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That trailer makes me happy in my pants :)

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And Cyclops' lame cousin who hates the environment O.O

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Thanks xD

I've read it like 20 times and I still crack up xD

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For a TV show it looks good. Smallville superman looked nothing like Sups and no one cried. He looked like Neo had a kid with Supergirl and there was the product. At least this costume is quite close to the source.

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Give Adrian the time he'll come up with a plan and some gadgets and take em all out. You guys are forgetting that Batman's best weapon is prep time. Which, in case you missed it, is also Adrian's.

Adrian: Nuclear extinction? How long? Ok, let me make a nuclear deterrent. Um, my friends might not like the idea.. Let me find ways to go around them.

Comedian: Killed, Rorschach: Ambushed and locked up, Nite-Owl: Is retired along with the pretty chick.

Adrian: That leaves Dr. M.

Adrian: Aha! Lets make him my tool throughout the whole thing and then when I dont need him anymore mess his emotions so bad that he quits HUMANITY.


Adrian: Ok, the team knows about my plan and are at my base to stop me. Let me beat up Nite Owl and Rorschach while the bomb goes off..

Adrian: Oh! Manhattan is back! He brought the village's bicycle, Silky.

*Silk shoots!*

Adrian: Let me CATCH THE FREAKING BULLET! And kick her ass.

Adrian: Oh the smurf is coming! Meh, no biggie lets disassemble him. MY CAT!!! TT_TT Oh, well.. Huh? Woops, that didn't work. Ok, new plan let me... Um.... Grab the remote...

*Turns tv on Manhattan watches*

Adrian: Look Manhattan it makes sense, don't it?

Manhattan: Hey it does! You are so awesome, Adrian!

*Adrian and Manhattan high five*

*Rorschach tries to walk away*

Adrian: Hey new BFF Rorschach doesn't think it makes sense!

Manhattan: *Looks at Rorschach* >.> Cmere you little-


Manhattan: Yeah, Adrian is good. You were bad. Now Ima go somewhere and create little smurf planets..

And the world lived happily ever after..

Adrian can beat Arkham city ESPECIALLY having the team at his side..

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Reed Richards was said to be the smartest man, I think, on earth.

Bruce UNDERSTANDS and is a smart man.. but Reeds builds and creates and and and and... Pym particles....

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Healing factor! Booyakasha!

HWYC react if he had a day to live?

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NPCs are free and unlimited, kill at will xD

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People tend to make sure to be badass and don't care about the story. Too busy making sure their character stays on top at every situation. If they only knew that in reality if you go back to the good old days people were mostly recognized for catching a beating while still looking good rather than for just been an un-killable "Badass". It shock value people. "Hollysh!t Gambler died!" You know? Or "Batgirlbabs was paralyzed by Kurrent!" That makes things interesting, creates rivalries and a great new plot. How is Gambler returning? How will Batgirlbabs get her ability to walk? How dangerous will she be once she does?

They were awesome RPGs by the way.