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Is it true that Batman is actually choking the Joker to death while laughing maniacally in The Killing Joke? Or were they just simply sharing a laugh? Please answer I am very confused :S

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Man, I really gotta catch up on this series. Slash looks bad a** as always and D'aww look at Mikey :3

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Hmm... can't really think of some that are my favorite, But here's two I really like:

Arkham City

Tomb Raider 2013 (dual pistols are back, baby!)

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I'd actually like to see a female take the role the as the main antagonists/villain this time. I was a bit surprised that none were chosen to vote for. Maleficent and MOS's Faora has taught me that female villains can be just as intimidating and powerful as the male ones can be and in some cases even stronger. So I what I'm saying is it would be cool if they changed things up a bit this time and chose female villain.

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For a man who doesn't kill, that Batmobile looks pretty damn LETHAL.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Do you have any idea of how many people summarize the movie/episode in their review? Lots of em'. Why? Because most people who read reviews don't care about spoilers and it serves as a reminder of the events that happened in the episode. You're acting like I spoiled an highly anticipated movie or something. Like said in my previous reply: these aren't major spoilers. And if it makes you feel any better I put a spoiler warning above the comment, if you didn't notice.

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@avenging_x_bolt: Don't see how I spoiled anything, when it was announced a few episodes back that (SPOILER ALERT): Karai is Splinter's biological daughter. Plus, who the hell reads a review without watching the episode first? -_-

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(WARNING:This comment contains spoilers!)

Aw yeah! The vicious Tiger Claw is back and with a vengeance. This time he is going after the turtles closes friends as revenge from the events in 'Wormquake'. Shredder has chosen Karai (who at the time is questioning whether if what Leo told her in a recent episode is true or not) to accompany him on his vengeful mission, due to her knowledge of the turtles. While on the mission she claims that she is confident in what Leo told her is true and has the turtles and April take her back to their lair to confront Splinter. Splinter shows her apicture of her mother and him with a baby who is clearly Karai. She is completely dumbfounded, shocked and most importantly: completely convinced that Splinter, Hamoto Yoshi, is her biological father. She then helps the turtles fight Tiger Claw in one of the most epic battles I've seen on the show in awhile. In the pursuit of battle Tiger Claw escapes with Karai and brings her back to Shredder who confirms that Splinter is indeed her father. She is then locked away for her betrayal. This episode is definitely now one of my favorites, it had every thing a turtle fan wants out of an TMNT episode: great storyline, good action and suspense. My favorite part has to be the battle between Tiger Claw, the turtles and Karai, it was so AWESOME. I'm also really happy that Karai learned the truth about Splinter. I'm hoping now she'll now join the turtles because that would be very cool.

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@xwraith: I was thinking the same thing!

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When is Catwoman 2 coming out! I can't wait, that movie was a master piece. I really never knew how good of an actress Halle Berry was in till I saw this film. This movie was waaaaay better than Avangers!