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@g_man In iTunes when I right click on the podcast and choose "Copy Podcast URL" I get back, which doesn't seem to be the right address (I assume it's the address from before the redesign?). I guess iTunes is trying to download the podcast from the wrong place...

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Sounds amazing. Seeing what Babs makes of him will be cool too. And I'm glad to see Tim's getting in on the action this time!

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So many changes! Since most of the writer shuffling is happening on books I like but don't love I can get behind it. And it sounds like everyone is staying on DC's roster which is always nice. I guess I'll keep getting the books to see if I dig their new directions...

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So despite being responsible for en entire continent Batwing's headed for a city with one of the highest per capita hero populations in the DCU! :-)

Joking aside, it does sound kinda cool. But I hope Batwing can establish himself without having to rely on guest appearances.

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@Knight Train said:

They should've canceled Demon Knights over Men of War, Men of War was one of the best ongoing!

They can take my Demon Knights when they pry it from my cold dead hands! :-) But then I didn't read Men of War so can't comment on the comparison. It's always sad to see any title go down, there's probably a fan out there for almost everything.

I'm mostly OK with the changes though, OMAC was the only thing I was getting each month and I was thinking about cancelling it anyway (it was fun but getting repetitive).

And the new titles sound decent, some more than others. China Miéville's name on anything makes me excited so Dial H is top of my list. I'll probably check out what my budget allows and see how I feel.

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I'm one of the people they hoped to win back, and it worked. I hadn't read comics since the late 90s and the New 52 (along with me starting to follow Comicvine!) came at the perfect time for me. And the promise of the New 52 was very tempting to me, no need to read up on years of established canon, just jump right in.

But when the issues started coming out I realised that it wasn't going to be that way. Some books were new reader friendly while others were not. And when I was confused and wanted to learn more I didn't know what to do since there didn't seem to be any point reading up on canon that might or might not have been wiped out. And of course what little I did remember didn't seem to count anymore either.

In the end I just forgot the whole New 52 thing and stuck to my tried and tested methods. I'll try out anything that looks interesting and if the books are good I'll keep reading them. So while the New 52 as an event probably met one of its goals in getting me back into comics I'm not sure it was executed as well as it could have been.