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This fight was staged! cuz there is no way that Bruce wins. He was just wearing a metal suit! superman is still super fast, Batman was tethered to a lamp post! LMAO! Come on ever heard of heat vision? that could have severed the link to the power source and read what Superman said in the punch and he broke three ribs, he punched thru the armor. anyway...

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I say Wonder Woman and then Aquaman.

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Finally! now they can make him grow out his goatee.

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I haven't checked out a whole lot of Image stuff but I thoroughly enjoy Invincible!

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I always loved this section.

I liked the Supergirl drawing.

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Couldn't they have found a young relatively unknown actor like Cavill? why must DC & Warner Bros. torment me so?! Acting is not down only to a select few. Hollywood stop being so esoteric!!!!

That's it! I think I'm done with comic books and comic book movies!

I can't take anymore of this crap!!!!!!

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@jonsmith: Probably just a bad photoshop job.

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I like where this is going! DC does not have to follow what Marvel is doing, it will be similar but not the same formula. A 3rd movie could introduce Wonder Woman and then a 4th Aquaman & GL and so forth.

The only thing is, it wouldn't be a true sequel to Man Of Steel...they run the risk of not properly developing Clark/Superman's character and also the other heroes they bring in.

I've been seeing a lot of negative stuff online by fanboys about Goyer. I tend to agree with some of them. I don;t wanna see the guy who did Ghost Rider and the last Blade write another Superman script.

I also don't wanna have Frank Miller muddy the waters too, because honestly, that Superman Batman fight in the Dark Knight Returns was ridiculous. No matter what kinda armor Batman is wearing he cannot last long or win against Superman unless it has Kryptonite in it.

Overall if done right, it should be classic and very entertaining to watch.

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@leokearon. Remember who you are dealing with? Criminals from Krypton. They could not reasoned with. Also remember that they have been searching space and wandering since their planet got destroyed. When they reach Earth, Zod realizes that they can finally stop wandering the great abyss of space and put down roots.

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@threadpool Exactly what I'm saying! Don't have him doing things he can't do! Don;t add abilities that he never possessed. The only thing we didn't see him doing in this movie was running at super speed or using his ice breath.

People, this is the first movie and his origin to boot. He is learning and even tho in it he said that he has been around for 33 years now. I don't believe he has reached his prime or optimal strength/power levels yet.