DCnU Neilsen Survey: Bought every issue... didn't qualify?!?

In case you haven't heard, DC is using the Nielsen Research Group (yep, the folks who take those all-important TV ratings) to get some more specific input from readers and comic fans. Here's to press release from Diamond Distributors:

DC Comics has thanked retailers and fans for their enthusiasm and support during the launch of THE NEW 52, but in a new appeal they’re asking for feedback in a new online survey.
As they made clear from the beginning, their goal was to expand the market by appealing to new/lapsed readers. They believe this has happened, but now they’d like feedback from the fanbase and comic shop retailers about where to go next.
DC has engaged Nielsen NRG, the world-class research company, to survey U.S. consumers and retailers (online and in person), to learn more about DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 and its readership.
You can participate by completing a “Reader Survey,” online at http://www.nielsennrg.com/dcsurvey. The Survey is available now, through Friday, October 7.
Retailers will also be asked to complete an individual “Retailer Survey.”
DC Comics promises to release the results sometime early next year.
Please note – DC will not be retaining any consumer information associated with this survey. Additionally, Nielsen will be visiting a handful of comic shops nationwide for in-person interviews and will be surveying digital consumers from its app/website.

I think this is wonderful. For DC to get more feedback than purely sales numbers can influence changes as far as the content of their future titles goes. All too often amazing stories might be too "niche" to sell well, or conversely, a title that many fans are dissapointed/upset by ends up selling out. So understanding the reasons why we buy or don't by a certain title could greatly enhance the output of DC overall.

Unfortunately, despite my obvious enthusiasm for the idea, I was turned away from the survey.

Not this one. But still, I'll never be able to tell Superman that yes, I'm very interested in reading about Pollution, Astrology, and Black People.

The first page after you give some basic info about yourself (age,sex, etc.) is a list of all the new 52 titles, with 5 options:

Bought it - Want it, but didn't buy it - Don't want it, and don't plan to buy it - Read it but don't own it myself - Not familiar with it

Each of these seem like extremely valuable info for DC to have. I have bought EVERY title in the new 52, so I checked that box for each of them. I was pretty bummed out to then see that the next page said:

Thank you for participating in our survey today! Those are all the questions we have for you at this time.

"Okay", I thought, "maybe they've just gotten flooded with info and want to be sure to look in depth at individual responses." A little disappointed that I couldn't elaborate on what I liked and didn't like, but that's understandable. I was, however, shocked to see the next page say:

Thanks a lot. Unfortunately, you do not qualify for this particular survey.

Wha? Huh?! Really?!? I'm buying every issue for many reasons, but part of it is just to financially give my support to a company trying something bold and different (which I think comics desperately need). So my thanks for shelling out all of this cash is that they don't care about my opinions? What a slap in the customer's face.

My knob tastes funny too, Ralph

Now, I'm not trying to add to the already completely out of control and unwarranted hate circulating about DC at the moment. I loved the vast majority of the new books, and that's really what's important. But for them to reach out in such a potentially positive and innovative way as this, only to shut me down immediately can do nothing but put a sour taste in my mouth for a few Wednesdays to come.

So, what do you think? Have you had a similar experience as I did, or were you able to go further into the survey?