Comic of the Week: Feb. 14, 2012

So, although I teased this getting posted early this week on my Twitter, it's not. In fact, it's a bit late. Valentine's Day is to blame. I don't care much for the holiday but any reason to hang out with my girlfriend more and treat her like a princess (while I still enjoy doing so) is fine by me. Here's comics!

Comics Round-Up:

ADVENTURE TIME #1 - 5/5 - This is an amazing comic, no matter what you say about me liking one of the few cartoons I'm jealous of kids about. This is just what I hoped for and, after reading it, I immediately added it to my pull list.

BATGIRL #6 - 4/5 - This is quite an interesting story that is unfolding. The Bruce/Babs fight was slightly predictable, but the rest was good fun!

BATMAN AND ROBIN #6 - 4/5 - Damian is getting pretty badass in this series. Here I thought, he was betraying Bruce and then a big old switch-a-roo happened and, I gotta say, I loved it!

BATWOMAN #6 - 4/5 - I'm really surprised at how awesome this series is. It's funny because this was a last-minute addition to my pull list when the New 52 started. I didn't even plan on buying this series but I don't regret it one bit. The art, if nothing else, makes this series but the story has been just as good. Incredible series!

GREEN LANTERN #6 - 4/5 - This issue made me super excited for the upcoming story arc. It's cool to see Hal ready to quit the ring altogether but then Sinestro (my favorite character in the GL universe) put the stop to that and things are heating up!

WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN #5 - 4/5 - I love this series. That is all, really. Oh, and I love Iceman. So now that's all.

Comic of the Week:

SUICIDE SQUAD #6 - 5/5 - Say what you will about this issue, but I am a big Harley Quinn fan and this arc has been something I've been excited for for a while. It's really nice to see her origin/Joker love in this issue as well.

Cover of the Week:

Batwoman #6

Tomorrow's Comics:

-Avenging Spider-Man #4

-Batman #6

-Catwoman #6

-Green Lantern Corps #6

-Huntress #5 (didn't buy last week)

-Penguin: Pain and Prejudice #5 (didn't buy last week)

-Red Hood and the Outlaws #6

-Uncanny X-Men #7

-Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega #2 (didn't buy last week)



Posted by zackattack529

your gonna love batman, green lantern corps, and penguin! the others especially avenging and your money if you will. aha

Posted by The Poet

cool. remember to vote on Cosmo1111687's "Best of the Month" poll to show what the community as a whole thinks the comic book of the month was, what the best characters are and which comic had the best art/writing! (sorry, it needs a little promoting...)

Posted by GamerGeek360

@The Poet: Will do! You got a link or is it pretty noticeable in the forums?

Posted by The Poet

@GamerGeek360: well, Cosmo usually publishes the voting thread on the last Wednesday of the month (so in the case of January it was Jan. 25th) and voting goes is open for a week or so.

Cosmo is a little busy so the February results will be published in a few days, but I can show you December's results Comic Vine Votes! - Best of the Month (OCT 2011) ***RESULTS***. you can find any of the other results by searching "Best of the month" in the search engine.

Most likely, the next voting thread will be created on February 29. I'm sure Cosmo would love to see more people participate (which is why I a trying to promote it...). If I remember to, I can pm you when its released...