This whole AvX semi-abomination

So, AvX is going on right now and is under-performing as most expected. The idea that it was going to be 50 some-odd issues of characters who are friends fighting each other non-stop has been done to death (especially in recent years) and most people are complaining about that. However, I read something today that made me notice that there really is a division between fans on just who is in the right and wrong. A lot of people are saying that the Avengers are wrong because they invaded first. Others happen to think the X-Men are because they’re going the extreme route of putting people in prison. Not just people, but allies they have fought alongside through many battles over the years.

Though this is my opinion, I just figured I’d put it out there in a different format.

When this whole thing first started, almost all of the Avengers were abducted by Cable. Cable chose instead of talking to or reasoning with them that he’d threaten them one by one and eliminate them from the board. A master strategist who seemed to forget these guys are regarded as heroes for a reason and he has actually known a few of them so him talking to them may mean more than randomly showing up and attacking them.

I believe he mentioned at some point that it was over Hope, so clearly this kept their ears to the ground from here on. Cyclops shows up and tries to reason with everyone, a cool, level-headed Cyclops thing to do, to no avail. It was still commendable when all was said and done.

Let’s not forget when they had found the Scarlet Witch the Avengers wanted to deal with her, some to the most extreme measures. Then suddenly Cyclops and his cronies show up demanding that they handle Wanda, and that it is a mutant problem. The Avengers disagree stating that she is an Avenger and they would like to handle it. Now, the mutant population may be a little angry, but here they have a point. The Scarlet Witch obliterated their numbers to meager proportions. That is something they have a right to deal with as this goes beyond the law or Avengers membership cards, but she demolished countless lives. They also have had their fair share of loved ones who lost control of their powers (I’ll be coming back to that later) so, I believe at one point or another they’d really give her a fair shot and try to be understanding. The Avengers could interrogate, visit or even stand at her side, but completely on the X-Men’s terms.

Cyclops though made a massive mistake by making such a statement. He’s mentioned it in passing but not that often has he really stood defiantly, all Moses-like, about speaking for his people and that Wanda was indeed to be handled by the mutant population for feeling so wronged. He’s right, but you made yourself into your own grouping with this decision. Not as wrong as when Trask sicked sentinels on you or Magneto (who he has in his ranks now following his every word) when he would declare war on humanity. It was wrong in the sense that, they may not have felt the exact sting of it, but they did feel concern. They were there when it happened and would have done all they could to be there for their comrades. By stating that someone that’s a shared interest to both sides should strictly be dealt with by the just one, whether correct or not, is proving that the Avengers weren’t making things about the difference in the genetics, just Cyclops.

When the Phoenix’s arrival had been announced, the Avengers got involved way more than they ever had. They had seen the world get threatened far too often lately, they weren’t going to let something that can annihilate everything in one fell swoop just skate on by. When word came down that Hope was to be its conduit, things got rather serious. They weren’t planning on harming the girl. Isolation, sure. Being monitored under most of the brightest minds on the planet might be useful for everyone involved. Now, I don’t know if it’s just everything over the years has finally taken its toll on Cyclops, but the idea that this entity is here to reignite all the mutants is pretty insane. True or not, it’s insane. Jean Grey eclipsed most of the mutants on Cyclops’ strongest squad, and it still took her. Twice. It also drove her to madness at more than one time. It’s a being that was to destroy everything. Think Colossus is having trouble with cytorrak? Imagine how Jean felt housing something that blots out planets like nothing. Yet, this girl, who you are just supposed to instantly trust, is being endowed because no given proof has been shown what you believe; that it’s coming to resurrect the mutant populace?

I said ‘cronies’ earlier because that’s what most of the X-Men are now. Cyclops was a great team leader, he was never meant to be monarch to all mutant-kind. No way do all of them believe that the Phoenix is their savior when it’s caused them quite a bit of grief. Rachel Summers controlled it? That’s good, she is a direct descendant of Jean Grey, not some spiritual development. Unless this ends with Jean Grey emerging from the corpse of Hope or something, or the mutant population does get fixed, I don’t see it being of any use other than a ticking time bomb.

The Avengers should deal with this problem because Cyclops is beyond emotionally involved. He’s starting to think some crazy stuff about this thing that he has seen with his own eye(s) destroy without even breaking a sweat. He’s making “his people” jail those that would help if he had only asked. The phoenix is too great of a threat for the X-Men to knock-on-wood for. Unless I somehow missed it, there has never been any stated proof that that’s what it can, wants to, or will do. Now his whole team seems to have the combined power of the phoenix and are they going around trying to revive mutantkind? No, just scaring the hell out of everyone by vaporizing whatever is in their path they deem unsavory.

I’m not saying the writing is wrong or anything, this has nothing to do with creative purposes (not really at least). Just my thoughts on what has occurred in the story.

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