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If they aren't mutant then how come quicksilver lost his powers when the scarlet witch made the spell on m day?

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Dear god I have not heard that theory. The last thing this show honestly needs is the joker.

What sucks is that they're not willing to take the risk on the show surviving without constant reminders of the future. Why would nygma be in forensics which would also mean he's at least fifteen years older than batman? Why would selina kyle be of any use after finding out she barely witnessed anything? Also, the finale of the show would have to grant the entire city amnesia to forget that Bruce Wayne really grew up acting like someone who'd become batman.

Why force poison ivy? Also, forcing the name penguin is grating. Being called penguin would make anyone upset.

Some stuff you said is really what shows that this could be a pretty decent show. Gotham is a deplorable place, not just because of the corruption or the huge criminal element, but because of the hopelessness and the almost sickness that bubbles to the surface which is why so many end up donning such dramatic outfits. Make references, like viper being an early trial of venom. But thats all. No batman enemies who aren't elderly when he rises. Use the mob, the court of owls, early versions of the red hood gang, hell even the dealer from a couple of years ago would be a good creepy fit. But they need to ease up on the use of all the batman stuff. Gotham itself can be an interesting character. Especially it's early years.

Also, and it is a bit nit picky, but turning Jim's first wife into the ex girlfriend of Montoya for dramas sake is pretty ridiculous.

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@xwraith: this had me cracking up.

This is the first time where all the redesigns look pretty great. Except for falcon because other than in the movie, I really hate falcon.

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Just from seeing the panel (laptop is on the fritz and that's how I read my books these days) I am pretty sure the angle was supposed to make it look like batman kicked nightwing into the bike so hard that it broke. Not that he kicked a bike at him which is how it seemed like a lot of people read it. Not trying to annoy, just making an observation.

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I admit, at first I was very angry about the Mandarin being what he ended up being. Especially since the ten rings had been teased since the first movie. It definitely halted a large part of my enjoyment for the movie.

I said this in a post a few days ago that my main thing that seemed to hurt the film the most for me is that Tony should always keep the chest piece. People say he's evolving, but then he isn't Iron Man anymore. He's just Tony Stark. That's nice and all, but when The Avengers sequel comes out, I don't want Tony on the sidelines making quips. I want him in the fray.

What's more annoying than people being upset about the movie is people being upset about the people being upset. That's just a useless position to have and serves no purpose when people are discussing whether or not they liked a movie. If you can't get used to that, well, have fun with the internet. What those people seem to misunderstand, as I saw someone post about tweaks made in certain stories like Bane being used by Talia, is that the reason that didn't insult people was because THOSE CHARACTERS STILL EXISTED. There essentially was no Mandarin. The villain we got ended being a guy who bided his time over being ignored at a party thirteen years earlier. That's not sinister, that's just sad. Iron Man villains suck. I honestly only like one enemy he's ever had (Ghost was always cool to me for some reason) so I was never really excited for the Mandarin. Iron Man is best served when he's part of the Avengers. It's just that the first film set such a high standard, then we got the garbage that was the sequel, so expectations were awfully high for this third one to sort of go out on a big bang. Largely it was met, but the people who do enjoy the character and have for years before he was ever in a movie feel a little cheated. Some because his greatest enemy went from a super villain to russel brand in a matter of minutes. Others might for my reason, feel that they like the idea of the hero who can still do good stay the hero. Again, it's not like TDKR with Batman riding off into the Italian sunset. At least that's how I feel.

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If we're going spoiler heavy and we can talk freely without upsetting anyone:

First off; why, dear god, why would you get an absolutely perfect choice of actor to bring a ridiculous character like the Mandarin to life, only to have him purposely become a ridiculous character in the movie?

I didn't mind Tony not being in the armor or Rhodey being fairly pointless, but I agree wholeheartedly with people pointing out the air rescue scene was a cop out. I totally forgot about that since I was already pretty hard up with nerd-rage.

I also didn't get how this was all a government problem when you have several super beings who would absolutely have a say on what to do when a team member was supposedly blown to hell. And how could S.H.I.E.L.D be completely M.I.A.? I mean, really? That doesn't even kind of make sense.

Speaking of acronyms, this is how A.I.M. gets brought into the fold? I know they're kind of crappy but their whole point isn't for fueling terrorism for the sake of terrorism. They just like to make doomsday weapons, among other things, and then sell it off to the highest bidder. So you have some character be their boss, who I honestly can't remember ever being in the comics claiming to be behind everything as well?

Pepper getting extremis? Just, why? I mean, maybe he fixes it off screen but still. Seemed to be much.

Now I could forgive ALL of that--I actually could. I'd find a way because up until the Mandarin scene, I was absolutely loving everything about the movie. Then they go and have Tony remove the shrapnel pieces, which if I remember correctly, he would have done in the first place but only didn't because of the electromagnet keeping them at bay from the fact that if it wasn't there they would embed themselves even deeper, which would kill him. So, removing that and now having a clean, shrapnel free bill of health, he isn't Iron Man?! This isn't Dark Knight Rises! They said at the end that Tony Stark will return, but I want my goddamn Iron Man blasting guys in the face in the sequel to Avengers. I don't really care if we get another Iron Man film since even though I thought this was much better than the second, the second half really trips up whereas the first one stayed consistently good throughout the entirety.

