Comic of the Week: Mar. 20, 2012

I planned on getting this up early this week, then homework happened.

Comics Round-Up:

ADVENTURE TIME #2 - 5/5 - This is such a fun series! I may not be able to watch the show as much I want, but this keeps me in a good Adventure Time mood at least once a month.

BATGIRL #7 - 4/5 - We get to see some Babs origin here that looks like it will be playing out in the coming issues. Can't wait!

BATMAN AND ROBIN #7 - 5/5 - THE ENDING! This series is amazing. That is all.

BATWOMAN #7 - 4/5 - The art in this series is phenomenal still. I just love this series in every way!

GREEN LANTERN #7 - 5/5 - Still my favorite series in The New 52. So much awesomeness and now we are learning about the Indigo Tribe and their obsessiveness with Sinestro.

THIEF OF THIEVES #2 - 4/5 - I'm starting to see where this series is going and I like it. More please!

WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #7 - 5/5 - More Iceman/Kitty please!


Comic of the Week:

SUICIDE SQUAD #7 - 5/5 - Judge me all you want, but you give me some good Harley Quinn story, and I'll give you praise! I loved this issue, and this issue before, because it focused on Harley's origin. She's such a cool character to me, that I can't help but love this issue. Although, ending worries me slightly, just saying.


Cover of the Week:


Tomorrow's Comics:

-Amazing Spider-Man #682

-Avenging Spider-Man #5

-Batman #7 (Dustin Nguyen Variant, yay!)

-Batman Beyond Unlimited #2

-Catwoman #7

-DC Universe Presents #7

-Green Lantern Corps #7

-Justice League #7

-Red Hood and the Outlaws #7




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