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Yeaah. So Im going on a hiatus..

ATT: Gbandit, 2010 :P

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Looks better than the transformers movie I'll tell y'all that xD

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Is this Wando's place? O.O

*Starts setting bombs on the living room area*

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Soooo is this the new awesome spot? O.o

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"Chooobie doobie doobie.. La la la laa la laa Choobie doobie doobe"

The front door of the nightclub blow open. The two sentinels stationed at the entrance fall to the ground bleeding from their skulls. The music stops and the people began to panic. The crimson bomber entered the nightclub holding a gun and a huge bag over his shoulders. The people were cowering bundling to the back of the room in fear. "Delivery for Kurrent and his employees!" He yelled out. "I know there's a back room! I traced him once when Veritas inc were hiding in here from the government like the cowards that they were!" He added. Security rushed on scene to deal with the situation at hand. "What is the meaning of this?"

"Oh, I don't know. Two of your guards dead, a merc holding a gun and people crying on the background. I think it means-- never mind, man, you're an idiot." The merc shoots the security guard in the head. He looks over to the second guard and aims his gun at him inquiring: "Any other questions?"

The second security guard panicked and disarmed himself before joining the group of people cowering in the back. "Didn't think so."

"Anyway I'm just kind of bored and I was scrolling through the threads and notice Kurrent's place was back on the page. So for old time's sake I decided to do my thing and blow someone's thread off the face of the comicvine."

The people in the nightclub are all puzzled wondering what he was talking about. "Oh, I see. You don't get it do you?" The people in the nightclub hold their puzzled face expression.

"See you are what we call NPCs and are here under the control of the guy writing this scene. See he decided what I do and what happens to you. See he basically filled you into this story so that those people reading this know that his character, Me, Gbandit, is a complete lunatic who can hold grudges for years. See a while back I rescued Kurrent from a bunch of a-holes and you know how he repaid me?? He shot me in the back with a phew phew gun from Star trek! SERIOUSLY?! That's how you repay me? So--"

The merc dropped the huge bag on the nightclub floor and untied the knot at the top of the bag. He opened it and pulled out one of several bombs. Cries and sobbing filed the background as the merc kept talking about his grudge "I came back!! Like, I don't know, it's been like 4 years more or less since that story... and I'm getting my payback!!"

The like popcorn on a park the merc began throwing bombs all over the nightclub. The people couldn't take it anymore and just ran for their lives towards the nearest exit. "Hey! Hey! Where are you going? I need you to die here so that it stays on Kurrent's conscience!"

In a flash the nightclub was empty. "Damn it, writer! What's wrong with you?! Like an old man's happy stick you've gone soft! Remember when you wrote me terrorizing kids on live TV?! Or when you blew up the white lotus' headquarters??? What happened to that guy??!"

(Writer: I grew up.. At least you get to blow the place up.. You'll love that. )

"Well I guess you're right. Specially since you get to write how I feel about it.." The merc continues to fill Kurrent's nightclub with bombs to the point that there is barely any space to walk among the bombs. "Well I think Im done."

(Writer: You think? )

"I'll leave the infinite bag here just in case. Ok, I'm out."

The sexy merc then walked out of the nightclub and left a note on the door that read: "To Kurrent <3 GB" before he teleported to a rooftop four blocks away were he had set up a nice picnic. We're talking red and white squares mat on the floor and even a food basket, people.

"Well, writer. Are you ready for this?"

(Writer: Yeah, sure, dude.)

Bandit brought out a detonator. He puts on some sunglasses just before pushing the doomsday button.


A giant mushroom cloud takes over the nightclub's location. Concrete, cars, trees and even people come out flying off after the huge blast that leveled a whole block.

"YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!" Rejoiced the Mercenary. "Now that's a freaking explosion! Suck it, Michael Bay!"

(Writer: So, what now?)

" I don't know. Wanna check if the Awesome spot still around?"

(Writer: Dood, im out of here..)

"Ah, c'mon it'll be fun!"

(Leaves) :P

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I believe Hellboy has the advantage. First" It has been stated that he just cannot die. He is Deathless. Ghost Riders have been killed before. But because Ghost Rider has more fans Hellboy is being denied of his better odds at a victory here. I repeat: BETTER ODDS at victory. In other words: Im not saying Ghost Rider is a pushover because I've seen him do awesome things and I bet it be a great fight. But HB seems almost like an Anti-Ghost Rider for what I've read. Everything GR can throw at him tells me HB can take. The only thing that I see GR having that would be a great advantage to him in battle are his chains. Not the effects of it. But the weapon itself and how he can maneuver it and morph it to convenience. Problem is that taking away his hellfire from the chains is a major blow to the Rider.

See the fire works in a way that is to inflict pain and suffering by burning. But if you are not affected by flames and you are a demon from the blazes of Hell.. That kind of tells me it wont work.

Penance stare: As it has been said aside from been fireproof, HB is a good guy and regardless of being a demon he uses holy weapons. Holy weapons don't hurt him. Why would an effect from a hell specter hurt him? Penance stare is out.

So it would end up being weapon vs weapon, right? and HB carries a holy hand cannon that can blow holes in huge monsters O.O

Also the right hand of doom has proven to be able to affect supernatural entities before. It has not been fully explored but If it can hit Ghost. I wonder what effects it would have on GR.

I think HB's odds are better due to GR losing THE EFFECT of his best offense: His hellfire.

I believe that they can go toe to toe and even floor each other in rounds. But if the fight goes on long enough HB will defeat the Rider in the end.

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I thought I read that Captain's shield was Vibranium and adamantium alloy not iron >.>

Has it ever been these two? Or has it always been vibranium and iron?

Im about to riot against my brain...

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-- Looks around for Godzilla, King King, The Chitauri, Loki, Dr. Doom, Silver Surfer, the huge wave of water, Spider-man, The ninja turtles, and all the people from movies and stories that for some reason are based on New York but cant find one--

This is BS.. I want my movie ticket money back >.>

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That trailer makes me happy in my pants :)

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And Cyclops' lame cousin who hates the environment O.O