So, those are my gripes. I do not like the fact that Tony would even consider not being Iron Man for good. I get it, to protect Pepper, but as the post-credits, kind of dumb scene showed, he's best buddies with a guy who can now at will turn into a green furybeast!

Also, why did Tony Stark turn into Jason Bourne and kill EVERYBODY? I'm not against it I'm just saying wow.

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From the get-go, I've actually been ok with Dr. Octopus becoming Spider-Man. I figured it was gonna happen and was okay with it because, well it's comics. The return to normalcy is inevitable. The whole death at the end of 700 was sucky, but I for some reason wasn't too fazed. This issue however made me very uncomfortable. See, beating Spider-Man physically is one thing, but what makes the hero unique are the bonds he forms and his never-say-die nature. His memories were completely wiped and we watched that happen in a really heart-wrenching fashion. We watched uncle Ben bloody, beaten and dead again, while Peter forgot his name. That, yes, Doc has points, and there are villains that there is no other way to deal with them other than how Massacre was, but it's still the fact that a hero is something deep down Octavius can never be. Enemy or not, that's what separates Peter from Otto in the sense that what has been done, Peter never would have dreamed on his worst day. Otto is someone playing dress-up and if there is any heroic nature truly in him will realize he killed someone who he actually idolized, fractured dozens of honest relationships, continues to fool these innocent and good people, just because his ego couldn't let it slide. I'm all for this switch but because Peter's return is also a whole slew of stories we could get from over time, but reading all of that was painful. As a long time spider-fan, seeing his deserved memories ranging from the bugle to family to friends all disappear on him was truly sad. This isn't me swearing anything off and looking to complain all the time cause in all honesty, I like the series. It's just Ock giving a lecture over a little girl dying, when Spider-Man has saved countless lives, and now that he is just looking to fill his shoes since Peter's life sucks less than his, thinks he made some sort of grand point? That girl was in that condition because of Octavius. There wouldn't be a need for the extensiveness of what she needed if he hadn't been trying to bring about the apocalypse. So that point made no headway with me and got me more annoyed because wow, Peter wanted his own body back for a second more than he was willing to allow Ock to correct his own mistake, which he wouldn't have even been able to do had Peter not been in his brain mucking about and Octopus trying to get rid of him in the first place.

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@ccraft:it's actually Matt Bomer, the guy from White Collar

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@Lorrie said:

All this should teach anyone is that it's pointless to get invested in any DC character that was created less than 50 years ago. I honestly don't care if Morrison always planned to kill Damian, it's an incredibly cynical move. Once he became a hit with audiences, why not leave him in the sandbox for other writers? It's selfish. If DC had any sense they'd undo it as quickly as Marvel retconned Magneto being Xorn, but Didio does hate legacy characters so the death could stick. It's not even an original idea. I remember when Jason died. It will create short-term controversy at the cost of removing a genuinely entertaining character from the canvas.

And the death of another Robin (this time a 10-year-old child) destroys my ability to care about Batman. Really, Bruce literally shouldn't be able to live with himself. Even as an 11 year old, I found it hard to believe Bruce could just go on being Batman and get a new Robin after Jason was murdered. As an adult, I can't imagine him not going insane knowing the life he chose killed his 10 year old child. He should kill himself or end up locked in an institution (or go supervillain, since getting your child killed sounds like an origin story to me), but we know he won't. If Damian genuinely stays dead, he'll probably have a new Robin in a year.

this. all of this. it's become pretty sad how because a certain writer created a character, they believe they have entire say over what happens to said character.

like the writer of shatterstar (i believe it was liefield, but i'm not sure) when he found out they made shatterstar gay. once a character is out there, it sort of belongs to the audience just as much. so he didn't kill damian during that arc some time ago? good. the character evolved, something that's hard to do in comics. it's been an interesting ride as well. so, kill him because it'll produce shock? yes, people are probably right, it could be a lazarus pit. but it's just pointless. if he dies, and talia lives, i call bullshit. no mother, even fictional ones, should be seen as killing their children and surviving, let along being ok with it. morrison has bee phoning it in to me since before the new 52 started so this all just seems petty and dark. i'm for the tales that seem grim a la DotF and such, but this was something where i believed good should win. this whole story got a little ridiculous and blown out of proportion, and it now comes at the cost of losing a character that left a pretty decent mark. shame.

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They did this. I didn't read the full article (my apologies) so excuse me if you mentioned it but they did this battle in the Marvel vs. DC crossover in the 90's. I'm pretty sure some of those photos are even from the fight from that series. Captain America is stronger and more agile and all the PHYSICAL elements he has over Batman, of course. But all of Cap's foes are usually geniuses except for a few (Crossbones) and they give him grief all the time. However when it comes to something maybe along the lines of genetics, Batman is smarter than all of them. He'd be able to out think Cap pretty quick. Yes, Cap always beats his foes, but again they aren't as smart or as good at planning as Batman.