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@jonsmith: Probably just a bad photoshop job.

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I like where this is going! DC does not have to follow what Marvel is doing, it will be similar but not the same formula. A 3rd movie could introduce Wonder Woman and then a 4th Aquaman & GL and so forth.

The only thing is, it wouldn't be a true sequel to Man Of Steel...they run the risk of not properly developing Clark/Superman's character and also the other heroes they bring in.

I've been seeing a lot of negative stuff online by fanboys about Goyer. I tend to agree with some of them. I don;t wanna see the guy who did Ghost Rider and the last Blade write another Superman script.

I also don't wanna have Frank Miller muddy the waters too, because honestly, that Superman Batman fight in the Dark Knight Returns was ridiculous. No matter what kinda armor Batman is wearing he cannot last long or win against Superman unless it has Kryptonite in it.

Overall if done right, it should be classic and very entertaining to watch.

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@leokearon. Remember who you are dealing with? Criminals from Krypton. They could not reasoned with. Also remember that they have been searching space and wandering since their planet got destroyed. When they reach Earth, Zod realizes that they can finally stop wandering the great abyss of space and put down roots.

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@threadpool Exactly what I'm saying! Don't have him doing things he can't do! Don;t add abilities that he never possessed. The only thing we didn't see him doing in this movie was running at super speed or using his ice breath.

People, this is the first movie and his origin to boot. He is learning and even tho in it he said that he has been around for 33 years now. I don't believe he has reached his prime or optimal strength/power levels yet.

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Over all, I was not disappointed but there was too much Lois Lane tho. Even tho I love Superman and his mythology I do not like the Lois character. Thank god they left out Jimmy Olsen. Phew!!!!

By the way what's up with these movies especially CBM where the hero's girl ends up saving the day? We saw that in:

>The Dark Knight rises: Catwoman kills Bane.

>Iron-Man III: Pepper got the Extremis in her and saves Tony in the end.

>Spider-Man: Gwen saved the city and deployed the antidote to the Lizard serum.

>Man of Steel: Lois is endowed with the knowledge to stop the Kryptonians by Jor-El.

and I' sure that there are many more that I left out.


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It was an experimental ship, Jor_El probably never knew he had to use it like that. just a thought...

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You know what Tony? I can appreciate your opinion on this movie but it is just that... a movie. Movies aren't perfect. I personally loved this movie! All can't be explained even in 2 hrs 23 minutes. You had a problem with Lois uncovering Kal-El quickly but that is not so, the movie may not have explained it or showed it to you but remember when he was in the military facility? He explained that he has been here on Earth for 33 years. I am certain that he left high school, graduated college and all the while was helping people around the world. Hence the mystery and unknown that surrounded the whole thing and that Lois found it so news worthy that she pursued it. She must have been following this for years. Even the guy she eventually turned her story over to knew what was happening and have been posting these mystery occurrences on his web site.

Yeah the movie showed mostly his adult life and the last we saw of his teenage years was when Pa Kent died. I read an article that explained why Zack made him kill, it was to show that going forward this is NOT the way to solve his issues. The singularity destroyed his spaceship and any other Kryptonian spacecraft we saw on Earth there was no way for him to successfully subdue Zod... no way! the only way was to end him. He couldn't send him back to the phantom zone either.

Zack did warn us! and I believe most fan boys knew this to begin with. He said that this is a superman for the 21st century. I understand that you have kids and there are many other Superman fans out there that grew up reading his books and watching his TV shows, cartoons and movies about this character but things and times have changed. Sorry if they "held back" like the Avengers movie did.

I mean, look at the fight between the Hulk and Thor...that alone should have completely destroyed the heli-carrier and the fight between Thor and Iron Man was "conveniently" pushed into a forest. They did kill a lot of trees but nobody complained. Now please don;t get me wrong! I am not comparing the lives of human beings to trees!!! I am NOT doing that but still. Even when the Loki attacked New comically was that? it's like nobody died! there was just minimal to medium destruction in the city.

Comic books these days are not for the very young anymore, if they are then why is a blood thirsty maniac with adamantium laced bones and razor sharp claws the most popular hero out there now? The man kills more people (Enemy of the state) than anyone else in the Marvel universe! I'm going off tangent here and i digress but movies are never going to be perfect or what we want or fully expect. I do agree with you that these comic book movies seem to all want to kill the villains and most of them so far could have been avoided.

I did have a problem with him smooching with Lois when all wasn't over and done...maybe he didn't know realize or know?? And I also think that one he donned the uniform that they should have shown him doing good in it, they didn't have to show his face. It also seemed to me that even tho he cared for his adopted world , from the moment he found out he was an alien that he became conflicted and so he had to learn to love this world again and appreciate it more seeing that the ONLY people he has ever met from his home world are maniacs.

Overall I liked it and have been monitoring all the reviews and postings from fan boys all over the Internet and even tho most are trolling, a lot give honest and contrite postings about their review.

I say yay DC!

Man of Steel forever!

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@mucklefluga: I agree! they should start releasing movies in this format. I wonder what the cost is to do that tho? The possibilities would be endless.

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Batman and the Joker would be too obvious, once Batman becomes blood thirsty and starts laffing while breaking legs and bones then all bets are off. folks would know he's really the joker or has finally flipped his lid.

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Good Article! I guess we all know that Superman's powers namely his strength do not come from his biceps but the rays of a yellow sun. So any Kryptonian, even one that is 90 years old if under the yellow sun would be able to do the same things Kal-El can. So size for a Kryptonian does not matter as longs as they are under the yellow sun.

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