Comics of the Week of April 11, 2012

Sorry for being late guys, it's finals time for me and I've been super distracted. I haven't picked up my new comics yet so here we go!

Comics Round-Up:

ADVENTURE TIME #3 - 5/5 - I love this series so much! I'm really happy they are treating the story just like a comic should, with continuing parts and not just one-shot issues like episodes usually are. Can't wait for the upcoming mini-series either!

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN #6 - 4/5 - I'm really excited about this story arc! I usually don't pick up Punisher or Daredevil, but I will be here just for this story. I'm not really following what Reed Richards is up to, but I can tell that whatever is going on, it's pretty important that he doesn't let go.

BATGIRL #8 - 3/5 - The story didn't make a ton of sense here. I didn't really get why she let the dude that was there when she got shot go at the beginning. It was interesting what he said to her later on, but the story was just kinda boring. Hopefully next issue will pick up the pace.

BATMAN AND ROBIN #8 - 5/5 - This issue was just amazing. After the epic conclusion that happened in the last issue, this one picked up right where that left off and Bruce had to deal with what Damian had just done. He was a lot more calm than I thought he would be. Bonus points for some Alfred love and Titus attention.

BATWOMAN #8 - 3/5 - The art in this series continues to be amazing, but the story got a bit confusing and jumbled here I thought. I had a hard time understanding what was happening. I think I may re-read this series tonight to get a better idea but next issue better not have so much confusion.

GREEN LANTERN #8 - 4/5 - Really good issue but I guess I was just hoping for more. Scott Snyder said issue 9 will be quite the issue though so I'm pretty excited. I think Hal may be heading towards taking over in this Sinestro-Jordan relationship.

SUICIDE SQUAD #8 - 3/5 - Not much progress here other than Waller doing the rounds on her team. The Lazarus reference was pretty awesome though.

THIEF OF THIEVES #3 - 4/5 - Funny that after only 3 issues AMC is going to make a show on this. I'm kinda excited for that. This story is just getting rolling though and I think next issue is where things will really start to heat up.

UNCANNY X-MEN #10 - 4/5 - Unit is very interesting to me. This was a really fun story to read seeing as AvX started already. It's like seeing them together while they're fighting at the same time. Can't wait to see how this ties into AvX.


Comic of the Week:

BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED #1 - 5/5 - I loved Arkham City and reading this issue just enhances my love for that game. It looks like it will fill in any questions I had with that game. Really excited for this series.


Cover of the Week:


Next Week's Comics:

-Amazing Spider-Man #684

-Avengers VS X-Men #2

-Batman #8

-Batman Beyond Unlimited #3

-Catwoman #8

-DC Universe Presents #8

-Green Lantern Corps #8

-Justice League #8

-Nightwing #8

-Punisher #10

-Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

-Wolverine & the X-Men #9




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