surprising as hat Jon El just ruins everything. He's trying to kill all metahumans when he is one? Never read All Star Western. Worlds' Finest = meh. After Blight and Forever Evil, what could you really do with Pandora and Phantom Stranger? Now...if they would cancel Justice League 3000 and reboot LSH, with some actually good storylines and arts, that'd be nice. LSH used to be a really interesting read, until New 52.

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I wanted to try out Amazing Spider-Man, but this second game looks very crappy. Makes me feel like I'm not missing out on not getting either of the games. Besides, since that teamup with 2099 and Spidey, these games have just dropped... Never once did you get to explore the city in their team up. All the Spider-Man games while PS2 was still active were great! What happened?

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An origin of Superman? Never heard of that before... Am I the only one who is expecting a screwed-up background for Tim? I mean what kind of history could he have in the 6-7 years Batman has been active? Now if this was the original timeline where every robin gets his due, instead of each one leaving/dying after a year, it would be nice.