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Here Comes the Action, Kinda 0

This issue brought me what I've been waiting for, Huntress swooping in and taking people down. Kind of. I get that there are still two issues left so I didn't expect her to be full of action, but I was expecting more. What I got made me happy, and I'm still loving the story, but I'm hoping these final issues will be exactly what I'm looking for.I don't know enough about Huntress to be super picky about the story but one part that confused me throughout the series, and I got clarification on in t...

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Still Loving the Art 0

I'm glad to see that this arc seems to be ending next issue. I really love this series but Massacre kinda needs to go. This issue was good to see some more of what makes David tick and finding out he doesn't know Batman's identity was interesting as well, but in terms of overall story, it all feels tired. The characters are very interesting to me though. Even Kia, who I thought was dead until this issue. Matu is feeling more and more like Alfred and, although I like that, I think he needs to be ...

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Confusing 0

This issue had issues. It started off strong, it seemed like we were going to get more info on the Joker or his disfigured face, but that quickly went away. Batman witnessed some bad stuff, chased a dude, beat some people up and then boom! The Penguin is there. That was the issue. It was very disappointing. This disappointment then turned into confusion when suddenly a backup story started.This "backup" story was very confusing because it really had nothing to do with anything that has happened ...

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