X-Force #27 is bittersweet

In my review of X-Force #27 i gave it a 5/5 because it is such an awesome chapter. The art, the story, the character moments...perfect. But how was is it bittersweet you might ask? Simple...once again Hellion got his ass beat.  And use the term "ass beat" very loosely.  Because let's face it: his hands, and the majority of one forearm, got blow to hell. Last week when i saw the preview...i was like HOLY SHIT! I was so excited to see Hellion kick some ass, and then to see Yost and Kyle once again sideline him by having the living shit beat out of him. 
One of the saving graces was that Mike Choi's art was orgasmic, you could clearly see the pain and agony in Hellion's body language that you can't help but not to love it. Also another saving grace was his FML face in the scene where Surge, Psylocke and X-23 gather around him. But the biggest saving grace was one 1/6 of a page where it showed X-23 in the Med Wing at his bedside with her hand where his hand would, had it still be there.  
I love the way that Yost and Kyle built up these two in their NXM run as well as a couple of times in X-Force. And i truly believe that they could be the mutant power couple of their generation. Hopefully in Carey's Hellion Arc in Legacy he'll add another tid bit to their budding romance. 
All an all it's bittersweet.