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eh? new layout?

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@oNBAo OG Mike Hancho: not to argue with your religious beliefs concerning life (which i have no prob with), just I think we gotta remember that a chicken as we know it was not just suddenly created. The chicken evolved from other life forms and all that jazz. Seems a bit simplistic to say that a chicken was born from a non-chicken egg, and then laid the first chicken egg.
I also think that religion (Christian religion specifically I suppose) can coincide just fine with evolution's theory. Who's to say that God didn't create life, and didn't sit back and watch it evolve? Or maybe even had a hand in evolution.
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Family Guy, easily. 
The show just offends me to no end. Plz don't jump on me for my opinion and say some stupid shet like "it's just for entertainment, quit taking it seriously. "
I also intensely dislike any other shows like Family Guy, which includes South Park, Archer, Simpsons, Futurama, and whatever other pathetic horrible excuses for TV shows are out there.
With that mini rant over, I also think reality (and talk) shows are overrated. They seem like they're always filled with a ton of stupid and/or petty idiots. Just my opinion. =)

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@Bio Guyver said:
" Japan>Atomic Bomb.  If anything, the bomb just made Japan stronger lol. "
The bomb was incredibly jacked up of the US gov, especially seeing as it had long-term effects with cancer and all.  And it wasn't necessary, there were plenty of alternatives. I think it all came down to the fact that the US wanted to test it, and show off it's new nuclear power.
But on a somewhat shallow and materialistic note, Japan might not have advanced like it did, and thus we wouldn't have so many awesome video games from them. Heck, we wouldn't even have a Tokyo as we know it now. 
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holy sh!t this conversion process is gonna take forevarrr >:O

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@The Island: 
Well personally I do not think they look like prostitutes, I think they look stunning. 
Being naked constitutes being dressed in your birthday suit ONLY. Meaning, having a swimsuit on covering certain parts of your body IS NOT NAKED. 
And I guess that depends really on what your watching. 
Except for the last part, the X-men cartoons and movies are hardly adult-themed, especially when compared to their comic counterparts.
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wonder if I should try converting that movie again now.... in HD this time.

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@The Island: 
Admittedly, this does look like soft porn, but I think you're going a little far by saying "prostitute looking women showing off their naked bodies." They're just wearing swimsuits, that doesn't make them prostitutes. And they're not naked. 
Curious, though.... how exactly did the movies and cartoons "pervert-ize" the comics?? O.o
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@Kid_Zombie said:
" Looks like one of those DOA extreme beach vollyball games ha ha ha 
Pulled the thought right outta my head!